Ethnobotanic flora

Adenanthera pavonina
Use: Scavenging food, decoration, imwen kuk (cook house), jewelry.
Latin: aden (gland) + anthera (anther) + pavonina (peacock)
English: red sandalwood
Kosrae: mwetkwem
Pohnpei: kaikes
Adenanthera pavonina seed in a local necklace, ros ful: flower of shells

Acacia auriculiformis
Use: foresty service timber tree introduction.
Latin: Acacia/Akis (pointed) + auricula (ear shape)
Acacia auriculiformis leaves on a younger tree

Adiantum spp. Possibly Adiantum formosanum Tagawa, Adiantum palaoense C. Chr., or less likely Adiantum tenerum Sw.
Latin: adiantum (maidenhair)
English: Brittle Maidenhair Fern
Adiantum spp. possibly Adiantum formosanum Tagawa or Adiantum palaoense C. Chr. Adiantum spp. possibly Adiantum formosanum Tagawa or Adiantum palaoense C. Chr.

Ageratum conyzoides
Use: Medicinal but plant is toxic. Pyrrolizidine alkaloids lycopsamine and echinatine can cause liver lesions and tumors.
English: billygoat-weed
Pohnpei: pwisehn kou
Ageratum conyzoides Ageratum conyzoides Ageratum conyzoides Ageratum conyzoides

Allamanda carthartica
Status: invasive
English: Angel's Trumpet

Alocasia macrorrhizos
Latin: From kolokasia (lotus root)
English: wild taro
Use: covering uhm, umbrella
Kosrae: onak
Pohnpei: wehd, sepwikin, ohd
Chuuk: puna
Yap: la'iy nikan
Alocasia macrorrhizos Alocasia macrorrhizos Alocasia macrorrhizos Alocasia macrorrhizos

Aloe vera
Use: treatment of burns, skin scars
Aloe vera

Alpinia carolinensis
Latin: named for Prospero Alpini, Caroline islands
English: giant caroline island ginger
Pohnpei: iuiu (iou iou)
Yap: chifiif (perhaps a related plant)
Alpinia carolinensis

Ananas comosus
Latin: From Tupi word "nanas" for excellent fruit
English: pineapple
Kosrae: puhnappuhl
Pohnpei: pweinaper
Chuuk: pweyinaper
Yap: giyoer, ngoonggoor
Ananas comosus

Angiopteris evecta
Latin: evectus (swollen, inflated)
English: giant fern
Kosrae: kalme
Pohnpei: paiwed. Luelen/Glassman: impai, paiwed.
Yap: m'oeng
Angiopteris evecta Angiopteris evecta Angiopteris evecta

Annona muricata
English: soursop
Kosrae: sosap
Pohnpe: sei, soai

Antrophyum reticulatum (G. Forst) (indigenous) (Syn callifolium Blume, Antrophyum ponapense).
Pohnpeian: tehlikinwel
Antrophyum reticulatum
Antrophyum reticulatum sori

Araucaria columnaris
English: Cook island pine
Pohnpei: tuhkehn kirismas
Araucaria columnaris

Areca catechu
Latin: areca (local name, Malabar coast India) caccu (Malay name)
English: betelnut palm
Kosrae: kutacr (tentative, probable misidentification)
Pohnpei: pwuh
Chuuk: pwu
Yap: buw
Areca catechu

Artocarpus altilis
Greek: artos (bread) and karpos (fruit), Latin altilis (fattened)
English: breadfruit
Kosrae: mos
Pohnpei: mahi
Chuuk: mááy
Yap: thow
Artocarpus altilis Artocarpus altilis

Asplenium laserpitiifolium
Latin: From English spleen (sori shape)
Asplenium laserpitiifolium Asplenium laserpitiifolium

Asplenium nidus
Latin: nidus (nest)
Use: leaf tips in soup, signifies nopwei performed
English: bird's nest fern
Marshallese: kartōp
Kosrae: mihlihklihk
Pingelapese: sehlik
Mwoakillese: kardoap
Pohnpei: tehnlik, toahnlik
Nukuoran: lau gadaha
Kapinga: lo'goho
Mortlockese: chōōlik, choélúk (Bryan Mwarike spring 2015)
N. Nomenean: nuuk
Faichuukese: nukk (Greta Irons), nnūk (John Rousan Jr.)
Puluwatese: rhēlūkk
Pollapese: rhēlūk
Woleaian: iuliuniug
Ulithian: raegataf (Benhart Mangwechog, Spring 2014, Mogmog). Misidentified as maching (easy to break), a spider lily, due to similarity of leaf shape.
Yap: chaath
Kosraen: mihlihklihk
Pohnpeian: tehnlihk
Kitti: toahnlik
Yapese: chath
Fijian: beluve
Japanese: shima ootani watari
Asplenium nidus Asplenium nidus

Asplenium polyodon
Pohnpeian: mahrekenleng, rehdil rasaras, rehdil en naniak
Kitti: mahrekenloang
Yapese: tilbug ni pumo'on (Sandra You, Rumung, Spring 2014)
Asplenium polyodon (tentative)

Bambusa vulgaris
Latin: bamboo common
Use: construction
English: bamboo
Kosrae: pahmpu
Pohnpei: pehri
Chuuk: iich
Yap: moor
Bambusa vulgaris

Barringtonia asiatica
Use: construction
Kosrae: pucspucs
Pohnpei: wihn sed
Chuuk: kuun, wuáánúúw
Yap: biuol

Barringtonia racemosa
Use: timber, soap
Kosrae: kwenguhl
Pohnpei: wih, wihnmoar pwetepwet
Chuuk: sóón
Yap: wa'thol, waathul

Calophyllum inophyllum
Use: glue for canoes, flowers in mwarmwars
English: beach calophyllum
Kosrae: ituc
Pohnpei: isou
Chuuk: rekich
Yap: biyuuch
Calophyllum inophyllum Calophyllum inophyllum Calophyllum inophyllum. Image enhanced using retinex process to bring out the structure of the tree.

Campnosperma brevipetiolatum
Latin: campna (bell shape) sperma (male gamete) brevi (short) brevipetiolatum (petiole, leaf stem)
Use: canoe
Kosrae: elahk
Pohnpei: dohng
Yap: ramluw
Campnosperma brevipetiolatum Campnosperma brevipetiolatum

Cananga odorata
Latin: odorata (odorous, fragrant)
Use: source of ylang-ylang perfume fragrance, mwarmwars
Kosrae: ilahnglahng
Pohnpei: seir en wai
Chuuk: pwuur, pwanang

Capsicum annuum/Capsicum frutescens
Greek: capsa (box) Latin: annuum (annually)
Use: Flavoring food, treatment of worms, viral colds
English: chili pepper, hot pepper
Kosrae: pepuh
Pohnpei: sele
Chuuk: mwiik
Yap: amuek, t'ebil, tebil
Capsicum annuum/Capsicum frutescens Capsicum annuum/Capsicum frutescens Capsicum annuum/Capsicum frutescens

Carica papaya
Use: fruit, food
English: papaya
Kosrae: es
Pohnpei: memiap
Chuuk: kipwpwaaw
Yap: bábay
Carica papaya Carica papaya Carica papaya Carica papaya Carica papaya Carica papaya Carica papaya

Casuarina equisetifolia
Location: single specimen off-campus at gas station to the East
Status: introduced tree
English: ironwood
Yap: nach
Casuarina equisetifolia

Centella asiatica
Latin: asian centella
Use: medicine for startle, winien pwuriamwei
English: Asiatic pennywort, gotu kola
Pohnpei: liwadawad marer
Chuuk: nikótókót
Centella asiatica Centella asiatica Centella asiatica Centella asiatica

Cephalomanes atrovirens
Latin: Cephalomanes atrovirens C. Presl, Trichomanes atrovirens (C. Presl) Kunze, English: filmy fern
Pohnpei: didimwerek (some sources)
Cephalomanes atrovirens Cephalomanes atrovirens Cephalomanes atrovirens Cephalomanes atrovirens

Cheilocostus speciosus
Latin: Costus speciosus
Status: invasive
English: crepe ginger

Chromolaena odorata
Latin: odorata (fragrant)
Status: invasive
English: Siam weed
Pohnpei: wisolmat, wisolmat en rere
Chromolaena odorata

Cinnamomum carolinense
Latin: Caroline island cinnamon
Use: tea
English: Pohnpei cinnamon tree
Kosrae: mahsro
Pohnpei: madeu
Cinnamomum carolinense Cinnamomum carolinense

Citrus aurantiifolia
Latin: aurantium (orange) folia (leaves)
Use: fruit drink, bark tea for fever with chills, steam bath for colds, hot lime juice undiluted for sore throat
English: key (island) lime
Kosrae: laim
Pohnpei: karer
Chuuk: naymis
Yap: remong
Citrus aurantiifolia

Claoxylon carolinianum Pax & Hoffm.
Latin: Clao, to break off. Xylon: of wood
Use: treatment of katieni, soumwahu en naniak, as an infusion bath
Pohnpei: koahi, koahiei
Claoxylon carolinianum Claoxylon carolinianum

Clerodendrum paniculatum
Latin: paniculata: tufted
Status: invasive
Clerodendrum paniculatum Clerodendrum paniculatum

Clerodendrum quadriloculare
Status: invasive
Clerodendrum quadriloculare Clerodendrum quadriloculare

Clidemia hirta
Status: invasive
English: Koster's curse
Pohnpeian: riahpen roht
Clidemia hirta

Clinostigma ponapense
Latin: clino (slope) stigma (marking) ponapense (Pohnpei)
Use: heart of palm (food)
Pohnpei: kotop
Clinostigma ponapensis Clinostigma ponapensis Clinostigma ponapensis

Cocos nucifera
Latin: cocos (Spanish: grinning face due to three holes) nucleus (nut) -fer (bearing, as in bearing nuts)
Use: drink, food, thatching, alcoholic beverage, temporary bridge, sakau scrubber, cup, fire fuel
English: coconut
Kosraean: koacnu
Pohnpei: nih, fruit: uhpw, mwangas
Chuuk: núú
Yap: niiw
Cocos nucifera Cocos nucifera Cocos nucifera

Coffea arabica
Latin: arabian coffee
Use: central nervous system stimulant as beverage
English: coffee
Kosrae: kohfi
Pohnpei: koahpi
Yap: koofiy
Coffea arabica coffee cherries

Colocasia esculenta
Latin: esculenta (edible)
Use: food
English: soft taro
Kosrae: kuhtak
Mwoakilloa: jawa
Pohnpei: sawa
Chuuk: woot, óni
Yap: mal
Colocasia esculenta Colocasia esculenta Colocasia esculenta

Commelina diffusa
Status: invasive
Commelina diffusa Commelina diffusa Commelina diffusa Commelina diffusa

Cordyline fruticosa
Greek: kordyle (club, due to the enlarged underground stems)
Use: skirt, boundary marker, fever absorbing mat
English: Hawaiian ti plant
Kosrae: ingingkal
Pohnpei: dihng
Chuuk: tiin
Yap: riich
Cordyline fruticosa Cordyline fruticosa Cordyline fruticosa Cordyline fruticosa

Curcuma longa
Latin: kurkum (tumeric) longa (long)
Use: Added to oil, used on skin burns, used in oil for skin, powdered applied to skin for dancing (Yap), spice added to curry. Young leaves cooked with meat for flavoring.
English: tumeric
Kosrae: ang
Pohnpei: oangitik (small leafed variety used in cooking), oangalap (large leafed variety used for medicine), kisinieng, kisinioang. There is a variety with a leaf of intermediate length and a slightly less yellow root that may be used as a layer between banana leaves and food when cooking in an uhm. This variety was reported as being oangen pele. Oangen pele is, however, listed as the name for Zingiber zerumbet in the Pohnpeian dictionary.
Chuuk: áfán, kúchún
Woleaian: yangoshig, yangoshigi
Yap: angorik, guchol
Curcuma longa Curcuma longa Curcuma longa rhizome, dormant phase

Curcuma petiolata
Latin: petiolata (petiole, leaf stem)
hidden lily ginger

Cyathea nigricans (syn, not currently accepted: Sphaeropteris nigricans)
Greek: kyatheion (little cup, sori shape), Latin: nigricans (black)
Use: material: posts
English: tree fern
Kosrae: po, tukun inut
Pohnpei: katar
Yap: m'oeng ni kan, (Some sources: yibung)
Cyathea nigricans Cyathea nigricans Cyathea nigricans Cyathea nigricans Cyathea nigricans

Cyclosorus maemonensis, Thelypteris maemonensis, Sphaerostephanos maemonensis
Latin: cyclo (circle) sorus (sori). Kew PoWO synonymizes to T. maemonensis. PPG I splits Thelypteris hence Sphaerostephanos
Use: Used for washing dishes, cleaning water or filtering water.
Kosrae: fa
Pohnpei: tehn mahrek
Yap: walem (skirt).
Cyclosorus maemonensis Cyclosorus maemonensis Cyclosorus maemonensis Cyclosorus maemonensis Cyclosorus maemonensis

Cymbopogon citratus
Latin: cymba (boat) pogon (beard, perhaps hairy leaves) citratus (citrus)
Use: tea, steam bath, flavoring.
English: lemon grass
Kosrae: mah keng
Pohnpei: reh pwo mwahu
Cymbopogon citratus

Cyperus javanicus
Latin: Cyperus from an old world sedge. Javanicus: from Java
Pohnpei: sapasap ("cuts one repeatedly")
Cyperus Javanicus

Cyrtosperma merkusii (Cyrtosperma chamissonis)
Latin: cryt (bent, curved) sperm (seed)
Use: food: starch
English: swamp or hard taro
Kosrae: pasruk
Pohnpei: mwahng
Chuuk: puna
Yap: lak
Cyrtosperma merkusiiCyrtosperma merkusii Cyrtosperma merkusiiCyrtosperma merkusii

Davallia pectinata (Humata banksii)
English: epiphytic fern
Pohnpei: limwediliniak, kelmahu. Luelen/Glassman: mwedilen ahk
Davallia pectinata (Humata banksii)

Davallia solida var. solida
English: epiphytic fern
Pohnpei: ulungen kieil
Yap: chichoro'ol
Davallia solida var. solida sori Davallia solida var. solida

Dicranopteris lineaeris
Use: emergency sun hat, decor
Pohnpei: mwedil en mal
Chuuk: anecha
Yap: gana'
Dicranopteris linearis

Dioscorea spp.
Use: food, ceremonial offering
Kosrae: muhtah
Pohnpei: kehp
Chuuk: eep, kááp
Yap: dal
Dioscorea spp. Dioscorea spp.

Diplazium ponapense
Greek: diplazein (double, twin sori on either side of the vein)
Pohnpei: peipei eni

Elaeocarpus carolinensis
Use: strong wood for canoe hulls
Kosrae: nahnek
Pohnpei: sadak

Eleusine indica
Kosrae: mah
Pohnpei: retakai

Erythrina fusca
Use: tree with strong, light wood
Pohnpei: pahr
Chuuk: paar
Yap: raar

Eugenia uniflora
Latin: eugenia (female of noble birth) uni (one) flora (flower - solitary flower)
Use: fruit
English: Surinam cherry
Pohnpei: teri
Eugenia uniflora

Euphorbia hirta
Latin: Greek physician Euphorbos, hirta (hairy, fuzzy)
Use: Herbal tea to treat dengue fever in Kosrae, an introduced treatment
Euphorbia hirta

Fagraea berteriana var. sair
Use: mwarmwars
Pohnpei: pwuhr
Chuuk: sééwur, péégas

Falcataria moluccana
Latin: falcate (curved)
Use: firewood
English: Moluccan islands albizia
Pohnpei: tuhke karisihn
Falcataria moluccana

Ficus prolixa Latin: ficus (fig) prolix (extended, copious, prolific)
Use: leaves added to oil to promote thick, lush hair
English: giant banyan fig tree
Kosrae: kohnyah
Pohnpei: aiau
Chuuk: auu, aw
Ficus prolixa Ficus prolixa

Galeola ponapensis
Pohnpei: lamawahken wel

Gardenia jasminoides (G. Augusta)
Latin: gardenia (named by Carl Linnaeus and John Ellis after Dr. Alexander Garden [1730-1791], a Scottish-born American naturalist)
English: Cape jasmine
Kosrae: gardenia
Pohnpei: iosep
Gardenia jasminoides

Gardenia taitensis
English: Tahitian gardenia
Flower with leaves Flower with leaves

Glochidion marianum
Pohnpei: liwekidenlol

Glochidion ramiflorum
Latin: ramiflorum (flowering on the branches)
Use: terminal buds for appetite, firewood, four leaves chewed and fed (pwurak: spit out, regurgitate) to six month old baby to induce appetite for food
Pohnpei: mwehk
Chuuk: afór
Yap: ngumol
Glochidion ramiflorum

Haplopteris elongata (Sw.). Syn. Vittaria elongata.
Use: Used with local oil to strengthen hair (K), or with water (P, Y)
Mwoakillese: Two varieties are distinguished. A longer, wider variety known as pisen moang and a thinner variety known as mojul or minipinip (Lilina Etson spring 2015). This may be a distinction between Haplopteris angustifolia (Vittaria angustifolia) and Haploteris elongata (Vittaria elongata).
Pohnpeian: alis en kewelik, alis en Nahnsou sed (honorific for heron), mwosou
Kitti: alis en koawoalik, alis en nahnsoau sed
Mortlockese: ishish
Pollapese: olen maluk
Puluwatese: olan maluk
Yapese: rob (beard), lem nu arrow (Sandra You, Rumung, Spring 2014)
Haplopteris elongata

Hedychium coronarium
Greek: hedys: sweet, chios: snow
English: White ginger lily, butterfly lily
Pohnpeian: sinter pwetepwet
Hedychium coronarium

Heritiera littoralis
Use: timber, axe handles
Kosrae: [lum?]
Pohnpei: mworop en sed
Chuuk: cheepwéch
Yap: rung

Heterotis rotundifolia (Dissotis rotundifolia)
Status: invasive
English: Spanish shawl
Dissotis rotundifolia Dissotis rotundifolia, image courtesy of Konrad Englberger, Plant Protection Micronesia

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Greek: hibiskos, biskos (marsh or swamp mallow) Latin: rosa (rose) sinensis (Chinese)
Use: material: mwarmwar
English: hibiscus flower
Pohnpei: keleu en wai
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

Hibiscus tiliaceus
English: tree hibiscus
Kosrae: lo
Pohnpei: keleu
Hibiscus tiliaceus Hibiscus tiliaceus Hibiscus tiliaceus hibiscus_tiliaceus_bush150.jpg Hibiscus tiliaceus seed pod Hibiscus tiliaceus

Hippobroma longiflora
Greek: ippos (horse) bromos (poison, stench) Latin: longus (long) flora (flower)
Use: invasive
English: star of Bethlehem
Hippobroma longiflora

Histiopteris incisa
Greek: histion pteris (netted veins of the leaves) Latin: incisa (incised or cut in two)
English: bat wing fern
Pohnpei: peipei aramas

Horsfieldia nunu
Genus: Dr. Thomas Horsfield (1773–1859), an American botanist
Kosrae: nunu. (endemic, photographed above Piyuul, Malem, Kosrae. Sahp Kap ac Kain in acn Kosrae reports H. nunu is not found elsewhere)
Pohnpei: Horsfieldia iryu as photographed by David Lorence.
Horsfieldia nunu

Huperzia phlegmaria, Phlegmariurus phlegmaria
Latin: huperzia (German botanist Johann Peter Huperz 1771-1816) tentative: phlegm (mucus)
Use: mwarmwar for dance
Pohnpei: limpahr
Yap: awol
Huperzia phlegmaria

Inocarpus fagifer Latin: ino (of the), Greek: karpos, Latin: carpus (wrist), Latin: fagus (beech tree) from Greek phegos (oak)

Use: roasted nut is eaten
English: Tahitian chestnut
Kosrae: kihrak
Pohnpei: mworopw, mwoaroapw
Chuuk: kihrak
Yap: bu'oy
Incarpus fagifer
Tahitian chestnuts, cooked

Ipomoea aquatica
Latin: ip (worm, intertwining like a worm) aquatica (aquatic, of the water)
Tagalog: kangkong
Ipomoea aquatica

Ipomoea littoralis
Latin: ip (worm, intertwining like a worm) littoralis (pertaining to the seashore)
Kosrae: oa
Mwoakilloa: soan oahp
Pingalap: oahp
Pohnpei: omp
Chuuk: ruke, rukuruk
Namoluk: rokurok, imwen uut
Etal: imwan úút
Puluwat: rhaiwal
Namonweito: rheiwal
Woleai: shaiuweoliu, shaiwel
Yap: giliy, paan
Ipomoea littoralis Ipomoea littoralis Ipomoea littoralis

Ipomoea pes-caprae
Kosrae: owopuk
Pohnpei: sonsol
Chuuk: Öönuk (Greda Irons, August 2019)
Ipomoea pes-caprae Ipomoea pes-caprae

Ischaemum polystachyum
Use: invasive
English: paddle grass
Pohnpei: reh padil

Ixora casei
Use: Land boundary marker, dokia percussion stick, mwarmwar
English: flame of the forest
Kosrae: kalsruh
Pohnpei: ketieu
Chuuk: achiou, áchiiyu
Yap: waish, gachiou
Ixora casei Ixora casei

Jasminum sambac
Use: material: mwaramwar, perfume
English: Jasmine
Kosrae: jasmin
Pohnpei: sampakihda
Jasminum sambac Jasminum sambac

Lantana camara
Use: decorative
English: lantana
Pohnpei: randana
Lantana camara

Lemmaphyllum accedens syn. Weatherbya accedens
Pohnpei: sahl duwehte kideu
Lemmaphyllum accedens Lemmaphyllum accedens

Leucaena leucophala
Use: invasive
Pohnpei: dangandangan

Lumnitzera littorea
Use: mangrove wood
Kosrae: oi
Pohnpei: wihn ngal, weingal
Chuuk: weey

Lycopodiella cernua
Use: decor
Kosrae: mah in twefuroh
Pohnpei: kidien mal, kidim en mal. Luelen/Glassman: limpar
Chuuk: unen katu
Yap: gama, la'law nu ted
Lycopodiella cernua

Macaranga carolinensis
Use: material: firewood, fishnet frames, yellow leaf juice prevents flu in babies, bark stops diarrhea
Kosrae: lo iacp
Pohnpei: apwid
Chuuk: tuupw, kúrúwén
Yap: bid, biid, bith
Macarange carolinensis

Macrothelypteris torresiana
Latin: macro (large) thelys (femaleness) pteris (fern) torresiana (Torres straits, geographic)
Use: local medicine
Pohnpei: peipei aramas
Macrothelypteris torresiana Macrothelypteris torresiana

Mangifera indica
Latin: mang- (mango) ferre (bringer of, carrying) indica (India)
Use: food: fruit
English: mango
Kosrae: macngo
Pohnpei: kehngid
Chuuk: mangko
Yap: manga

Manihot esculenta
Latin: esculenta (edible)
Use: food: root
English: cassava, tapioca, manioc
Kosrae: tapioca
Pohnpei: dapiohka
Yap: thiyoogaang

Manilkara hoshinoi
Pohnpei: kohre

Melastoma malabathricum var. marianum
Use: medicine: fruit for gastrointestinal reflux disease
Pohnpei: pisetikimei. Luelen: kisetikmai
Yap: ramluw ni ted, churgur
Pisetikimei: Melastoma malabathricum var. marianum

Merremia peltata, Decalobanthus peltatus
Latin: peltata (shield shape) also peltate petiole, attached as a handle on the back of a shield
Use: medicinal
Kosrae: puhlah
Pohnpei: iohl
Chuuk: fitaw
Yap: wachatal [north] wangachthal
Meremia peltata Meremia peltata Meremia peltata Meremia peltata Meremia peltata

Metroxylon amicarum
Greek: metra (womb, connotes mother) xylon (wood), Latin: amica (friend) amicarum (friendly)
Use: thatch, ivory carving
English: ivory nut palm
Pohnpei: oahs
Chuuk: rúpwúng
Metroxylon amicarum ivory nut fruit

Mimosa pudica
Use: invasive
English: sensitive plant
Mimosa pudica Mimosa pudica Mimosa pudica inflorescence 10x

Morinda citrifolia
Latin: morinda (mulberry) citri (citron-like, a citrus plant) folia (leaves: citron-like leaves)
Use: general health tonic, steam bath with leaves, all parts have healing uses
English: noni
Kosrae: ii
Pohnpei: weipwul or kirikai
Chuuk: nopwur
Yap: mangal'wag
Morinda citrifolia

Musa spp
Possibly from Arabic mawzah (banana).
Use: food
English: banana
Kosrae: usr
Pohnpei: uht
Chuuk: wuuch
Yap: dinaey (banana tree)
musa banana tree

Musa fe'hi
Use: food
English: banana
Kosrae: usr kuhlahsr
Pohnpei: karat

Musa spp. AAA Cavendish red
Use: food
English: banana
Kosrae: usr lakuhtan srusra
Pohnpei: akadahn weitahta

Musa tikap, Musa textilis
Pohnpei: tikahp

Myristica fragrans
Greek: myron (ointment, balm) Latin: fragrans (fragrant, smells good)
Use: seasoning, spice
English: nutmeg
Myristica fragrans fruit

Myristica hypargyraea subsp insularis
Pohnpei: karara

Nephrolepis hirsutula
Greek nephros (kidney) Latin lepis (flake, scale as in fish scale) shape of the sori
hairy or fuzzy rachis, sori separate at at pinna margin. N. biserrata has sori halfway between pinna margin and pinna midrib. N. acutifolia is pendulous up to 8 meters long with sori in a continous band on the pinna margin.
Use: medicinal fiddleheads, anti-cockroach
English: sword fern
Kosrae: (probably lost, one source: ka)
Pohnpei: rehdil
Chuuk: ámááre
Yap: alaw' (Wo: gemarag)
Nephrolepis spp. Nephrolepis spp. Nephrolepis spp.

Nypa fruticans
Latin: nypa (latinized nipah, Philippines name for plant) fruticans (shrubby, not a tree)
Use: thatch [Kosrae]
English: nipa palm
Kosrae: fahsuc
Pohnpei: parem
Chuuk: kiyá, kúwé
Yap: aian, ayeng
Nypa fruticans

Nymphaea spp.
Status: invasive
Latin: a female demi-god, mythical spirit of a place or location, young, from Greek nymphe, a root of nuptials hence the connotation of a young bride or unwed young woman, particularly water nymphs
English: water lily
Nymphaea spp. Nymphaea spp. Nymphaea spp.

Ocimum tenuiflorum (Ocimum sanctum)
Greek: ozo (to smell) Latin: tenuis (thin, fine, small) sanctum (holy, sanctified)
Use: seasoning, steam bath for congestion, protection (evil cannot pass between two plants planted on either side of a path)
English: holy basil
Kosrae: aring
Pohnpei: kadiring
Chuuk: warung
Ulithi: warong
Yap: lamar
Hindi: tulsi
Ocimum tenuiflorum Ocimum tenuiflorum Ocimum tenuiflorum

Ophioglossum pendulum
Greek: ophi snake, glossa: tongue. Forked tongue.
Hawaiian: puapuamoa
Pohnpeian: tehnlikinsapw
Ophioglossum pendulum Ophioglossum pendulum Ophioglossum pendulum

Palaquium karrak
Pohnpei: kalak

Pandanus cominsii
English: screwpine
Pohnpei: mwatal

Pandanus patina
Pohnpei: piht

Pandanus tectorius
Use: fruit, thatch, woven mats
English: pandanus
Kosrae: mweng
Pohnpei: kipar or deipw
Chuuk: faach
Yap: choi'

Parinari laurina
Kosrae: ahset
Pohnpei: ais
Chuuk: ayis

Paspalum obiculare
Pohnpei: rehnta

Passiflora foetida L.
Latin: Passiflora: passion flower. Foetida: stinking because leaves when crushed emit an odor
English: Mossy passion flower, running pop, love-in-a-mist.
Passiflora foetida Passiflora foetida Passiflora foetida

Pennisetum purpureum (Pennisetum polystachion?)
Status: invasive
English: elephant grass
Naimy with Pennisetum grass Naimy with Pennisetum grass Naimy with Pennisetum grass Naimy with Pennisetum grass Naimy with Pennisetum grass

Peperomia pellucida
Use: edible, medicinal
Pohnpei: sakauenleng, sekewenleng. Luelen: Possibly sakauen Na.
Peperomia pellucida

Phragmites karka
Kosrae: loa
Pohnpei: lirau
Phragmites karka tassel

Phyllanthus amarus
Pohnpei: Limeirpwong

Phymatosorus scolopendria
Latin: phyma (swelling) sorus (heap: small heap sori) scolopendria (centipede-like)
Use: spirit fence mwarmwar for dancing, new three point leaf for diarrhea
Kosrae: sra kwem kwem
Pohnpei: kideu
Chuuk: chiichi
Yap: gob, gob u la'ey
Phymatosorus scolopendria or Microsorum scolopendria or Polypodium scolopendria Microsorum scolopendria Microsorum scolopendria

Pilea microhylla
Latin: pilea (cap, hat) microphylla (small leaf)
Use: topical treatment of cuts, bruises
Pingelap: re
Pohnpei: limwin tuhke
Satawal: seling
Pilea microphylla

Piper betel
Use: used with betelnut
English: betel leaf
Pohnpei: kapwohi
Yap: (Woleai: gaabi)

Piper methysticum
English: sakau, kava
Kosrae: seka, suhka
Pohnpei: sakau
Piper methysticum

Piper nigrum
Latin: piper (pepper) nigrum (black)
Use: spice
English: black pepper
Piper nigrum

Piper ponapense
Use: staunching blood flow from cut, treating toothache
English: Pohnpei pepper
Pohnpei: konok
Piper ponapense Piper ponapense

Pittosporum ferrugineum
Pohnpei: kamal

Plectranthus scutellarioides
Use: leaf is used to bring a skin boil to a head
English: coleus
Pohnpei: koramahd
plectranthus scutellarioides

Plumeria obtusa
Use: decorative
English: Plumeria
Pohnpei: pwohmaria
Chuuk: sééwúr
Plumeria obtusa Plumeria obtusa Plumeria obtusa

Plumeria rubra
English: plumeria
Plumeria rubra Plumeria rubra Plumeria rubra

Ponapea ledermanniana
Kosrae: kitacr (previously identified as Ptychosperma kusaiensis)
Pohnpei: kedei
Ponapea ledermanniana

Premna obtusifolia
Use: black fruit is a topical treatment of chickenpox blisters, green and black fruit to treat kihl sarawi
Kosrae: fienkack
Pohnpei: topwuk
Chuuk: niyóór
Yap: ar
topwuk, Premna obtusifolia topwuk, Premna obtusifolia topwuk, Premna obtusifolia topwuk, Premna obtusifolia

Premna serratifolia [possible variety of Premna obtusifolia]
Use: steam bath
Pohnpei: oahr
oahr, Premna serratifolia oahr, Premna serratifolia oahr, Premna serratifolia oahr, Premna serratifolia oahr, Premna serratifolia

Procris pendunculata
Pohnpei: pwaked
Chuuk: kimwitt
Yap: abas

Psidium guajava
Use: fruit, new leaves for diarrhea
English: guava
Kosrae: kuhfahfah
Pohnpei: kuapa
Chuuk: kuafa
Yap: tamlanai

Psilotum complanatum
Psilotum complanatum Psilotum complanatum Psilotum complanatum Psilotum complanatum Psilotum complanatum

Psilotum nudum
Psilotum nudum Psilotum nudum Psilotum nudum

Psychotria hombroniana
Use: alternate source of dokia percussion stick
Pohnpei: kempenial
Chuuk: chimei

Pteris tripartita
Pohnpei: peipei eni
Pteris tripartita

Pterocarpus indicus
English: New Guinea rosewood, narra
Yap: arau
Pterocarpus indicus (Narra) Pterocarpus indicus seed (Narra)

Saccharum officinarum
Latin: saccharum (sugar) officinarum (officinal, [officially] used in medicine)
Use: food
English: sugar cane
Kosrae: tuh
Pohnpei: sehu
Chuuk: woow, sápúk
Yap: maki'il
Saccharum officinarum

Saccharum spontaneum
Latin: saccharum (sugar) sponaneum (spontaneous, wild)
Use: fafa basket
English: wild cane
Kosrae: ac
Pohnpei: ahlek
Saccharum spontaneum Saccharum spontaneum Saccharum spontaneum

Scaevola sericea (Kew only). Other taxonomic sources: Scaevola taccada, Scaevola taccada subsp. sericea
Greek: scaevus (left-handed, flower is hand like) sericea (silky, some forms have fine hairs on the leaves) taccada (Latinized form of the local name for the plant in Sri Lankan language Singhalese)
Use: white fruit treats pink eye
English: fan flower
Hawaiian: naupaka kahakai
Marshallese: kōņņat
Kosrae: kusrohsr
Pohnpei: remek
Chuuk: nnét
Woleaian: remag
Yap: noth, thoth, thoeth, nath
Singhalese: takkada
Scaevola taccada

Selaginella kanehirae
English: selaginella
Pohnpei: Luelen/Glassman: kidien mal
Selaginella Selaginella Selaginella

Senna alata
Use: fungal skin disorders
Kosrae: sra kihto
Pohnpei: tuhke en kilin wai
Chuuk: arakak
Yap: sabow
Senna alata Senna alata Senna alata Senna alata

Spathodea campanulata
Use: invasive
English: African tulip tree

Spathoglottis micronesiaca
English: Micronesian ground orchid
Spathoglottis micronesiaca

Spathoglottis plicata
Use: mwarmwar, decor
English: Philippine ground orchid
Spathoglottis plicata

Syzygium spp.
English: water apple

Tacca leontopetaloides
English: Polynesian arrowroot
Kosrae: mokmok
Pohnpei: mwekimwek
Chuuk: mwéék
Yap: chabchab

Terminalia carolinensis
Kosrae: ka
Pohnpei: kehma

Terminalia catappa
Use: almond nuts as forage food
English: seaside almond
Kosrae: srifacf
Pohnpei: dipwoapw
Chuuk: asas, aas
Yap: kel
Terminalia catappa

Urena lobata
English: Caesar weed
Pohnpei: koropw

Vigna marina
English: beach pea
Kosrae: srohtacl
Pohnpei: tesilite, nge
Chuuk: wénuká, choonchón
Yap: lakudalip

Volkameria inermis (syn. Clerodendrum inerme var. oceanicum)
Latin: Genus name orginates from one of three German botanists named Volckamer. inermis (unarmed, without spines)
Use: steam bath for cold, flu. Steam wash for pregnancy. Leaf tea for cough. Leaf juice for pink eye.
Kosrae: kwacwak
Pohnpei: ilau
Kapinga: lau hia
Mortlockese: ulo
Chuuk: apuoch, apwech
Chuukese (other): etiu, pucherik
Namonweito: ula
Woleaian: gabiy, gabiya
Yap: l'ruch
Samoan: aloalo tai
clerodendrum inerme clerodendrum inerme clerodendrum inerme clerodendrum inerme clerodendrum inerme Clerodendrum inerme

Xanthosoma sagittifolium
English: arrowleaf elephant ear
Pohnpei: sawahn awai (from Hawaii)
Xanthosoma sagittifolium

Zingiber zerumbet
English: shampoo ginger
Pohnpei: oangen pele, also oangen pahnle, oangin poaloa. Leaf may also be used as a food wrap for food put in the uhm, used as a layer between the outer banana leaves and the food.
Zingiber zerumbet