Family Photos October 2007

The images this month started with an odd low. Shrue and I noted a little girl smoking in the parking lot of a local grocery store. I had seen her inhale and then clearly exhale, without coughing. She caught sight of me and my camera and quickly threw the cigarette into the bushes.

Little smoker

In keeping with the odd start, college spirit week had the professor donning unusually professorial robes.

10041493dana (40K)

Some sanity returned to the month with the arrival of Pastor Palikoa Charley. Shrue, Pastor, Nipasta, and I had an evening enjoying the fine art of conversation.

10041527palikoa_charley 10041528palikoa_charley

Marlin is the smallest tiger in the neighborhood, so if he survives he will be a tough little guy.


A birthday overnight at Nihco for Shana


Low hanging cloud after a heavy downpour up in the Sekere valley.

Ice cream boy

2042elenor 2045elenor
Elenor, a student staying with us this term


Shrue and Bobo

2049shana_mr (53K)

2152kids (64K)

2153shana_marlin (65K)


31034dana (50K)

3158shana_mar (45K)
Ready to collect candy

3159shar_shan (45K)
Big, medium, and small size candy collectors

3181triplets (52K)

More halloween photos
Halloween photos by Souwel en Palikir

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