College of Micronesia-FSM
Chuuk Campus

Student Activity Office

7-10           Registration
11              First Day of Instruction
14-18          SBA Nominations Due at Student Activity Office
22-23          SBA Election
26              Chuuk Campus Monthly Walkathon
28-31          Student Club and Association Registration Week

4-7            Basketball Intramural Registration of Teams
8              Dedication of Facilities (Culture Day)
12             Remembering 9-11 Victims in the USA+
13             Basketball Intramural Opening
15             Band Nite/Fun Nite
21             International Peace (World Peace Day)
              Let there Be Peace (A brief ritual)

2              Chuuk Constitution Day (Holiday)
9-13           Table Tennis Tourney
13-14          Inter-Faith Sharing Weekend
20             Speech Contest on the FSM membership in the UN
24             United Nations Day (Holiday)
              Chuuk 5-kilometer Championship Men and Women*
28             Chuuk Campus Monthly Walkathon

3              FSM Independence Day (Holiday)
6              Deadline for Essay Contest on FSM Independence
10             Veteran’s Day Observed (Holiday)
17             Championship Games: Closing of Intramurals
18             School Picnic (Off Campus)
20-30          COMET
23             Thanksgiving Day (Holiday)
24             Fun Nite (Shake Dat’ Body!)

2              5K Fun/Run/Walkathon
5              Last Day of Instruction
6-8            Final Exams
15             Mid-Year Graduation/Fall Semester Ends

College of Micronesia - FSM
Chuuk Campus
P.O Box 879
Weno, Chuuk FM 96942