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How-To Install and Configure NetTime

NetTime is a network utility that keeps the date and time on your computer accurate. It connects to a "time server" periodically, and then adjusts the time on your computer to match.

To install NetTime:

  1. Click on NetTime to download and install the application (choose to "Run this program from its current location" when prompted). You may receive a security warning at this point; choose to continue with the installation.
  2. Press the Setup button
  3. Press the Next button to start the install
  4. Press the Next button to accept the default install directory. The software will now be copied to it's permanent location on your computer.
  5. Click the check box for "Yes, launch the program file" and then press "Finish."
  6. Put the following information in the displayed form:
    Time Server: shark.palikir
    Update Interval: 1800
    Max Free Run: 3600
    Warn if Adj Greater: 300
  7. Press OK and the installation is complete!

You may receive a "Large Adjustment Warning" when NetTime first checks the time. Any difference larger than five minutes will be reported in this fashion.

NetTime will be working whenever your computer is turned on, and will check the time every half hour.

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