Writing with word processing tools

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Writing with word processing tools Pre-Sophomores Kosrae

Course Description

notepad (2K)An introduction to word processing using Microsoft Word. Course includes learning to use the Internet as a research resource. The course includes a focus on writing including writing essays, controlling grammar, vocabulary, organization, and content.

Course Schedule and Topics

Week one: Introduction and Notepad

MondayOrientation day
Wednesday Introduction to course
Storage and bandwidth • Bits • Bytes
Thursday Bytes to kilobytes. • File sizes.
Dohng 1848 characters 351 words
text (1876)rtf (2082)html (2340) sxw (7061)doc (22,528) pdf (25,926)
Notepad: TeXT format
Run through the menus:
File: New, Open, Save, Save as, Print
Edit: Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Select all, Time/date, Word Wrap
Search, Help
SMS uses text: "texting"
HTML web pages use text. See above image. Save file as "temp.html"
FridayQuiz one

Week two: Wordpad

Image of WordPad

Week two: Essay one and Wordpad

Monday Toolbar: New, Open, Save, Print, Print Preview, Search, Cut, Copy, paste, Undo, Time/Date
View all toolbars, Font family, Font size, Font style: italic, Font weight: bold, Font decoration: underline, Font color, Text align
Tuesday Bulleted lists, tabs, indent. Integrating an image:
Inserting from paintbrush
Using an online photo:
Wednesday Write a 200 to 300 word (about four paragraphs including introduction and conclusion) essay on the following topic:
Agree or disagree with the following statement. Support your position based on your own experience and knowledge.
"The loss of a local language is the loss of a culture, a culture only exists so long as its language flourishes, thrives, and continues to grow."
Marking rubric
Words we are losing: kewosr, usru, urenpena, muhliklik, sra kwem kwem, kahkah furoh, maspang, muspalang, musoan, musaid, musal. E sunahke sunahk spreadsheet.
ThursdayContinued work on essay.
Friday Quiz two

Week three

Image of Word

Monday Introduction to Word
Properties, Overtype, Insert menu, Find, Replace,
View menu Normal, Page layout, Toolbars,
Spellcheck,View/Insert Menu
Header, Footer, Breaks, Numbering, Footnote,
Advanced paragraph control indention, first line, hanging, space before, space after, spacing, widow-orphan, keep lines together,
Inserting images from paint or the Internet, frame and text flow around images.
Format menu
Fonts, styles, subscripts, small caps, superscript
Spacing, indents
Change of case
Tuesday Advanced font discussion
Font types
Font descriptions
Relative font sizes at a constant point size.
Font test bed
Wednesday Spell check. How to submit your essay.
ThursdayBulleted lists. Ordered lists. Tables.
FridayMidterm. Agree or disagree. Traditional dance is important for my culture. Rubric

Week four

Monday Began a week which mixed midterm review with the introduction of Word features.

Abbreviations. ant: unclear or vague antecedent. awk: awkward. cap: capitalization problem. cs: comma splice. con: contraction. decap: decapitalize. del: delete. frag: sentence fragment. gr: incorrect grammar. idiom: problem with idiomatic expression. ¶: start new paragraph. prep: problem with preposition. sp: spelling error. spc: spacing error. tense: wrong verb tense/inconsistent verb tense. vocab: incorrect word or circumlocution. w.o.: word order.
Sentences end on a period followed by a single space (modern usage)>
topic drift: starting on topic, ending off topic
unclear antecedent: The ball and the doll were lost. It was found.
Do not start a paragraph with the word "it."
Tuesday Making tables in Microsoft word
Controlling margin size.

Semi-rhetorical question: Can a culture be good or bad?
Do not end a sentence on a preposition.
⊗ "Kosrae needs a facility to teach our people local dance in."
⊕ "Kosrae needs a facility in which to teach our people local dance."
Not "As to the Kosraens,..." but rather "As for the Kosraens,..."
Wednesday Making unordered (bulleted) and ordered lists in Word. Custom bullets and ordered list styles.

Do not start two or more paragraphs with the same sentence.
Do not start sentences with "Because" or "But." Rebuild the sentence.
Avoid informal or colloquial usage.
Thursday Making outlines.
FridayQuiz 3

Week five

Monday Review quiz
Spell check, grammar check, thesaurus.
Avoid contractions in written work.

Do not press return at the right side of the screen. Word wrap.
Do not indent the whole essay. Cover indent controls.
Single spaces between words.
Margins, ruler control.
Tuesday Creating columns

Capitalize only the first letter of sentences, proper nouns.
Pluralization rules in English: The boy runs home. The boys run home.
Dancing shows honor and respect. Dances show a respect for tradition.
Tourists like to see dances (not: Tourist like to see dance).
⊗ "Traditional dances explains something from the pass that we the children today must stick on to it."
⊕ "Traditional dance explains..." or "Traditional dances explain..."
"something" is too vague, generic
"pass" should be "past"
The end is completely ungrammatical. Try: "Traditional dances depict legends and stories from Kosrae's past. These legends and stories are important in defining the Kosraen cultural identity. To preserve the knowledge of the dances as well as the legends, the children of each generation must learn the dances anew."
⊗ "Traditional dance is one of the most event that could attract tourist."
⊕ "Traditional dance is an event that can attract tourists."
OR "Traditional dance is the most attractive event for foreign tourists."
OR "Foreign tourists are attracted to places for a variety of reasons, but the one of the most attractive is traditional dance."
Wednesday Expand table to include more plants.
Provide time for students to work on their essay, provide individual help.
Specify the file name to be used for the essay: langloss_firstname

Instead of "dance is a part of my old culture" try "dance is a part of the ancient heritage of Kosrae"
Avoid using "me, my, myself, I" in essays.
⊗ I will tell you some of the reasons I know about dance
Do not start off, "Traditional dance is important to a culture." and then list all of the reasons why dancing violates that culture. Start off, "Dance has no role in Kosraen culture." That is, do not start by contradicting your lead sentence of your paragraph.
Thursday Start working on submitting first draft of essay.

Choose words carefully. The sentence, "The ancient culture of Kosrae banned dancing." is not technically correct. Ancient refers to thousands of years, and the culture of Kosrae thousands and even hundreds of years ago included dance. The modern culture of Kosrae banned dance, not the ancient culture.
Simplify, simplify, simplify.
Avoid repetition and redundancy: "Kosrae had a culture but another culture came and changed Kosrae culture." Sounds repetitive, implies a limited vocabulary. Try: "Kosrae's ancient culture was strongly modified by foreign influences."
Read books
⊗ "I will explain more of my reasons on my body." Wrong preposition, whole new meaning.
Use a 12 point serif font such as Georgia, Times New Roman, Palatino, Book antiqua, or Garamond.
No italics. No bold.
No Word Art.
One inch or 1.25 inch margins.
⊗ "It is for us to shy..."
⊕ "It is for us to be embarrassed..."
Let your essay reveal your position, do not start off with an affirmation.
If you use local words in your essay, which is often good in this sort of essay, put the local work in italics and then the translation in parentheses right after the word.
Do not start with a rhetorical question, "Do you think dance is important to our culture?"
Page layout: portrait!
Be careful: covering the body is the foreign concept brought by missionaries. The ancient tradition was exposing much of the body. Thus one cannot argue that the ancient tradition of Kosrae was to cover the body. The modern tradition is to cover the body and there is an inappropriateness to showing too much flesh, but the areas of the body that must be covered have shifted due to Western influences.
FridayQuiz 4

Continue work on submitting first draft of essays.

Week Six: Final draft of essay

Monday Final clean up and submission of essay
Tuesday Final clean up and submission of essay
Wednesday Final