Family 2005


09 January

Josmina Alik, Sharisey, and Dana returned to Pohnpei from Kosrae ahead of the rest of the crew.

Sharisey and Lani

11 January: Family Christmas

The tree is plastic with fiber optic lights.
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The tractor is particularly awesome - a complete replica of a John Deere 8210 tractor with functioning steering.
011109tractor (36K)

Sharisey's markers have been her favorite treasure since Christmas.
011110markers (33K)

Shanalin's favorite gift is her baby.
011111boba_baby (26K) 011112boba_baby (56K) 011117boba_baby (46K) 011120mrb_skll (58K)

011113books (68K) 011119sharbook (34K)

Who wound up playing with what? Marlin played with the magnetic figures. Ten days later this was still a favorite pasttime for him. Shanalin remained attached to her baby.

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A neighbor's babysitter
011114marine (35K)

15 January: Round island with Josila Alik, Josmina's mother.

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16 January: Eve of Josila's return to Kosrae.

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23 January, 01 February: Parties!

Mary Rose and Serleen's Birthday parties


Shanalin with a filthy face, Sepe preps dinner.
022703filthyface (33K) 022802sepe (56K)


After a long day at Nihco, both Shanalin and Mary Rose were tuckered out.
0305shrue (66K)

Sunday night dinner mid-March featured baked chicken on a bed of baked rice.
0313sharisey (50K)

26 March Easter Eggs

032602easter_eggs (51K) 032603easter_eggs (32K) 032604easter_eggs (30K) 032605easter_eggs (50K)

27 March Easter Sunday

032706sharisey (39K) 032707dana_mar_shar (49K)

31 March

The kids and I visit the botanic garden on Rahn en Tiahk - Pohnpei Culture Day
033108garden (56K)
Main street Kolonia
033113kolonia_mainstreet (67K)


Shanalin and Shrue walking home from church north side of state capitol

08 May 2005: Mother's Day Dinner
Marlin's fifth birthday


26 August

Three in school!
Three in school!


Flying diskers and singing children
Shanalin turns four!