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    July - Palikir, Pohnpei


July 12, 2006

To:           All Concerned 

From:       President, COM-FSM 

Subject: Update #278


 The College of Micronesia-FSM has just received word from the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, Western Association of Schools and Colleges, that at its meeting on June 7-9, 2006, the Commission accepted the College’s Progress Report and the April 24-25, 2006, evaluation team’s report. The Commission also asked the College to additionally address the three recommendations made by the visiting team in the Midterm Progress which is due March 15, 2007. The new recommendations are:

Recommendation 1: Membership of the College’s Board of Regents must have the diversity of viewpoint that is required by its own policy, national law and accrediting standards.

Recommendation 2: The College must make significant progress in securing the Chuuk High School campus as the site for COM-FSM’s permanent Chuuk state campus or, if it unable to within its deadline of 2008, find another acceptable site.

Recommendation 3: The college must develop physical master plans, with the appropriate financial plans, for each state campus to ensure facilities equity with the national campus, and allow the state campuses to provide instructional and student services that are consistent with the strategic and educational master plans of the college.

The working groups established by President James have started to review the planning agenda of the 2004 Self-Study Report.

Board of Regents

 The next Board of Regents meeting is tentatively scheduled during the week of September 4-8, 2006 in Yap. The following is the preparation timeline for the meeting:

June, July, August Discussions, recommendations, input, and finalization of topics to be included on the agenda for the next Board meeting.

July 31, 2006 Confirm attendance and request preference for hotel accommodation s and car rental

August 4, 2006 Deadline for submitting items for the agenda

August 18, 2006 Last Cabinet meeting for approval of agenda items

August 18, 2006 Deadline for submission of reports and agenda documents for the meeting notebook

August 25, 2006 Mail/distribute notebooks

September 4-8, 2006 Board meeting at FSM-FMI in Yap

Title III Grant Proposal

The College of Micronesia-FSM submitted a Title III Grant Proposal to US Department of Education for possible funding. The grant proposal is for five years and the total funds requested for this grant is at $1,732,939. The grant application addresses one activity (developmental education) with the following four components: learning communities, English as a Second Language (ESL), problem based learning and institute for successful learning and excellence teaching. The restructured developmental education activities at the College will be evaluated by the following:

  • Increase success rate of students in developmental mathematics and English.
  • Increase persistence rate of students in developmental courses.
  • Increase retention rate of students in developmental education.
  • Increase success rate of developmental students in subsequence mathematics and English.

Kudos to the following staff who spent long hours on writing the Title III Grant Proposal and submitting it on time: Mr. Jimmy Hicks, Ms. Dayle Dannis, Mrs. Jean Thoulag, Mr. Ringlen Ringlen, Mr. William Mailpiy, Mr. William Edwin, Mrs. Karen Simion, Mr. Gordon Segal, Mr. John Saber, Ms. Rencelly Nelson, and Mr. Faustino Yarofaisug.

Student Competition Sponsored by Asia Pacific Association for Fiduciary Studies

Asia Pacific Association for Fiduciary Studies (APAFS) is sponsoring an essay contest for students at each of the college and university that is an APAFS member. Communication and a flier on this contest has been received through the President’s Office. Information on the flier, to be posted at COM-FSM Campuses, states that “one student, over the age of 18, at each of the College and university that is an APAFS member will receive an award that includes financial assistance to attend the PRIC from November 9-10, 2006. Each award will consist of a roundtrip airfare from the island of each institution to Manila, airport-hotel transfers, lodging at the conference hotel, and $75 stipend for food and miscellaneous expenses. Awards will be given based on a competition at each institution among interested student candidates. Guidelines and Parameter for this contest will be posted at all COM-FSM campuses sometimes in July. The APAFS member institutions included: University of Guam, Guam Community College, Northern Marianas College, Palau Community College, College of Micronesia-FSM, and College of Marshall Islands and USP

Shared Governance Policy

The President’s Office is working on a shared governance policy that will be distributed to members of the college community in about a month for their comments and inputs. The purpose of the College of Micronesia-FSM Shared Governance Model is to ensure participatory decision-making. Its fundamental premise rests upon active and responsible involvement of all College employees: faculty, staff, and administration. The model also involves the active and responsible involvement of students. An inherent characteristic is a commitment made by the President, as well as members of all constituency groups to engage in interactive communication. The Shared Governance Model is the system of committees and councils which address institutional needs and provide a conduit for the system communication. This model also presumes that there will be a timely response to all recommendations and resolutions.

Again the copies of the draft Shared Governance Policy will be e-mailed to faculty, staff, and student leaders for their comments and inputs in about a month.


Modified Timeline for FY 2008 Budget Development

 Cabinet met on June 30, 2006, and adopted a motion to modify the timeline for FY 2008 budget development to allow the departments, activities, and units more time to put together their budgets. The modification involves extending the timeline from July 15, 2006 to July 31, 2006 for departments, activity heads, and units to develop their budgets. The following link is the budget timeline for your information:

FY08 Budget Development Timeline

Thank you.