College of Micronesia-FSM

UB CA 100 Bridge Summer 2003

Course Title Level Campus
UB CA 100 Bridge Post-Seniors Kosrae

Course Description

The Upward Bound students have already studied Word and Excel. This course reviews their knowledge, covers the extant CA 100 outline, and goes beyond both the CA 100 outline and the material previously covered by the students.

Course Schedule and Topics

Week One: Internet and web page resumé
Google Micronesia kartoo (16K)

Monday Tuesday
Re-introduction and attendance
Introduction to Hardware keyboard
disk drives
Home keys
Use of Notepad or TextEdit
TeXT format
Starting up
Save as
Select all
Word Wrap
Text advantages
Start typing up resumé:
ed bg
work bg
education aspirations
career aspirations
Use notepad to set up a basic web page resumé:

<title>Your full name</title>
<style type="text/css">
body {background:ghostwhite; color:darkorchid; font-family:georgia,serif}
<h1>Your full name</h1>
<address>P.O. Box NNN<br>
Kosrae FM 96941</address>
<li>Diploma, Kosrae High School June 2003, Federated States of Micronesia</li>
<li><strong>[Dates, reverse chronology]:</strong> [Action verb if possible] [Work, volunteer, community, or leadership experience]</li>
<li><strong>June 2003 - Present:</strong> Filed and organized documents for the clerk of the Kosrae Supreme Court as part of a Work Study program.</li>
<li><strong>September 2001 - September 2002:</strong> Treasurer Tafunsak Etawi Srisrik choir, Tafunsak, Kosrae.</li>
<h2>Educational Plans</h2>
<p>Attend Wasatch Valley College and graduate with a bachelor's degree in genetic counseling.</p>
<h2>Career Aspirations</h2>
<p>Return to Kosrae to set up a <a href=""> genetic counseling practice.</a></p>

Remember to save as "yourfullname.html" without any spaces or punctuation marks. Attach to an email and email to Attachment instructions in class.
Wednesday Thursday Friday
Adding images to web pages using paint or

Integrating an image or drawing:

Paint for drawings

Color box
Custom colors
Status bar
Draw opaque
Key constraints on shapes: effect of shift key

Frame and text flow around images

Code snippet, image tag must be enclosed in paragraph container. (image in same folder at html file): <p>
<img src="imagefilename.gif" alt="alternate text description" style="float:right">

Remote image retrieval:

<img src=" ~dleeling/ub/serlinda.jpg" alt="Miss Pohnpei 2002-2003">
  1. Hotmail
  2. Yahoo
  3. COMFSM WebMail
  4. Email etiquette
  5. Chain letters
  6. Viruses
  7. Hoaxes
  8. Urban Legends
  9. Bank info hoaxes
  10. ALL CAPS
  11. Netiquette
  12. Flaming
  13. Chat acronyms
The World Wide Web
  1. Google
  2. Kartoo
  3. Searchenginewatch
  4. Search engine show down
  5. Advanced search ops
  6. Trusted sources
  7. CNN
  8. Time
  9. EB
  10. Plagiarism
  11. Copyright
  12. Ownership
  13. Ease of detection
  14. https
  15. credit card
  16. debt issues
  17. know vendor!
  18. Amazon
  19. Barnes and Noble
  20. Roadrunnersports
  21. Walmart
Quiz. Make a page.
Title: Kenye runs away! Background: Color: Font-family: Tahoma
Header level one: Kenye Insetlang joins the circus!
Image: ~dleeling/ub/kenye.jpg
Paragraph: In late breaking news Kenye Insetlang has run off and joined the circus! She gave the following reasons for joining the circus.
Bulleted list, unordered:

For the adventure
For the excitement
For the thrills

Hyperlink: ~dleeling/pohnpei/family_may2003.html

Post-quiz: story time.

Week Two: Word Review
Image of Word

Use Microsoft NotePad to compose a story using HTML. Create the same story using Microsoft Word with an illustration. The story should be a local story. Use paint to add a picture appropriate to the story.

The Princess

Lupanmwet. Nefalil, Utwa. Wife. Banana grower and magician. Usr, ut. Togosrai, Lelu people stole bananas. Lu took sand from Mutunpuk, went to Mutunlik and cast it upon the water. Sand bridge to Fukul. Invisible, took back bananas. Fled, visible on bridge. Lelu gave chase. Bridge collapse, people drown. At Leyot Lelu people closing in. At Puk Lu hides. Lelu people pass by. Lu follows. Lelu people wait at Taf beach and Finkol River head. Lu takes fuliohful (Sonneratia alba) from Mutunfunak, hid in it. Floated to Finpuksrusra, past Lelu people. Fuliohfohl now grows at Finpuksrusra. Lelu people failed to catch Lupanmwet.
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Files and file sizes:
Size issues
Stone Song Text TXT 2834
Stone Song Rich Text RTF 3366
Stone Song Web Page HTML 3933
Stone Song Word DOC 22016
View menu
First line indents
Hanging indents
Font family
 Serif sans-serif
 Cursive fantasy monospace
Font size
Font style: italic
Font weight: bold
Font decoration: underline
Font color
Text align
Introduction to Word
Advanced Editing


Different first page
Creating a cover page
Horizontal centering
Vertical centering
View menu

Page layout

Block indents
Bulleted lists
Numbered lists
Creating an outline in standard academic format
Soft return/word wrap
Hard return/paragraph
Line feed (shift-enter)
Soft page break
Hard page break (control-enter)
Numbering pages

Advanced table formatting

Merging cells
Borders, backgrounds, font colors, and highlighting.

Insert menu

 doc info

Microsoft Publisher once over very lightly. Prepare a basic certificate. Work in pairs.
Quiz two
  1. For what types of projects is Microsoft Publisher best used?
  2. What are the conditions under which you can use an image on the Internet?
  3. How should large blocks of text be handled in Microsoft Powerpoint?
  4. What are some guidelines to font choices and some font problems to watch out for in Powerpoint?
  5. Create a perfect square in Paint with a border Red=192 Green=0 Blue=192 and center Red=255 Green=128 and Blue=0
Microsoft Powerpoint presentation start. Worked individually. Include name, origins, early years, educational background, special achievements, educational goals, intended College, major, and career aspirations. Plus: If a college were to ask you why they should accept you, what would you say you would bring as person to that institution that is unique. Present to class.

Week Three: Excel
Population spreadsheet

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
PowerPoint presentations. Excel
Data Entry & Functions

More functions
If Then and Frequency
Data entry and cell formatting. Decimal places. (Population)
  1. Functions
  2. Min
  3. Max
  4. Mode
  5. Average
  6. Median
  7. Stdev
Form letters Subtotals
Pivot tables
Advanced decision making functions

Week Four: Excel:, XY Charts, working with numbers, linear regressions
Linear regression of a run to Utwe

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
XY Scatter graph and best fit line
Predicting distance from time
Inverse functions: predicting time from distance
Nonlinear regression: baby growth Forms Reports Quiz

Week Five: Access

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Tables Queries Forms Reports Quiz

Week Six:

MondayTuesdayWednesday ThursdayFriday
Tables Queries Forms Reports Mail merges. Quiz.

Week Six: Specialized software and closure

MondayTuesdayWednesday ThursdayFriday
Genograms TBD Wrap up and review Finals Finals