From: Shinmaysin Gonzaga
To: "Dana Lee Ling"
Sent: Thursday, September 27, 2001 3:15 PM
Subject: RE: Retrospective evaluation of Dana Lee Ling

Begin evaluation:

Mr. Dana Lee Ling?.

___S__ Provides instruction in accordance with the course description in the
course guides.

___S__ Shows a good command of subject area.

____S_ Prepares well for class

____S_ Prepares exams, evaluates papers, scores tests, and assigns final

____S_ Provides sufficient number of quizzes, tests, and examinations so as
to provide multiple opportunities for the student to demonstrate their

____S_ Uses a variety of appropriate educational methods and practices.

____S_ Fosters critical thinking skills

____S_ Encourages reading

____S_ Promotes writing skills.

____S_ Exhibits sensitivity to students? personal cultural, and gender
differences in a non-threatening learning environment.

__S___ Assists students with academic problems.

___S__ Assists students in evaluating their potential for success in fields
familiar to the instructor.

___S__ Helps students with academic and personal adjustments to college.

___S__ Prepares students properly for further academic work abroad after
College of Micronesia-FSM

___S__ Assists students in program planning and provides information on
career goals and opportunities in fields familiar to the instructor.

___S__ Follows college policy and procedures in the conduct of classes.

___S__ Conducts himself in a professional manner in the classroom.

___S__ *Informs students of course requirements

___S__ *Informs students of evaluation procedures

___S__ *Informs students of the attendance policy in a course syllabus
provided at the beginning of the semester.

___S__ *Maintain accurate attendance and scholastic records of students and
submits required reports according to published deadlines.

___S__ *Posts and maintains regular weekly office hours

___S__ *Meets each class at the scheduled time and place the full class
period, for the number of contact hours designated in the course guide.

*The highest rating for these activities is S.

If you would like to make any comments on any of the above ratings, please
do so here:

If another student were to ask you to describe Mr. Lee Ling as an
instructor, what would tell them?

hardworking, funny, smart douluhl...
dana has the interest in any kind of stuent whether or not the student is smart..he has the strong interest in each persons interests and customs, cultures traditions and all that..
these are all i can say and if anyone have more questions please let me know... i am more than willing to answer them for the good sake of my younger brothers and sisters back there..


E - Exceeds expectations.  This rating identifies performance of significantly higher quality and/or quantity than normally required or
expected of faculty.

S - Meets expectations.  This rating typically identifies performance that is at a satisfactory level and indicates that the faculty member is fully meeting the quality and quantity of work required and expected of college

N – Needs improvement.  This rating identifies performance somewhat less than satisfactory in terms of the quality and/or quantity required or expected.

U – Unsatisfactory.  This rating identifies performance that is considerably below the level normally required or expected of the faculty in terms of quality and/or quantity.  A

NA – Not applicable.  This term is used to designate those particular activities for which  the faculty member has no responsibility during the relevant evaluation period.

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