Descent of an esunak in Kosrae

Kosraen female esunak's are passed down from those for whom one is named. Thus Shanalin Kenye is named for Gloria Kenye who is named for Kenye Lambert. As the last woman named is an Insetlang, then so are the descendents named for her. The traditional names Kenye, Notwe, Sepe, Shra, Shrue, and Tulpe always came with an "ip luo".

Gloria Kenye Insetlang. Her paternal grandmother is Kenye Insetlang Lambert Talley.
Gloria Kenye Insetlang Talley

Kenye Insetlang Lambert Talley holds Shanalin Kenye Insetlang.
Kenye Insetlang Talley holds Kenye Insetlang Lee Ling

UBLee Ling