SC 130 Physical Science laboratory syllabus

Lecture topics and corresponding laboratoriess with cross-references to the text section numbers. The three-digit numeric prefixes correspond to the textbook section.

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KeyTopicLaboratoryVideo support
L01MeasurementsDensity ▶️
L02Motion Linear motion ▶️
L03Motion Accelerated motion ▶️
L04Motion Kinetic energy ▶️
L05Forces Friction ▶️
L07Earth Latitude & longitude▶️
L08Earth Cloud types
L09Waves Sound wave speed▶️
L10Spectra Colors of light ▶️
L11Optics Reflection & Refraction▶️
L12Electricity Ohm's law ▶️
L13Chemistry Acids & Bases ▶️
L15Cosmology Site swap notation ▶️

Laboratories have laboratory reports written up using Desmos to produce tables and graphs which are then screen captured and integrated into Google Docs. The reports will be submitted via Schoology and marked using rubrics in Schoology. The structure of the reports is detailed in the textbook. Reports are due seven days after the laboratory.