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COM-FSM State Campus Networking

Planning is complete and work has started to establish network connections to each of the COM-FSM State Campuses. Long seen as a logical next step after completion of the National Campus network, improved Internet access for the State Campuses is becoming a reality.

Each campus will have a local area network established to connect administrative computers and student computer labs together, and from there a connection to the National Campus network will be created to provide access to Internet resources. To support the additional demand, an upgrade to the National Campuses' Internet connectivity is planned as well.

Downloading software or applications from the Internet? Check our Software Library page first. We may have a copy on a local server that you can get MUCH faster. If you need something and are having trouble downloading it let us know; we'll fetch it for you and make it available to others at the same time.

National Campus Networking

The local area network at the National Campus is nearing completion with just a few hard-to-network areas remaining. Work is underway in the second classroom building to provide connection in the Business Computing Lab and other work areas. Fiber terminations are needed in a couple buildings as well, and should happen soon. Pius Mirey from the Yap Campus will be joining us for some training as this process continues.

Student E-Mail

E-Mail accounts for students are now available, and can be activiated via the Web. Interested students should start at the Student E-Mail Sign Up page. Date of birth and U.S. or FSM Social Security Number are required to activate the accounts. E-Mail can be accessed using Webmail.

COM-FSM Webmail

Access to e-mail from anywhere on campus was critical to providing student e-mail accounts. To meet this need, and offer alternatives for faculty and staff who may not have their own computer, a Webmail application has been installed to provide HotMail-like access to e-mail at campus network speeds, i.e. fast!

Webmail allows anyone holding a COM-FSM e-mail account to check or send mail from any computer on the campus, or the Internet. Webmail is a new product employing cutting-edge techniques and software. It has a few bugs. It has tremendous potential, however, and we're staying busy keeping up with it! Try it out; all you need is the login and password for your regular COM-FSM e-mail account.

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