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Preservice Schedule
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Here is the schedule for Technology Benchmark Training- Any Education major may attend the sessions. Please sign up with Carol Wilson-Duffy March 27-31st. If you do sign up, please don’t forget to come. We have limited seating and we want everyone to benefit.

If you are interested in being a Mentor (assistant) for any of the classes/workshops, then please email Carol at -

ED 330- Classroom Methods Benchmark 3- Internet, WWW, E-mail, List-serves, ICQ  

Part 1- 4 hours Saturday, April 1 11-3 p.m.- Lang/Lit Lab

ED 303- Math Methods Benchmark 6- Excel Spreadsheets and Database
Tutorial Math Software
Part 1-Monday, April 3- 2-3p.m in Library
Wednesday, April 5-2-3 p.m. in Library

Part 2- 4 hours Saturday, April 8 11-3 p.m. Lang/Lit Lab

ED 392-Practicum Benchmark 10 & 11-
Multimedia -Hyperstudio
Part 1- Tuesday May 2 –

8-9:30a.m. at Sekere
Thursday May 4- 8-9:30 a.m. at Sekere

Part 2- Saturday, May 6

11-3p.m. at COM-FSM in Lang/Lit Lab

ED 304- Science Methods Benchmark 7- Excel Spreadsheets and Database
Tutorial Software
Part 1- Thursday April 13, 9:30-11 a.m. in Library

Part 2-4 hours Saturday, April 15 11-3 p.m. in Lang/Lit Lab

ED 301b- Reading Methods Benchmark 9-Web page creation, digital camera and scanner Part 1- April 24, 11-noon and April 26 11-noon Lang/Lit Lab

Part 2- 4 hours Saturday, April 29 11-3 p.m. Lang/Lit Lab

ED 210-Intro to Teaching Benchmark 1 & 2 –Word Processing and Intro to Internet April 12th and April 14th 9:00-10:00 Lang/Lit Lab



Lab Maintenance   Sylvia Henry will be contacting Harvey to let you know about the scheduling.





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