30 July 2005

When a person, especially an elder, is unable to leave their home due to illness or infirmity, the church choirs will visit their home and hold a service. The service includes prayer, original compositions sung acapella by the choir, and usually a brief sermon by a pastor.

In Malem, Kosrae there were three choirs operating during the summer of 2005. Walunge (southern section), Infulwac ("midtown"), and Yatta (northern section. The images below come from a visit by Yatta to Kenye Insetlang Lambert Talley, the name antecessor for Shanalin Kenye Insetlang Lee Ling.

Yatta aengani, Malem, Kosrae Yatta aengani, Malem, Kosrae Sepe Intuvius Joel, Sepe Yudi Bruce Sepe Intuvius Joel, Sepe Yudi Bruce, Parsilyn