Q1 UB CA 100 Summer 2002

  1. Matching
    I. Font decoration a. bold
    II. Font family b. italic
    III. Font style c. underline
    IV. Font weight d. verdana, times new roman
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    I. hard page break a. automatic new page
    II. hard paragraph return b. new line without new paragraph
    III. line feed c. force a new page
    IV. soft page break d. force a new paragraph
    V. soft paragraph return e. word wrap
  3. What file format produces the smallest file size: document, hypertext markup language, rich text file, or text file?
  4. Which is the oldest portion of the design of a computer: CPU, keyboard, monitor, or mouse?
  5. What do the following keystrokes do?
    1. enter

    2. shift-enter

    3. control-enter

  6. Where do I type the title of my paper if I want the title to appear on the top of every page and I only want to have to type the title once?
  7. What is the difference between cut and delete?

  8. What is the difference between serif and sans-serif fonts?

  9. Toughie: Suppose the first page of my paper is a cover page. Suppose further that I want to have headers and footers appear on each page except the title page. In what menu item/dialog box is the setting turning off the header and footer on the first page?