SC 130 Physical Science schedule summer 2014

SC 130 Physical Science Schedule Calendar of topics and laboratories for physical science Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Text Pre-assess SLO survey 03 June Measurement Pre-assess back L00 + BMI Sticks & stones 04 June Density, sigdigs Sample lab Rubric 012 L01 soap density 05 June RipStik linear 022 Lab two linear motion 06 June test 01 09 June Earth from Space MITC Living machine 10 June RipStik Acc 032 Lab three accelerated motion 11 June Banana leaf marble ramp 042 Lab four Momentum 12 June Force: 3 laws Yurt circle 052 Lab five Pulleys 13 June test 02 16 June Plate Tectonics MITC Blue Planet 17 June Temperature 062 Lab six heat conduction 18 June Find Binky 072 Lab 07 meters per minute OUTSIDE 19 June test 03 20 June Midterm break 23 June Planet Earth III MITC Climate change 24 June relative humidity 082 Lab Eight clouds glass condensation? 25 June Waves 092 Lab nine sound speed outside 26 June Spectra Spectrum 102 Lab ten Colors of light in A204 27 June test 04 30 June Inconvenient Truth MITC 01 July Optics 112 Lab eleven reflection refraction 02 July Ohm's law 122 Lab twelve batt & bulb conductors circuits 03 July chemistry 132 Lab thirteen Acids & Bases 04 July test 05 07 July Journey to the Edge of the Universe MITC 08 July Field trip to Weather Service Office Pohnpei Depart 9:30 LRC 09 July METAR Planetary Distances 142 Lab 14 Math Models Pendulum 10 July cosmology MITC 152 Lab 15 site swap notation 11 July test 06 14 July Elegant Universe MITC 15 July Last day Assessment Fav lab survey Course eval U ask I ans 16 July Final Review 17 July t07 final 18 July No class Ball animation on top of other elements

Circled laboratory reports get written up using spread sheet (tables, xy scattergraph charts) and word processing software (text with tables and charts pasted in), handed in, and marked using a rubric. Software such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, or can be used for these reports.

LabDateDue date
L0104 June11 June
L0310 June17 June
L0718 June25 June
L0925 June02 July
L1101 July08 July
L1409 July14 July

Lecture and laboratory topic titles with cross-references to the text section number. The numeric prefixes correspond to the textbook section.

L00Measures011 What are your measurements?010 sticks & stones
L01MeasuresDensity intro (vials) & sig digs012 Density
L02Motion021 How slow are you?022 Linear motion
L03Motion031 Arc of a sphere032 Acceleration of gravity
L04Motion041 Banana leaf marble ramp042 Conservation of momentum
L05Forces051 Newton's laws052 Hooke's law
L06Heat061 Temperature062 Conduction of heat
L07Earth071 Find Binky072 Latitude
L08Weather081 Humidity and precipitation082 Clouds
L09Sound091 Waves092 Speed of sound
L10Spectra101 Color102 CD spectroscope
L11Optics111 Lenses112 Ref[le|ra]ction
L12Magnetism and electricity121 Magnetism122 Circuits
L13Chemistry131 Introduction to the elements132 Acids & Bases
L14AstronomyPlanetary presentationsFinal practical
L15CosmologyMITC152 Site swap notation

SC 130 Physical Science syllabus