Marlin turns five!

The clan gathers for a Monday evening birthday celebration.
050901 (69K) Virginia Bobo Waguk, Sharisey Elterina, Virginia, Shrue Elesha Jeffben, Josmina

Marlin's preschool teachers joined the family gathering!
Amy Parker and Genelle Marlin

Let the cake and candle blowing commence!
050909marlin_cake (70K) 050911marlin_cake (62K) 050912marlin_cake (81K) 050914how_old (64K)

Marlin's secret: mom blowing from the side, click on the image for an enlargement. The smoke direction reveals mom's off camera assist.
050915blow_out (60K)

The evening also featured a dance from Mary Rose
Mary Rose Mary Rose

Elterina Kilafwasru 050921elterina (29K) Wilton Elesha Josmina Alik Josaiah Waguk Dana Lee Ling, Serlina Taulung

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