Assessment update 24 August 2007

On the 19th of August I noted to some that SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany has evolved into a course that is influenced by thinking in the northeast region where significant learning opportunities are a key goal. In this light the assessment portal is updated on a continuing basis. In support of identification of local plants is coverage of the this term's seedless vascular plant hike.

In support of the development and maintenance of an ethnobotanical conserve are images from a very wet and muddy tour and clean-up.

In a related vein, the VPIA passed along information this summer about a redesign of the BOT 105 Ethnobotany course at the University of Hawaii. I was pleased to see that their course makes the choice I made six years ago to focus on local ethnobotany rather than ethnobotany globally. As in my design, the course is a bridge into science .

UH has not yet conceived of the natural cross-disciplinary nature of the course sitting astride science and social science. They are also increasing the use of videos and looking to reduce instructor time commitments, where my course is deeply participatory and experiential with both strong student-instructor and student-student interactions. Looking over their redesign, I cannot help feeling we are out ahead of their program. Please pardon me for my lack of humility, but the course that Dr. Michael Balick and Dr. Roberta Lee helped me put together is simply world class.