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    October - Palikir, Pohnpei


October 17, 2007

To:         All Concerned 

From:     President, COM-FSM 

Subject: President’s Update #300

Fiscal Year 2008 Operational Budget

The 15 th FSM Congress approved the following budgets for the College of Micronesia-FSM and the COM-FSM Board of Regents:

Board of Regents $ 58,000
Operation budgets for five campuses 3,800,000
Infrastructure funds 2,350,852
Work study and SEOG 270,000
FSM-FMI Operation budget 650,000

The SEG Funds for the College for FY 2007 has not been finalized yet. The Administration is still waiting for the grant award for the SEG funds.

Fiscal Year 2009 Operational Budget Preparations

The fiscal year 2009 operational budgets for the campuses, departments, offices, and centers had been balanced so expenditures reflect the projected revenue. The budgets will be reviewed by the cabinet and then submitted to Board of Regents for their action in December. The BOR approved budget will be forwarded to the FSM President’s Office and then to the FSM Congress for approval. The process takes time as it requires the College to defend and justify its budget with the FSM National Government Budget Review Committee and then the FSM Congress.

The following is the breakdown of the FY 2009 budgets that the College will be requesting from the FSM National Government:

Board of Regents $ 96,000
Operation budget for five campuses 3,800,000
Operation budgets for FSM-FMI 650,000
Infrastructure funds 2,350852

The total operation budget for the five COM-FSM campuses for FY 2009 is at $10,732,524.

Vice Presidents working hard on balancing the FY 2009 operation budgets for the College of Micronesia-FSM

Maintenance Update on Facilities

The contract to fence off COM-FSM Chuuk Campus was completed last month. The photo below shows Chuuk Campus’ new look:

The Maintenance Division also replaced a centralized air conditioner at the new faculty offices building with new split air conditioners that reduced the power consumptions by about 50%.

The soil testing for the classroom and Student Services Building at Yap Campuses was also conducted during the early part of October in Yap. The design for the building has been contracted out to a company from New Zealand and hopefully the construction of the building can start toward the latter part of 2007. The photo shown below is on soil testing being conducted by soil experts for the classroom and Student Services Building at Yap Campus:

BOR Regents

The terms for the at Large Member that represents the FSM National Government on the COM-FSM Board of Regents expired in September 2007 and the term for the Regent member from the State of Chuuk will be expiring in December 2007. A letter has been sent to the FSM President for re-appointment or appointment of the two Regents.

PPEC 4 th Quarter Meeting

The Pacific Postsecondary Education Council (PPEC), an organization that consists of all Presidents from the Institutions of Higher Education in the US Affiliated Islands, will be having its 4 th Quarter Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii during the week of October 22-24, 2007. The venue for the 3 days meeting will be the UH Community College System Office. The agenda for the meeting is given below:

  • Planning Grant Closure
  • NSF-ATE Grant Performance Report
  • Boardsmanship Training Report
  • Status Report on APAFS meeting
  • Commissioner for ACCJC – updates
  • LSAMP Grant Status Report
  • MAREPAC Status Report
  • Status of Accreditation of all Partner Colleges
  • UH Tuition and Pacific Islanders Scholarship Process
  • Articulation: Pohnpei Accord Update; UH Manoa and UH Hilo Updates
  • Workforce Development in the Region

President James is the Chairman of the PPEC and will be chairing the 3 days PPEC meeting in Hawaii.

President James will also be attending a meeting between the Executive Committees of the PPEC and National Indian Education Association (NIEA) where the two organizations will be exploring possible collaborations in the future. PPEC is also trying to secure the NIEA lobbying support in Washington, DC. President James will also be attending the NIEA 2007 Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii during the week of October 25-28, 2007. The Presidents of the 32 Tribal Colleges in the USA will be attending the NIEA Annual Convention.

Gene Ashby and Timothy Jerry Scholarships

The Faculty/Staff Senate was responsible in coordinating and selecting of students from the COM-FSM for the Timothy Jerry Scholarship. With the addition of the Gene Ashby’s Scholarship the Faculty/Staff Senate felt that the responsibility is too much for them to coordinate so they recommended to transfer the responsibility to the College of Micronesia-FSM Financial Aid Office.

Recently the Director of Financial Aid Office and Vice President for Student Support Services met and established the Timothy Jerry and Gene Ashby Scholarships Committee that needs to meet and organize itself. The members of the Committee included the following staff:

Eddie Haleyalig, FAO Joey Oducado, OAR
Penselyn Etse, Counseling Joseph Habuchmai, Faculty
Bastora Loyola, VPSS Office Gardner Edgar, Pohnpei Campus faculty
Kiyoshi Phillip, Timothy Jerry Family Rep. Cindy Edwin, PNI Campus Student Services
Lestly Asbhy, Gene Ashby Family Rep.  

Question and Answer Forum for Governor and Lt. Governor Candidates

As a service to our students and members of the community, the Enrichment Committee at the College of Micronesia-FSM Pohnpei Campus, in collaboration with other organizations with the Pohnpei’s community, has organized a question and answer forum for the candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor for the upcoming election. The reason for this event is for the students and members of the communities in Pohnpei to be informed on how each candidate feels about certain issues dealing with the state. The collaborative committee’s intension is not to endorse or support any candidate, but to give the voting population a chance to hear from the candidates on important issues.

This forum is to be held on October 25 th for the candidates for Lt. Governor and October 26 th for the candidates for Governor. The venue for this forum is the COM-FSM Pohnpei Campus Nahs. The Enrichment Committee is planning to have two sessions each, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m will be in English and 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. will be in Pohnpeian for the candidates. Both sessions will be open to COM-FSM students and members of the Pohnpei communities.

The questions that will be asked will be based on eight issues that the committee feel were important to Pohnpei State. The issues included: education, compact, health, infrastructure, federation, economic development, environment and law enforcement.

The Enrichment Committee would like to invite college community members and other citizens of Pohnpei to this forum. Call Mrs. Cindy Edwin at telephone number 320-3795 if you have questions on this forum.

Thank you.