COM-FSM Spirit week 01 October 2007

Monday: Formal Day

Being that formal day coincided with Chuuk Constitution day, the Chuukese students took the lead on day one with an organized effort to get everyone into formal attire.

10011418formalday (51K)

The cafeteria had a very high class atmosphere. Fine food and fancy clothes.

10011420formalday (69K)

John dines in a bow tie.

10011421johnrousan (57K)

Tuesday: Weird and crazy day

Shifting gears from a bow tie, John bravely did a required class presentation in a garbage bag.

10021469john (32K)

Julia let loose her lush mane, also handling a class presentation with aplomb.

10021446julia (33K)

Wednesday: Local attire day

By Wednesday the base of students aware of spirit had broadened and a number of cultural groups came out in full attire for local day.

10031481localday_yap (44K)10031483localday_yap (55K)

Students Michelle Morean and Julia joined staffer Petrus in Yapese attire.

10031488localday_yap (58K)

A student from Sri Lanka put on his local attire, adding a rare sight on our campus.

10031490localday_srilanka (58K)

Thursday: Cross-dressing day

In keeping with the spirit of the day faculty and staff were also welcome to join the students in celebrating school spirit week.

spirit week fall 2007

Students from all four states participated in the gender-bending day, with a number of students pushing their personal boundaries and having fun while doing so.

spirit week fall 2007

Carlos, on the left, was a one of many students who requested being called by their cross-gender name.

spirit week fall 2007

A nice, newly minted couple.

spirit week fall 2007

Some of the "new" students these days are not all that comely... another brave student suited up and ready for public exposure.

spirit week fall 2007

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