Davallia solida (G. Forst.) Sw.

Instructor's note, 01 November 1999:  I think this might be a misidentification of a Davallia spp., possibly either D. solida (Forster f.) Swartz or D. denticulata.  Kit Dahl reports the presence of D. solida on Pohnpei, as well as the following ferns:

Davallia bilabiata
Davallia embolostegia
Davallia palllida
Davallia solida

12 May 2017 update. This fern has been known to be Davallia solida (G. Forst.) Sw. for over a decade. This page was never properly repaired. The original virtual herbarium was not mobile friendly, especially in the field where Internet connectivity is not available. This herbarium has been superceded by a flora with, in general, better images.

Family: Aspleniaceae

1. Pohnpeian name: Uluhl en Kieil

2. Chuukese name: Imwen Sichon

3. Kosraen name: Mah

4. Yapese name: ?

Location collected: Daini street

Date collected: 01 December 1998

Description: This fern is found growing on trees and on the ground, but especially climbing up on trees. Ferns do not have flowers or fruits. They use SPORES to reproduce, but not all ferns have ferns. This one does not have any spores, it only grows out from its creeping rhizome. The fronds grow to 3 to 5 inches long.

Habit:: Epiphyte and Terrestrial

Frond arrangement: creeping

Frond design: divided

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