Seedless Vascular Plant hike 21 August 2007

Links to plants seen on the hike are in the order the plant is usually encountered on the hike.

Divine Grace leads the class on the way to the ridge line.

Divine Grace, Elterina, Lina

On the way to the trailhead Nostoc was seen.

The class at the head of the trail.

trail head

The class coming down the ridge line.

Hiking down the ridge line.

On top of the ridgeline

The class stopped on the ridgeline to view the lycopodium Lycopodiella cernua and the sun-loving fern Dicranopteris linearis. Lycopodium is a member of the division Lycopodiophyta, the ferns are members of division Pteridophyta.

Lycopodiella cernua

The students listen to identifications of Lycopodiella cernua and Dicranopteris linearis

Juslyn, Elterina, John, Stallone, Divine Grace.

Julia demonstrates a use of Dicranopteris linearis by children in Yap.


At the top of the steep slope

At the top of the steep slope the class gathers to examine Nephrolepis spp. and Thelypteris maemonensis. While there, Elterina and Juslyn examine a Lycopodiella branch up close.

0821033studying_plant (62K)

On the slope

Clambering down the slippery muddy slope, the class paused to learn the identifications of Microsorum scolopendria, Asplenium nidus, and Vittaria. Local uses and meanings of these plants was also discussed, along with names in the local languages.

In the valley

Up on trees in the valley the class saw Psilotum complanatum and Huperzia phlegmaria . Father along the trail a discussion was held on the uses of the tree fern Cyathea nigricans.