"At the dawn of time, when Kings rule, and people lived in harmony, there were also supernatural being lived among the people. Some of these being allowed themselfs to be seen among the people and some were not. They were also known to immortals among the people. Most natives created many symbols and idols of some of this beings as another way of faving them. In return, the spirits grant every wish they wished for. Some spirits even grant those that were very loyal to them in a way like teaching how to called on other spirits to help them. And that is where our legend began..." the remaining ruin

It all began in a small Village known in Kosrae as "Utwe." One day, the King who was known to lived in the island of Lelu, made an order to all the people around the island to build him a new Kingdom. A Kingdom that would last for a long time. When the people heard about this, they didn't know how to build such a thing. All they knew was, how to builded local huts. But now that the King has made his wishes, they must fing a way to carry it out.

When darkness finally overwhelm the sky and no one was around, Sahtacf set out to a place away from the Village. When he finally got there, there were no one around. There, he started calling for the spirits in way no human being could understand. He started calling in chanting way as if he was chanting using the death language. When the spirits had finally gathered around him, he first commanded them to build him a huge raft. And then the spirits went on and build his raft like a swift wind. When they finally finished building the raft, he then used his chantings to commmanded the spirits to loaded the raft with many massive rocks onto the raft. At that very sudden, the spirits started shoving many huge rocks on board the raft. As if the rocks flew by themselfs throught the air. The spirits then did as he commanded. When the raft was finally loaded with many massive rocks, Sahtacf and the spirits headed for Lelu. perfomers of the local way

When they got there, nobody was up at that time. Everyone was sleeping soundly in the night. Even the King's finest guards were soundly asleep. Because of the size of his raft and the rocks he carried, he just stopped at the nearby shore. While drifting on the shore, he then commaded the spirits to made their finall work to build the Kings palace. From where he was, he commanded the spirits to brought all the rocks the had carried and build the castle without waking anyone. The spirits understood very well the caution. Sahtacf also knew that his task must be finished before the first light of dawn. Same as before, the spirits started unloading the raft and building the palace at the same time. When the task was finally done, Sahtacf, and the spirits went back.

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