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  May - Palikir, Pohnpei  


May 28, 2008


To : All Concerned

From : President

Subject: President’s Update #310

COM-FSM Entrance Test at High Schools in the FSM

The College of Micronesia-FSM administered the COMET to 1,614 senior students at high schools in the FSM and extended invitations to students who took the test based on the following:

403 students were invited into the Associate Degree Programs

928 students were invited into the Certificate Programs

228 students were not invited due to low scores on the test.

The test results have been mailed out to all campuses and Directors of Education for each of the FSM States. We hope that majority of the students that were invited for Associate Degree and Certificate Programs will be attending the six campuses of the College of Micronesia-FSM during Fall Semester 2008. I also would like to remind these students that the deadline for submitting application for Fall 2008 Semester is June 30, 2008 .

The College of Micronesia-FSM is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Courses and Programs at the College have also been articulated with good number of higher education institutions in the region as well as in the Mainland USA. This means that you will not be losing credits as you transfer to these institutions. Visit the College’s website: to find out about our programs and services.

Construction of Science Lab Building at Yap Campus


The construction of the Yap Campus Science Lab building is underway as can be seen below. We hope that construction of this building will be completed by Fall 2008.


Incentive Award Ceremonies at National and Pohnpei Campus

The Incentive Award Ceremonies at the National and Pohnpei Campuses were conducted on May 12, 2008 and May 9, 2008 respectively at the two campuses in Pohnpei. The purpose of the Incentive Award Ceremonies at the College is to recognize employees that have put on extra efforts to go beyond their calls of duties and to recognize the employees’ years of service at the College. The following employees at National and Pohpei Campuses were given incentive awards:

National Campus: Pohnpei Campus:
Years of Service Award: Years of Service Award:
5 Years of Service: 5 Years of Service:
  Sernida Epiriam   Romino Victor
  Doug Kelly   Betson Ifamilik
  Leopoldo Oducado   Edwin Sione
  Ermina Walliby   Amy J. Santiago
  Robert Jonas    
  Scott Manuel 10 Years of Service:
  Patrick Werthog   Debra Perman
  Lerihna Lebehn   Twyla Poll
  Delihna Ehmes    
  Brian Lynch 20 Years of Service:
  Penselynn Etse   Rita Hinga
  Felix Nick    
  Amerihter Thozes Recognition Awards:
  Peter Pedrus   Diaz Joseph
  Karleen Manuel   Debra Perman
  Juvilen Mariano Innovative Award:
  Rose Joel   Evelyn Tadena
  Jimmy Alexander    
10 Years of Service: Faculty of the Year Award:
  Catherine Good   Stacy Tadlock
  Ringlen Ringlen   Nelchor Permitez
  Penancio Primo    
  Francisco Mendiola   Staff of the Year Award:
  Virginia Rosario   Cindy Edwin
  Ray Verg-in   Adkeeb Shed
  Lucia Donre    
      Student's Choice Award:
15 Years of Service:   Stacy Ladlock
  Loatis Seneres    
  Dana LeeLing    
  Akiko William    
20 Years of Service:    
  Paul Gallen    
  Karen Simion    
  Ignatius Hleyalig    
25 Years of Services:    
  Ponifacio Amor    
  Joana Nanpei    
  Susan Moses    
  Patricio Amor    
30 Years of Services:    
  Alperihta Benjamin    
  Harvey Segal    
Beyond 30 Years of Services:    
  Ketiner Kenneth - 38 years    
  Marion Luke - 34 years    
  Norma Edwin - 33 years    
  Spensin James - 31 years    
    Other Incentive Awards given at National Campus:
      Staff of the Year: Morehna Rettin-Santos
Student's Choice: Mariana Ben-Dereas
Faculty of the Year: Delihna Manuel-Ehmes
Innovative Idea Award: Dannis Lorrin & Gordon Segal
Good Health Award: Witson Solomon, Kingston Anson, Lihno Panuelo,
            & Mellyana Mangilaningmes
Professional Recognition: Brian Diettrich & Allain Bourgoin
Special Recognition Award: Don Buden
Community Service Award: Doug Kelly

President’s Retreat 2008

The President’s Retreat 2008 was held during the week of May 13-15, 2008 at the FSM-China Multi-Purpose Center . Approximately one hundred thirty (130) participants from the College’s six campuses and external stakeholders reflected on the passed year and then based on data, evidence and trends affecting the college engaged in discussions to determine the institutional priorities for 2009 and 2010. The discussions and recommendations from the Retreat will assist the College to meet its mission, improve its performance, and respond to students and stakeholders.

The COM-FSM 47 th Commencement Exercise

The 47 th Commencement Exercises of the National and Pohnpei Campuses was held on May 16, 2008 , at 2:00 p.m. at the FSM-China Sport Center with parents, families, dignitaries, and friends in attendance honoring the graduating class. The key note address was delivered by Professor Susan J. Moses. Over 90 students marched at the graduation from National and Pohnpei Campuses. Total of 143 students completed the requirements of their Associate Degree and Certificate Programs at six campuses of the COM-FSM. The breakdowns of the number of graduates from campuses are as follows:

Chuuk Campus - 15 graduates
FSM-FMI - 16 graduates
Kosrae Campus - 7 graduates
National Campus - 86 graduates
Pohnpei Campus - 5 graduates
Yap Campus - 14 graduates
  Total graduates - 143

The College of Micronesia-FSM also conferred its first Emeritus Professor to retiring Professor Harvey Segal during the 47 th Commencement Exercises. The Emeritus Professor Segal has been employed at the College for about 30 years. The College community will miss Emeritus Professor Segal.

COM-FSM President Signed a Memorandum on Communication with Zhingijay University in China

The College of Micronesia-FSM President and Vice President for Instructional Affairs signed a MOU on communication with the representative from the Zhejiang Ocean University on May 1, 2008 . The MOU will allow the two institutions to proceed with plans for Faculty and Student Exchange Programs.

Oversight Hearing with the HESA Committee of the FSM Congress

Two of the Board of Regent members (Regent Andrew Yatilman and Regent Mary Figir) joined key staff and President of the College at an oversight hearing regarding FSM Congress Resolution #15-22 and operation of the College. The FSM Congress Resolution # 15-22 expressed FSM Congress concerns on hiring practices at the College, Pell Grant refunds, and College receiving funds directly from the donor countries without following the FSM protocol.

Some of the members of the HESA Committee also expressed concerns on quality of food served at two cafeterias currently operated by the College. They expressed to College’s representatives at the hearing that quality of food serve at National Campus cafeteria during lunches are much better during the dinner and weekends.

The Health, Education, and Social Affairs Committee members also expressed concerns on the Infrastructure Development Projects (IDP) for the College and wanted to know how they can assist the College.

The College of Micronesia-FSM provided data on hiring practices at the College, especially on percentage of non-citizens being employed as compared to the FSM citizens. The representatives of the College also provided answers to most of the questions and concerns expressed in the FSM Congress Resolution # 15-22 and from individual members of the HESA Committee. College will be providing responses to few questions in writing that data or information were not available readily at the hearing.

Fiscal Year 2009 Budget Hearing with the HESA Committee of the FSM Congress

Key staff at the College also had a Fiscal Year 2009 integrated compact sector grant and SEGs budget hearing on May 26, 2008 with the HESA Committee members. The HESA Committee discussed the College’s 2009 budget under ESG and SEG submissions on the following:

Education Sector Grand and Local Revenue:
  Operation budget for five campuses
  Infrastructure Development Projects
  Board of Regents Budget
  FSM-FMI FY 2009 operation budget
Supplemental Education Grant for FY 2008:
  Work Study and Supplemental Educaiton Grant
  Student Assistant Grant
  Teacher Corp

The College’s representatives at the hearing learned that SBOC has recommended the Secretary of Education to be the allottee of the SEG fund for the College. The College lobbied the HESA Committee members for the FSM President to be the allottee of the College’s SEG funds. The College also learned that SBOC has recommended $3,800,000 for operation budget for the five campuses. The College’s IDP request of $2,346,750 has slightly increased to $2,400,000. The BOR FY 2009 budget request has been reduced by $38,000. The representatives of the College lobbied the HESA Committee members for re-instating the reductions on the BOR budget. There is no reduction on the FMI submitted budget.

Registration for Summer Session 2008 at National and State Campuses

The Summer Session 2008 registration for National and State Campuses has been scheduled to take place on Thursday, May 29, 2008 and will continue on Friday, May 30, 2008 . Important dates to remember for Summer Session 2008 are listed below:

May 29-30, 2008 Summer Registration
June 2, 2008 First Day of Instruction
June 2-3, 2008 Late Registration
June 3, 2008 Last Day to Add/Drop Courses
June 26, 2008 Last Day to Withdraw with "W"
July 15, 2008 Last Day of Instruction
July 16-17, 2008 Final Exams

Termination of Federal SEOG and Work Study Programs at the COM-FSM

The following is an excerpt taken from a letter from the US Department of Education to COM-FSM President regarding the termination of Federal Work Study (FWS) and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG). “The Compact of Free Association Amendment Act of 2003 (Compact Act) eliminates eligibility for citizens of the Republic of the Marshall Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia for FWS and FSEOG funds for the 2008-2009 award year and beyond. Therefore, the current 2007-2008 award year will be College of Micronesia-FSM ’s last year to receive funding under these two Campus Based programs. In lieu of eligibility for FWS and FSEOG funds, the Compact Act authorizes Supplemental Education Grant (SEGs). The Republic of Marshall Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia may choose to use funds from the SEGs to aid students at postsecondary institutions based on financial needs. The College of Micronesia-FSM will still receive funding for the Federal Pell Grant (Pell Grant) Program since citizens of the Republic of the Marshall Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia continue to be eligible for Pell Grant funds.”

BOR May Meeting in Pohnpei

The Board of Regents for the College of Micronesia-FSM recently had its regular quarterly meeting in Pohnpei during the week of May 19-20, 2008 . The following are directives approved from the recently concluded meeting in Pohnpei.

Thank you.