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December 10, 2008


To : All Concerned

From : President, COM-FSM

Subject: President Update #320

College Community Continues Self Study

The College of Micronesia-FSM community is currently in the process of conducting the college’s comprehensive study. The study, which is undertaken by faculty, staff and students, is expected to be submitted to the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) by December 2009. The college community had just completed the first of three phases of the study which is the descriptive summary. During this phase, the college describes how it is meeting the commission standards while identifying evidences to support their findings. The other two phases are the analysis and the identification of planning agendas for the college. The descriptive summary section of the report has been concluded during the first week of December and the committees are preparing to begin the analysis phase.

The self study steering committee met after the first week of December and updated each other on the status of the report preparation. The committee will be looking into ways to validate the results of the analysis of the self study report.

COM-FSM Board of Regents Concludes Second Regular Meeting

The College of Micronesia-FSM Board of Regents recently concluded its 2 nd regular meeting during the week of December 3-4, 2008 , at College of Micronesia – FSM/Pohnpei site. The Regents elected the following officers for 2009:

                Regent Graceful Enlet                Chairperson

                Regent Lyndon Cornelius           Vice Chairperson

                Regent Mary Figir                      Secretary Treasurer

Regent Kasio Mida was confirmed on Tuesday, 12/02/08 , afternoon and was able to join the other members on Wednesday. Regent Mida is the at-large member of the Board representing the national government. Regent Mida is the replacement for former regent Andrew Yatilman. Yatilman has been the longest serving member of the BOR and the College Community thanks him for his dedication to the college.

The Regents also took the time to a pay courtesy call to the Pohnpei State governor. The Regents also met with the students, faculty and staff of Pohnpei campus.

The following photographs were taken during the meeting with the students:


The Board issued the following actions and directives after their December meeting:

December 3-4, 2008
The following were elected Board officers for 2009:
    Graceful Enlet Chairman  
    Lyndon Cornelius Vice Chairman  
    Mary B. Figir Secretary-Treasurer  
A balanced operations budget for FY 2010 in the amount of $10,960,726 was approved and a request for $3,900,000 is to be submitted to the FSM National Government.
A budget of $763,770 for FSM FMI for FY 2010 was approved for submission to the FSM National Government
FY 2010 budgets for the following auxiliary enterprises were approved as follows:
    Bookstore $102,202  
    Cafeteria $182,329  
5. A budget of $2,500,000 for Infrastructure Development Projects for FY 2010 was approved for submission to the FSM National Government.
A FY 2010 budget of $96,000 for the Board of Regents was approved for submission to the FSM National Government.
The Board approved a tuition increase of $10, from $95 to $105 per credit effective fall 2009.
The following were authorized as signatories of the College’s bank accounts:


Vice President for Administrative Services
Vice President for Instructional Affairs
Vice President for Student Services
Vice President for Cooperative Research and Extension

Bank accounts will to be maintained by two signatures from any of the above authorized signatories.

Existing authorized signatures at state campuses for imprest funds and training bank accounts will be maintained on status quo.

Action on the proposed revisions to the College of Micronesia-FSM Endowment Fund Investment Policy Statement was deferred pending review of the revisions by the investment consultant to take into consideration the current market environment.
10. The Board directed the administration to provide talking points for the Board’s discussion during the next meeting on the future direction of the Board.
The minutes of the August 27-28, 2008 , special meeting as amended were adopted.
The next Board meeting will be held in Chuuk a week after the Congressional elections in March 2009.

COM-FSM Holds Second English Speech Competition

The second annual COM-FSM English Speech Contest was held at the Pohnpei Legislative Chamber on the evening of December 3, 2008 . Six students from the College participated in the contest. The winners were Yolanda Joab (1 st place), Sylvia Soram (2 nd place) and Casandra Brackett (3 rd place). The College congratulates the three winners as well as the other competitors. The other competing students were Marvin Jack, Asumy Henry, Leilani Giltinag and Kimberly Edwin.

The titles for the winning speeches were “Our Growing Epidemic: Silenced by Blindness”, “Should Pohnpei, or Other Islands of the FSM Prioritize Economic Progress Over the Environmental Responsibilities and Concerns” and “Sustaining our Garden Island”.

The College thanks Mr. Toshiyuki Inoue for sponsoring the contest, Keiko Fuketa for organizing and assisting the students with their speeches, Pohnpei Legislature for allowing the College to use the Legislative Chamber, and all judges for their time and efforts on judging the speeches.

The following photographs were taken after the competition:


Winners: Casandra Brackett, Sylvia Soram and Yolanda Joab

College Celebrates World Aid Day 2008

The College of Micronesia-FSM joined the rest of the World on December 1, 2008 and celebrated the World Aid Day. The National Campus activities for the event included marches at the National site by faculty, students and staff. About 155 employees and students screened for STI’s, which include HIV infectons, and over 100 were administered influenza virus vaccinations. President James gave the opening and welcoming remarks and the keynote address was presented by Brother Dave Anttonelli S.J.

The following photograph was taken at the end of the event:

College Holds Christmas Concert at National Campus

The Christmas Concert took place at the FSM/China Friendship Sports Center on December 4, 2008 , evening at 7:00 p.m. The concert was organized and conducted by Music Instructor Brian Dietrich and had music students from the music classes at the COM-FSM’s music classes.

The College thanks Mr. Dietrich for his outstanding services to the college.

The following is a photograph of the event:

Thank you.