Pohnpei, the Island of Paradise!

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Pohnpei State incorporates Pohnpei Island, a large volcanic island with eight atolls totaling 127 square miles, 25 smaller islands within a barrier reef, and 137 widely-scattered coral atolls. Pohnpei island is the largest in the FSM, and has a road around the island extending 49 miles. Pohnpei lies 7 north of the equator, 1,050 miles southeast of Guam and 3,240 miles southwest of Honolulu. Its population is estimated at 35,000. Normal daytime temperature is 80 F.



More than40,000 people live on Pohnpei, although nearly a fourth of these are immigrants from other nearby islands or foreigners (mostly U.S.) working on the island. English is almost universally understood, although Pohnpeian is more commonly used between locals.

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Pohnpei is famous for its energetic dances and also for the relaxing drink sakau, a kava-like brew. Watching sakau being prepared is an experience unique to Pohnpei. The pepper plant is taken from the wild and presented at a special ceremony. The root is then pounded and mixed with water to form an earthy tasting drink that inspires both myth and magic. You can also find many small carving spots around the island where you can purchase beautiful mangrove carvings of sharks and other marine life.

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Historical Sites
Micronesia's best known archaeological site, Nan Madol-ancient city, the "Venice of the Pacific" - is one of more than 100 sites of historical significance from the precontact period till Trust Territory. Other sites include Spanish Wall, Sokehs Mass Grave, German Bell Tower, Botanical Garden, and Japanese tanks and shrines.

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