Vittaria elongata

Vittaria elongata

Photos taken in Kepar, Kitti, Pohnpei.

Pohnpeian: Alis in Nahnseu sed
alis: beard
nahnseu sed: a ghost of the sea
source: research done by Manwelihda Spencer, Pehleng, Kitti. August 2002.

Alternate name: alis en kewelik
kewelik: heron
source: Francisca Sohl, Serlinda Soukon. February 2004.

Botanic identification by Piyak Suksat.

The name difference may that Alis in Nahnseu sed is the honorific name for the plant ("high langauge") and that alis en kewelik would be the common or low language variant.

Kosrae: This fern is said to be good for women's hair.

Pehleng, Kitti, Pohnpei: The fern is pounded and wrapped in cloth around a women's head (in contact with her hair) for as many nights as she likes in order to promote the growth of her hair. Informant: Manwelihda Spencer, August 2002.

Plants profile

Kingdom       Plantae - Plants
Subkingdom    Tracheobionta - Vascular plants
Division      Pteridophyta - Ferns
Class         Filicopsida
Order         Polypodiales
Family        Vittariaceae - Shoestring Fern family
Genus         Vittaria Sm. - shoestring fern
Species       Vittaria elongata Sw. - stiff shoestring fern

A Wikipedia article places Vittaria in Adiantaceae.