IS 201 Test 2


_____ 1. Marc Andreesen   A. Credited with having invented the world wide web
_____ 2. Tim Berners-Lee   B. Invented the term "hypertext"
_____ 3. Vannevar Bush   C. Wrote the 1945 article As We May Think that first described the concept of hypertextual information systems
_____ 4. Ted Nelson   D. Wrote the programming code for the first commercially successful browser
Image of Sand font
5. The font seen in the image above, a font inappropriate for paragraph text, is called Sand. The image was produced by the computer at IP address See to see the original image file. The three lines are seen below as text with a cascading style command setting it to the Sand font. Try viewing this page, on your computer. You won't see the Sand font. Why isn't the sentence seen below in Sand on your computer? Note: the text seen below is also not in Sand font on this test paper because the computer used to print the test is the same as the one in B102.
Black waters swirl around my face,
Muddy vortices twirl backwards,
Down the length of my submerged body.
  1. A peer-to-peer network cannot be made by connecting two computers together with a single piece of Ethernet cable joining their two NIC cards. What is needed in addition to the two NIC cards and the cable in order to form a peer-to-peer network?

  2. What is the abbreviation for the network protocol used by the College network?

  3. What does LOL stands for?
  4. What does BTW stand for?
  5. What does B2C stand for?
  6. What does B2B stand for?
  7. What does ISP stand for?
  8. What search engine currently indexes the most pages?
  9. What is the ".com" in URL short for?
  10. What is your favorite non-generic font family that is appropriate for paragraph text?
  11. What is shark on the network?
  12. In the JavaScript command:
    is fgColor an object, property, or method?
  13. Identify the object in the command:
  14. Use the following the following script scrap in an HTML file to determine what is the result of this script:
    <script type="text/javascript">
    Write the result displayed on your computer by this command.
  15. Find a B2C web site and describe the type of services or products it offers. Give me the URL of the web site with your description.

  16. The man who invented the term "hypertext" considers HTML and the World Wide Web to be a poor implementation of his original hypertext idea. He envisioned a system that would do many things HTML cannot do. His idea would include giving users the ability to add links to pages written and posted by other people. He also specified that true hypertext is two-way. HTML consists of one-way links only: the anchor tag a only sends you to another page, but there is not necessarily a link on that page going back to where you came from. He also intended that hypertext systems would keep track of versions and changes in the text so that you could read what used to be there prior to editing changes. And he wanted documents to be archived so that there would be no "broken" links that lead to messages such as "404 Not Found". What features would you want to add to HTML and the WWW to improve the web? What things does the web not do now that you want it to be able to do?