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September 19, 2001 - Palikir, Pohnpei

Obtaining and Using a E-Mail Address

One of the primary goals of our campus networking project has been to extend e-mail access to all staff and faculty. The service has been provided now that the network is completed.

Obtaining your own address

Faculty and Staff: If you haven't been issued an address already contact Gordon Segal or Norleen Oliver to have one established. There are no fees associated with creating or maintaining e-mail accounts. You can access accounts with e-mail software such as Outlook or Netscape Messenger, or by using Webmail if you don't have exclusive use of a computer.

Students: You can activate your account via the Web, and then use Webmail to access your account. Start at the Student E-Mail Sign Up page!

Other services

Office addresses can be established that redirect mail to one or more recipients, or for use in situations where an office name is more appropriate than an individual for correspondence with the campus.

Small mailing lists can also be created for distribution of e-mail to multiple recipients. These are useful for office-wide memos or discussion as they eliminate the need to maintain mailing lists on many separate computers.

Configuration for e-mail software

All COM-FSM e-mail addresses end with "" E-mail addresses at COM-FSM, "" for example, consist of a login (kgirrard), followed by The login that people have chosen varies so check the campus directory rather than attempting to guess someone's address!

You should use the following hosts for e-mail:

POP3 Server:
SMTP Server:

Our e-mail server supports POP3 or IMAP; we generally recommend that you use POP3.

If your e-mail software checks for new mail automatically, please set it to check every 10 minutes (or longer).

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