College of Micronesia-FSM
Chuuk Campus

Student Activity Office

Office Information

Student Body Association Officers

William Bisalen, Jr.

Vice President
Esau Yoshinobu

Cecilia Jack

Taylor Tailor

Monday thru Friday

Student Activity Coordinator
Marcellus Akapito

Work Study Students
Quinton Petewon
Bradley Mike

WIA Trainees
Patterson Bossy
Loret Asor
Joel Suda

The Student Activity Office (SAO) is under the division of Student Support Services. This office is responsible for organizing events for students outside of school and work hours. Activities include camp outs, picnics, fun nights, intramural sports, fun runs, retreats, “field day,” and many other activities that the student body has shown an interest in. Such events take place on or off campus during the evenings or weekends.



College of Micronesia - FSM
Chuuk Campus
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