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COM-FSM Student E-Mail Sign-Up

E-Mail accounts are available for students currently enrolled in classes and attending classes, faculty and staff currently employed by College of Micronesia-FSM.

If you wish to sign up for an e-mail account, please see your respective campus' I.T. Office or Representative.

E-Mail accounts provided by COM-FSM are intended to support and enhance your pursuit of an education; are only provided to students enrolled and attending classes, and to faculty and staff with active contracts. Use for commercial profit or political gain is prohibited.

Account will be closed:

  • If the account is not used for six weeks we will assume the account is inactive. Accounts will be maintained over the summer break.
  • If you accumulate more than three megabyte (three million bytes) of mail and keep it longer than two weeks, we will assume the account is inactive.
  • If any activity by the account holder violates the terms given here, or in the COM-FSM guidelines for student conduct and or the the college's Technology Policy.
  • Two months after you graduate, or cease enrollment.