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    January - Palikir, Pohnpei


January 12 , 2007

To:         All Concerned 

From:     President, COM-FSM 

Subject: Update #287

President's Welcoming and Vision Message

Happy New Year! As we welcome in a new year, I take this opportunity to welcome all our new faculty, staff, and students to the College of Micronesia-FSM. To our continuing faculty, staff, and students, I hope that after the excitement of the holiday season you are now well rested and looking forward to another productive semester. Let us all work together as a team to accomplish the goals set out for us this semester.

As we are charting our course for the new semester, allow me to share my vision of COM-FSM. My vision is that of the College becoming the best community college in the Western Pacific; a community college where the faculty and staff truly care about the students and their dreams; a community college that nurtures and provides opportunities for free and full expression that significantly contributes toward the development of the FSM and its citizens to realize their full potential.

I hope you will share my vision and help evolve what we do into a sense of institutional purpose. To all of you who are part of that vision and the effort to make COM-FSM the best place to study and work, I thank you.

Mid-Year Graduation

Mid Year Graduation for Fall Semester 2006 took place in the FSM-China Friendship Sport Center at the National Campus on December 15, 2006, with 94 graduates receiving their Certificates of Achievements, Associate of Art Degrees, Associate of Science Degrees, and Associate of Applied Science Degrees. Mr. LJ Rayphand, an instructor and alumnus of the College of Micronesia-FSM gave the keynote address. Over 600 people attended the graduation ceremony.

Ambassador for the People’s Republic of China Toured COM-FSM Campus

Her Excellency Madame Liu Fei visited President James’ office on Tuesday, December 19, 2006, and donated thirty (30) CDs on China for the College’s Learning Resource Center. The Ambassador was also given a tour of the National Campus, especially the FSM-China Friendship Sport Center and was impressed with the facilities and the open environment at the College. The College also requested the following during Ambassador Fei’s tour: resurfacing the gym floor, replacement of the carpet for the gym, and establishment of sister institution(s) in China. The request on resurfacing of the gym floor and carpet has been forwarded to the FSM Department of Foreign Affairs for blessings and submission to the People’s Republic of China Embassy in Palikir, Pohnpei.

Supplemental Education Grant (SEG) Multi-Year

The College of Micronesia-FSM SEG Multi-Year Proposal in the amount of $837,037 for SEOG/Work Study, Student Assistance, Teacher Corp Programs was submitted to the FSM Department of HESA on December 27, 2006, for inclusion into the FSM’s SEG Multi Year Proposal. Kudos to Jimmy Hicks, Faustino Yarofaisug, Eddie Haleyalig, and Benson Moses for developing the SEG Multi Year Proposal.

Chinese Language Class

The first Chinese Language class at the College of Micronesia-FSM National Campus commenced on January 12, 2007, with blessings and remarks given by Her Excellency Madame Liu Fei, Ambassador for the Chinese Embassy in the FSM, and the Honorable President James. Over twenty students have enrolled in the course. It is the wish and hope of Ambassador Fei that students in the Chinese Language class can learn Chinese and apply for Chinese Scholarships to further their education in China.

Chinese Ambassador Donates Books on China for LRC

A handover ceremony took place at the COM-FSM LRC on Friday, January 12, 2007, where Ambassador Fei handover over hundreds of books to the COM-FSM LRC. Some of the titles of the books included: Chinese Medicine, Chinese Tea, Chinese Costumes, etc. These books will be used by faculty, staff, and students to understand Chinese culture.

Substantive Change Report on Extending UOG Fourth Year Program In Elementary Education at National Campus

The University of Guam informed the Administration of College of Micronesia-FSM on January 10, 2007, that Senior Commission for the Western Associations of Colleges and Universities have accepted the report, pending the site visit and review of the report by WASC’s full commission next month. The College of Micronesia-FSM will be visited by a two member team during the early part of February 2007, to evaluate the facilities and other resources at the College to determine if these can adequately support the 4 th Year Program in Elementary Education. The itinerary for the team will be sent to COM-FSM by early next week.

World Park Meeting at Michigan State University

A delegation of sixteen high level officials and planners from the four FSM States and the College of Micronesia-FSM that were headed by Governors Wesley Simina and Rensley Sigrah, Lt. Governors Jack Yakana and Joseph Habuchmai, and President Spensin James traveled to Michigan State University in Lansing, Michigan attended a World Park Meeting co-sponsored by the College of Micronesia-FSM and Michigan State University during the week of November 26-December 2, 2006. The purposes of the meeting were to develop the following for the World Park: draft definition, draft mission, draft vision, and draft planning principles. The drafts definition, mission, vision, and planning principles are in the attachment. A World Park Communique endorsed by all participants and experts/partners from the Michigan State University are also attached for your information (attachments).

The participants of the World Park meeting included: Governor Wesley Simina and Mason Fritz from Chuuk State, Governor Rensley Sigrah, Aaron Sigrah, and Pamela Shrew from Kosrae State, Lt. Governor Jack Yakana, Vice Speaker Berney Martin, Perdus Ehsa, and Hubert Yamada from Pohnpei State, Lt. Governor Joseph Habuchmai, Senator Ted Rutun, and Jesse Gajdusek from Yap State, President Spensin James, Jimmy Hicks, and Howard Rice from COM-FSM, and Drs. Richard Paulsen, Gail Vander Stoep, Scott Witter, and Jeff Armstrong from Michigan State University.

The meeting was a success as it sets the future planning guidelines for the World Park. The signing of the MOU on collaborations between the COM-FSM and Michigan State University re-assures the commitments from these two institutions in providing the technical supports to the FSM States on World Park.

As President of the College of Micronesia-FSM and a co-sponsor of the meeting, I congratulated the participants of the meeting for working hard as a team to accomplish the goals and objectives of the meeting. The participants of the meeting from the FSM States and the College also expressed their appreciation and gratitude to Michigan State University President Lou Anna K. Simon and her faculty and staff for their hospitality and support shown at the meeting. FSM participants look forward to working with our many Word Park partners at Michigan State University.

Tragic News

Two tragic events occurred over the weekend on Pohnpei.  On Saturday morning, January 6, 2007  Ermine Walliby's house burned down and the family lost everything.  Ermine is the Coordinator of the Peer Counseling Center at the National Campus.  Also that Saturday morning, Jim and Toa Currie's son, Lucas Lualua, drowned during a fishing trip.  Lucas was a month shy of his 17th birthday and attended SDA high school.  Jim is the Vice President for Cooperative Research and Extension and Toa was the Project Director of the recently completed Botanical/

Traditional Medicinal Garden at Pohnpei Campus.  A memorial service for Lucas was held Monday night, January 8, at PMA.  The family left on Wednesday to take Lucas back to American Samoa.  My office is taking up a collection of cash and goods for the Walliby family and cash for the Currie family.  Thank you to those who have already contributed for your kindness and generosity .

College of Micronesia-FSM Performance Plan and FY 2008 Budget

The College of Micronesia-FSM submitted its Performance Plan and FY 2008 operational budgets to FSM President’s Office on January 15, 2007. The FSM President’s Budget Review Committee will review our performance plan and budget and might make adjustment(s) depending on the availability of compact funds. The Committee will then forward its recommended budget for the College to the FSM President for submission to the FSM Congress for final approval. The Administration of the College is confident that it can defend and justify the submitted FY 2008 budget with the FSM Budget Review Committee and the FSM Congress. Thanks to Charles Musana, Danny Dumantay, Jimmy Hicks, William Edwin, and William Mailipiy for compiling and completing the report on time for its submission to FSM President’s Office.

College’s First Quarter Report

The College’s First Quarter Report for the Fiscal Year 2007 is due at the FSM President’s Office on January 20, 2007. All departments, offices, campuses, and units are required to submit their reports to Director of Research and Planning Office by January 11, 2007. It is important that the College do a better job on the report as the report will be sent to FSM National Government and OIA for monitoring the accountability of the Compact II Education Sector’s fund given to the College. If the College’s report will not show that the College is accountable for Compact II funds then OIA may withhold the funds. Please submit your reports so we can produce an excellent report that can be submitted on time.

Unofficial Spring Semester 2007 Enrollment

As of 5:00 p.m. Thursday, January 11, 2007, the unofficial enrollments for Spring semester 2007 at Kosrae, Pohnpei, and National Campuses fall below their projected enrollments. The unofficial enrollments at these campuses are as follows:

Campus: Projected Enrollment Unofficial Enrollment

Campus: Projected Enrollment Unofficial Enrollment
Kosrae 250 170
Pohnpei 550 460
National Campus 890 770

The President’s office has not received enrollment stats from Chuuk and Yap campuses.

President’s Retreat

The College of Micronesia-FSM plans to host a President’s Retreat in March 2007. The purpose of the retreat is for the college to review its current status and major issues and challenges facing the college. Key data and evaluation results will form the basis of discussions. One product of the retreat will be to develop funding priorities to guide budget development and resource allocation and a second will be an update of the college’s Strategic Plan 2006-2011. Over 50 participants from the college community, governments, agencies, NGOs, and key stakeholders will be invited to this retreat.

The planning council is meeting weekly to chart out the agendas and presentations for the retreat.

Thank you.

World Park Attachment