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Actions And Directives
Meeting of May 21-24, 2001
Pohnpei State

  1. The proposed revision of Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual, Section IX 6. Administrative Leave, was approved with minor modification for immediate implementation.
  2. The proposed revision of Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual, Section IX 3. And IX 4. regarding minimum charge against annual and sick leave was approved for immediate implementation.

  3. The proposed revised Faculty Workload Policy was approved for immediate implementation.

  4. Action on the proposed revision of the Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual Section VI Employment has been deferred to the September meeting

  5. 5. The following policy on administrative costs relative to the Land Grant Vice President for Cooperative Research and Extension's Office was approved effective April 1, 2001:

      Providing that the donor of a matching fund understands and agrees in an MOU, the COM-FSM Board approves with respect to administrative costs of special projects as managed by Cooperative Extension Services (CES) the following schedule:

              Project Cost                Amount to be Retained
      a. $1.00 - $5,000 0
      b. $5,001 - $10,000 up to 4% c. $10,001 - 100,000 up to 8% d. over $100,000 up to 10%
      The amount to be retained shall be taken only from the matching portion as provided by Land Grant. Further, such administrative expenses must be used by the VPCRE's Office to monitor, evaluate and implement special projects at the CES sites. A copy of MOU's relating to such special projects must be provided to the Board.

  6. The administration was authorized to submit a request for supplemental funding in the amount of $149,310 to the FSM President's Office to support implementation of the Trial Counselors Program at the National Campus.

  7. The College was authorized to establish an account for dormitory fees collected at FSM FMI with the Director, Assistant Director, and Tioti Teburea, instructor, as signatories for the account.

  8. The request to use up to $30,000 of National Campus excess revenues to cover recruitment and repatriation costs for faculty and staff at the National Campus was approved.

  9. The Board approved the transfer of funds remaining in the fundraising account at the end of the fiscal year into the COM-FSM Endowment Fund.

  10. The proposed revised AA Degree Program in Micronesian Studies was approved.

  11. The proposed Certificate of Achievement Program in Secretarial Science was approved.

  12. The proposed third-year Certificate of Achievement Program in Accounting was approved for implementation beginning in the fall 2001 semester.

  13. The proposed third-year Certificate of Achievement Program in Business Administration was approved for implementation beginning in the fall 2001 semester.

  14. The following Facilities Use Policy and accompanying rates for the National Campus were approved for immediate implementation:

      The primary purpose for COM-FSM facilities is to serve the curricula and co-curricula activities. Requests to use the facilities for other purposes may be granted provided such use does not conflict with scheduled programs and the general welfare of the students, and is compatible with the function of the facility requested. As applicable, Facilities Use Fees and deposits are to be assessed according to the Facilities Use Rate schedule for the appropriate campus. The cost to repair or replace any damages to the facility or its contents is the responsibility of the person or agency requesting the use of the facility.

  15. An updated COM-FSM organizational chart was approved.

  16. The Board adopted a resolution recognizing and commending Mr. Robert L. Epstein for his exemplary services to the College and expressing gratitude on behalf of the College community and best wishes for his future endeavors.

  17. The minutes of the December 6-8, 2000, Board of Regents regular meeting held in Pohnpei and the March 28, 2001 teleconference meeting were adopted.

  18. The next Board meeting will be held September 17-20, 2001, in Kosrae.
  19. ___________________ _____________________ Podis Pedrus, Chairman Henry Robert, Vice Chairman
    _________________________ Gardenia walter, Secretary/Treasurer
    _____________________ _______________________ Andrew R. Yatilman, Member Bryan Isaac, M.D., Member

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