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December 4, 2001- Palikir, Pohnpei


DRAFT                                                               DRAFT
                                  Regular Meeting              
                               December 10-14, 2001
                                  Pohnpei State
  1. Call to order; Remarks; Roll Call
  2. Approval of minutes of September special meeting and November teleconference meeting
  3. Communications (letter to FSM President re: Regents nominations; letter to UOG President)
  4. Election of Officers
  5. Regents Reports
    • a. Response to previous directives
      b. Instructional Affairs
      c. support and Student Affairs
        1)Student Services
        2)Status of construction project
      d. Campus reports (all State Campuses, FMI)
      e. Cooperative Research and Extension (Land Grant; Sea Grant)
      f. Finances
        1)Financial Status
        2)Endowment investment
      g. Research and Planning
        1)Accreditation issues
        2)Database development
        3)Sponsored programs
      h. Personnel
      i. FSM Congress
      j. Presentation on TRIO programs
  6. Agenda priorities
  7. Old Business

    • None

  8. New Business
    • a. Personnel

      b. Finance
      1)FY 2003 operations budget*
      2)FY 2003 CIP budget*
      3)FY 2003 Board budget*
      4) FY 2003 FSM FMI budget*
      5)Supplemental request for faculty office building shortfallI*
      6)Authorization to solicit formal proposals to establish a line of credit*

      7) Allocation of $67,000 FY 2002 additional appropriation*

      b. Instruction
      1) Certificate of Achievement Program in Cabinet Making/Furniture Making*
      2) Articulation agreement with Guam Community College*

      3) Articulation agreement with University of Idaho*

      d. Student Services

      1) Modification of Academic Suspension Policy*

      e. Facilities


      f. Others

      1) Strategic Plan priorities*

  9. Executive Session
    • a. Legal issues
      b. Evaluation of president*
      c. Board self-evaluation*
      d. Selection of president*
      e. Confirmation of Chuuk Campus Director*

  10. Next Meeting
  11. Adjournment
More Next Time!
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