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    June 28- Palikir, Pohnpei


June 28 , 2006

To:           All Concerned 

From:       President, COM-FSM 

Subject: Update #277


The College of Micronesia-FSM is required to submit a mid-term report to the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges in March 2007, three years after the evaluation visit for reaffirmation of our accreditation.

The College is required to submit two copies of the mid-term report to the Commission plus an electron version. The midterm report must be reviewed by the Board of Regents prior to submission. The following is the format for the midterm report:

  1. Cover Sheet. Include the date of submission, the name and address of the institution, and a notation that this is a Midterm Report.
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Statement on Report Preparation. The statement, signed by the chief executive officer of the institution, describes the process of report preparation and identifies those who were involved in its preparation review, and approval.
  4. Response to Team Recommendations and the Commission Action Letter. The report should describe the progress made on each recommendation, analyze the results achieved to date, provide evidence of the results, and indicate what additional plans the institution has developed.
  5. Response to Self-identified Issues. In the Planning agenda section of the self study, the institution reported on areas needing improvement. The institution should provide a brief description of the progress made on these self-identified issues.
  6. Update on substantive change in progress, pending, or planned.

President James has organized two separate working groups to work on the mid-term report. One working group will be providing the narrative information and analysis regarding the progress made on the planning agendas in the College’s self study report and the second group will be working on the narrative information and analysis on the progress made on the six recommendations from the evaluation team. The Accreditation Liaison Officer and the President of the College will be coordinating the writing of the midterm report.

Board of Regents:

The next Board of Regents meeting has been scheduled to take place in the State of Yap during the week of September 4-9, 2006. A planning schedule for the Board of Regents meeting in Yap has been sent to all Board of Regent members as well as the key staff at the College.

Budget Consultation Meeting With JEMCO and OIA Staff:

The members of the cabinet met with the JEMCO and OIA staff on Thursday, June 22, 2006, at about 5:30 p.m. in the viewing room #1 at the MITC. The main purpose of the budget consultation meeting was for the JEMCO and OIA staff to find out on what the College uses the $3.8 million of the Education Sector Funds under Compact II; some JEMCO staff reported that they have not gotten any report from the College on that.

The College delegation informed JEMCO and OIA staff that a Performance Plan for FY 2007 has been submitted on June 19, 2006, to Office of Compact Management Office detailing the use of the $9.9 million budget. The College FY 2007 budget submitted to the FSM President Office also had a breakdown on how the College uses the $3.8 million from Compact II funds. The College later submitted these documents to JEMCO staff for their information and appropriate action. The JEMCO and OIA staffs were surprise to learn that the College continues to receive the $3.8 million of the Compact II funds through a reimbursable basis. They informed the cabinet members at this consultation meeting that they will work on an agreement with the FSM Finance to release the funds to College up front and not on a reimbursable basis. The JEMCO and OIA staffs were satisfied with the accomplishments at the College especially on maintaining its accreditation and completing the fiscal year 2005 audit on time. These accomplishments plus others will be the justification for College’s use of the $3.8 million of Education Sector funds.

The JEMCO and OIA staff also informed President James that they have approved the College request to use its funds and be reimbursed later on its Supplemental Education Grant funds. A Grant Award for the College from OIA is expected at any date.

COM-FSM 2005 Annual Report:

The COM-FSM 2005 Annual Report has been completed and as required by the enabling law will be distributed to the FSM President and the Speaker of the FSM Congress. Copies will also be distributed to FSM and state leaders. A copy of the annual report is also required to be sent to the President of the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

The structure of the annual report is in line with performance budgeting trends. The College focuses its annual report for fiscal year 2005 ( October 1, 2004 to September 30, 2005) around its mission and goals. Major accomplishments of the College are supplemented by data tables on enrollment, degrees completion, retention rate, summary of instructors by campus ethnicity. The audited financial statement for FY 2005 is also a part of the 2005 annual report.

I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to all that have contributed to the development of the 2005 annual report. Special thanks are also extended to Director of the Institutional Research and Planning and his staff for coordinating the development of this report.

Incentive Awards 2006 for Chuuk Campus:

The incentive awards for Chuuk Campus during school year 2005-2006 are as follows:

Years of Service Award   Student’s Choice Award:
Edson Asito- 5 Years of Service   Nariano Narios - $50.00 plus certificate
Yosko Kim- 5 Years of Service   Marcellus Akapito - $50.00 plus certificate
Florante Ygana- 5 Years of Service    
Ansina Kony- 20 Years of Service   Teacher of the Year Award
    Richardson Chiwi - $250.00 plus certificate
Award of Recognition  

Professional Recognition

Marylene Bisalen - $250.00 plus certificate   Alvios William – Certificate
Staff of the Year   Innovative Award
Marylene Bisalen - $250.00   Atkin Buliche - $100 plus certificate

Scale Up Plan for Chuuk Campus:

The following are the enrollment breakdown for the continuing and new/returning students at Chuuk Campus for the scale up during Fall Semester 2006:

Countinuing Students:

33 " "
General Studies
95 " "
Degree Students
139 (Education 119)
ECE Certificate
1 " "
3 " "

New and Returning Students

125 teachers and new education majors
Special Education
50 Teachers


40 Students
20 " "
30 " "
General Studies
84 " "
349 " "
620 " "

It is important that the COM-FSM Chuuk Campus maintain the enrollment at 620 students as the facilities and resources available there cannot accommodate more than that number. Deviation from the 620 figure will be non-compliance to our agreement with WASC.

Update from Institutional Research and Planning Office:

The Title III working group is actively developing the Title III application. The focus of the application is on improving the developmental programs of the College through the concept of learning communities. For more information, please contact IPRO.

The College’s Annual Report 2005 is being printed and will be distributed this week.

The College’s performance plan for the 2007 budget was submitted to Office of Compact Management on June 19, 2006. Copies may be obtained from IPRO.

Indicators have been developed as part of the draft Strategic Plan 2006 – 2011 and measures and data is being collected to determine what baselines can be established and where information needs to be collected. The draft of the Strategic Plan 2006-2011 will be put out in July for comment and improvement.

Use of Administrative Leave:

Due to the recent number of requests for use of administrative leave, I am including the policy in this update.

Section IX, subsection 6, of the College’s Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual describes the uses for administrative leave. Administrative leave is absence from duty with pay and without charge to employee’s annual or sick leave. Administrative leave may be authorized by the President for the following reasons:

a. Judicial Duty: Attendance at a judicial or quasi-judicial proceeding where the employee has been subpoenaed to appear as a witness. However, when the appearance as an expert witness is compensated, it will be treated as leave without pay.

b. Bereavement Leave. Bereavement leave for death of a member of the immediate family (spouse or children), parents, parents-in-law, grandparents, grandchildren, siblings, not to exceed two working days per occurrence. If an employee travels out of state they make take up to five working days per occurrence.

c. Inclement Weather. Unusual weather condition when hazardous condition is announced by the approve government official.

d. Personal Leave. One day of personal leave per contract year.

e. Worker’s Compensation. Line of duty injury.

f. Voting. Voting for public election not to exceed two hours.

g. Community Service Leave. Volunteer work to perform a service for a community service organization or when requested to participate in a nation-wide or state-wide civic activity. Community Service Leave may not be used for any political or religious activity. (Annual leave may be used for such activities once approved). Community Service Leave is limited to ten working days per calendar year. Departments must maintain records of the number of hours of community service leave taken by each employee.

It is important that department heads, directors, activity heads, and employees of the College read section IX, subsection 6, of the Personnel Manual to familiarize them with this section.

ESL Needs of the COM-FSM Students:

A new report from the National Center for Education Statistics support what many community college educators have long asserted: If student intentions and needs are taken into account, the success level of community college students, as measured by transfer, persistence and/or degree attainment, goes up significantly. See the full report, “Profile of Undergraduates in U.S. Postsecondary Education Institutions, 2003-04, With a Special Analysis of Community College Students” at

Update from Human Resource Division:

New Hires at National Campus:

Karen Nelson – Language and Literature Division

Doug Kelly – Language and Literature Division


July is open season for the FSM Micare Plan. Employees who are currently enrolled and wish to make changes in their plans or dependents may do so at this time. Likewise, employees who are not enrolled but wish to, provided that they are full-time employees may also enroll at this time.

Applications can be obtained from Human Resource Division at the National Campus or from the Administration Offices at the State Campuses or on the website at: Please submit your form to the HR Office by July 30, 2006. Changes will be effective October 1, 2006.

COM-FSM Audit Report for Fiscal Year 2005:

Following are the summary of Auditors’ Results for the College’s Fiscal Year 2005 Audit Report:

  • The Independent Auditor’s Report on the financial statements expressed an unqualified opinion.
  • Reportable conditions in internal control over financial reporting were not identified.
  • Instances of noncompliance considered material to the financial statements were not disclosed by the audit.
  • Reportable conditions in internal control over compliance with requirements applicable to major federal awards programs were not identified.
  • The Independent Auditors’ Report on compliance requirements applicable to major federal programs expressed an unqualified opinion.
  • The audit disclosed no findings required to be reported by OMB Circular A-133.
  • COM-FSM did qualify as a low-risk auditee as that term is defined in OMB Circular A-133.
  • No matters are reportable under Federal Award Findings and Question Cost Section.
  • No matters are reportable under Financial Statement Findings Sections.


Thanks and kudos to Comptroller for the College and Business Office staff for getting an excellent audit report for the Fiscal Year 2005. The report is ready to be submitted to EZ Audit as required by Title IV Federal Programs. As mandated by the enabling law, copies of Audit Report has to be submitted to FSM President and Speaker of the FSM Congress.

Water Contest for the COM-FSM Students:



Thank you.