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There are many sites and objects with a certain explanation! If you spend sometime around the island of Kosrae, you sure will find alot of strange sites that won't believe happened centuries ago! Kosrae may be a very small tropical island but it has alot of fascinating views and stories to share!

In the early days in Kosrae, before the comming of Christianity, there were many worshiping figures! Many of these figures were supernatural beings living among the islanders. Each of thesebeings possessed different kinds of strength. Some of them were known to be immortals. Some of them were forgotten and some of them were not. These beings are also known among the island as "Gods", because of their abilities. These were the times of the "Sinlaku" and the faithful servant "Sikaus". They were not forgotten because of their long reign among the islanders. Nobody knows how this two got on the islandbut, many islanders obey every wish they made. sandy beaches

It is also said that, when darkness falls, the islanders will prepared some food and left it in their rooftop, for the mighty Sinlaku. Not all islanders do this at the same time. Only those that Sinlaku ordered to. When all is set, the mortal Sinlaku would flew over and picked it up. As for those that do not wish to carry-out the wishes of this mortal being, the servant Sikaus, would see to it that they do as the goddess wished. Sinlaku was also known to lived on the mountain side of a village in Kosrae called Utwe. There, she also made a temple for the islanders to worshiped her. Her temple made up of massive stones that are very heavy that not a single hand could lift. This would take more than five individuals to carry up the hill. There were also rooms for the worshipers and rooms for that are restricted for the islanders to went to. It is also said that everytime the islanders were in need of some thing they always went up to the temple and asked for it. And when the goddess heard the prayers, she would flew miles across the ocean to bring back what the islanders ask for in the speed of light. But when there were troubles, her servant was the one always in charge of it. These are the time of...dark ages!