Welcome to my friends homepage

Thank you for visiting my friends homepage. Here you will see the pictures of my 2 best friends back home. Well, I hope you will enjoy this site.

Sarita Lokopwe Wow, who's that? Hehehe, this is my cousin Sarita youngran. She is from the same island where I came from, which is Pollap. Sarita and I grew up together and we spend most our times together. Sarita is more than a cousin to me, but a loving and caring best friend too. I really miss her because she has been away for so long in Georgia for school.

Yobita Pedro I would like to Present to you the most famouse movie star, Yobita Pedro from the Island of Hawaii. Hehehe!, just jokeing. Yobita is also one of my closes friend. She is so quiet and modest. What she likes the best is volley ball. She is also from Pollap. Yobita is in Hawaii attending the University of Hilo. She will recieves her AS degree in Sychology next semester.

Thank you all agian for scanning my website and Merry Christmas!

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