December 2005

Pohnpei SDA Christmas song festival 20 December
Marlin, Billy, Ariana Shanalin, Marlin, preschool and kindergarten


Party at Jelly's house 23 December!

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Dressed for marching!

24 December 2005
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Christmas marching at the Kosrae Congregational Church in Kosrae

Etawi Srisrik: Children's Choir

Etawi srisrik children's choir Kosrae ready for marching

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She's not lost or confused, she and the other lead star bearer were to stand upon the left and the right at this point in the program. The other star bearer is out-of-frame right.
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Kilafa Welley


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Etawi Fwasr: Youth Choir

Josmina Alik Elterina Kilafwasru 122443josmina (19K)

Etawi Fwasr

Women's Christian Association

Shrue Lee Ling

As the heavily candy laden Women's Christian Association choir marches, the children position themselves for the candy scramble at the end of the choral marching.
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122463kids (32K) Almeda Asher Rilometo, first cousin of Jusda Eleshe Asher Kilafwasru, with Jusda's daughter Shrue. Dana Lee Ling Goofin' off


122503trucks (62K) 122504 (70K) 122506 (42K) This is the outfit you never live down. 122510 (29K) Flannel is very hot in the tropics! 122514 (44K) 122516boba (44K)

Shrue's Christmas present
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Sharisey uses her art set to paint faces!
Sharisey face paints Marlin Sharisey painting Marlin's face Shanalin's face flower

Seamstresses two.
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