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How-To Install StarOffice

StarOffice is an application suite produced by Sun Microsystems, available for use at no cost. It recognizes and opens most Microsoft Office documents, as well as a variety of other formats.

StarOffice can be installed two ways:

  1. From the Web

    A copy of the StarOffice installer is available on the COM-FSM Web Site. This file must be downloaded, uncompressed (when you run it, it will uncompress into a directory of your choice), and then installed by running the Setup.exe file in the Office51 directory that was just created. These temporary files can be deleted after the installation is complete.

  2. From the COM-FSM Network

    The StarOffice installer is also available in your Windows Network Neighborhood. Click on this shortcut to start the installation (if prompted, choose to Run this program from its current location). This requires that the COM-FSM Network Neighborhood be visible from your computer, and that you're in the Palikir domain.

    If the shortcut doesn't work you're probably in a different domain. You can browse the Network Neighborhood for the Shark server in domain Palikir, find and run Setup.exe in the folder public/so51inst/Office51.

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