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    May 31- Palikir, Pohnpei


May 31 , 2006

To:           All Concerned 

From:       President, COM-FSM 

Subject: Update #275

Accreditation (Initial Scale Up at Chuuk Campus)

As reported in the last update, the review team from the Accrediting Commission was impressed with accomplishments at Chuuk Campus. Improvements to the facilities now support student learning and the college is considering the possibility of scaling up operation at Chuuk Campus.

The College has contacted the commission's staff responsible for substantive change proposal who recommended that College send her a chart illustrating the pre "teach out" operation and what a return now (scale up) would look like. A chart was then sent to her and after a series of e-mail exchanges on terms such as "new students", the commission's staff informed the College that a substantive change proposal is not needed for the initial scale up of operations at Chuuk Campus.

The Board of Regents has directed the administration to develop an initial scale up plan at Chuuk Campus for Fall Semester 2006. A team of administrators included President James, Vice President for Support and Student Affairs Ringlen Ringlen, Director of Academic Programs Karen Simion, and Director of Research and Planning Office Jimmy Hicks from National Campus were in Chuuk during the week of May 25-31, 2006, to work with administrators, faculty, and staff on developing a transition scale up plan for Chuuk Campus. The team also met with the parents of new students and the Chuuk State leadership on the scale up plan.

Permanent Site for Chuuk Campus

The three member's team that visited the College on April 24-25, 2006, reported lots of accomplishments have been made on facilities at Chuuk Campus for student learning and quality of programs and services; however, they also cautioned the College community that facility issues will continue until a permanent site is secured.

The College's Working Group for Chuuk Campus' permanent site will visit the Chuuk State Leadership during summer 2006 to discuss issues that need to be resolved on the Chuuk High School site. The College should not be the one to resolve these issues. Chuuk Government should resolve these issues and hand over the site to the College.

Board of Regents

The College of Micronesia-FSM's Board of Regents recently concluded their second regular meeting during the week of May 16-19, 2006, at the National Campus in Palikir, Pohnpei. The actions and directives from the May 2006 meeting are attached for your information. The next regular meeting of the BOR has been tentatively scheduled during the second week of September 2006 in Yap.

The Incentive Award Day for School Year 2005-2006

The Incentive Award Day for School Year 2005-2006 took place on May 18, 2006, at the FSM-China Friendship Sports Center with about 70-80 people in attendance. The following awards were given out during the ceremony:

5 Years of Service (Plaque & Mug) 15 Years of Service (Plauque, T-shirts, & mug)
Mark DeOrio Jack Artui
Danilo V. Dumantay Julia Eldridge
Senry Eldridge  
Dennis Gerhard 20 Years Service (Plaque & $50)
Nelsiro George Jazmin B. Gonzales
Faustino Yarofaisug Richard A. Womack
10 Years of Service (Plaque, mug & umbrella) 25 Years of Service (Plaque & $75)
Marina H. Baker Bastora Raymond
Donald W. Buden  
Mihai Dema Students' Choice Award (Plaque & $75)
Arlene L. Dumantay Mariana Ben-Dereas
Eugene Edmund  
Castro Joab Award of Recogntiton (Plaque & $250)
Miller Lemuel Jonathan Gourlay
Charles Musana  
Esther E. Nedlic Faculty of the Year (Plaque & $250)
Alfred Olter Susan J. Moses
Patricia Pedrus  
Gordon R. Segal  
Staff of the Year (Plaque & $250)  
Joesph Saimon  
Professional Recognition (Certificate and Umbrella) Good Health Award
Charles Musana Cavanaugh Eperiam
Allain Burgoin Evelyn Neth
Asher Edward Gordon Segal
Eugene Ashby Iris Falcam
Rohaizad Suaidi Kun Floyd
Wilson Kalio Loatis Seneres
Benson Moses Mike Ioanis
Mariana Ben Dereas  
Norma Edwin  
Bryan Lynch  
Don Buden  
John Haglelgam  
Susan Moses  
Patricia Pedrus  
Catherine Good  
Community Service Award (Plaque & mug)  
Koisimy Rudolph  


COM-FSM Inducted into The Phi Theta Kappa

The Phi Theta Kappa is an International Honor Society for two-year colleges that provides benefits to its members. The membership is based on number of hours students had completed and her/his GPA. Therefore, the membership is a special honor afforded to a small group of outstanding students who have excelled academically. The Phi Theta Kappa membership guarantees members access to more benefits than any other student organizations. As a member, student academic excellence will be recognized with the Golden Key membership pin, membership certificate and identification card, notation of membership on student’s diploma and transcripts and the privilege of wearing regalia at graduation that sets you apart as a Phi Theta Kappa member.

Being a member of this honor society also provides exclusive access to a compilation of innovative benefits available to students online. Highlights of the online benefits include the eScholarship Directory, listing information on scholarships designated exclusively for Phi Theta Kappa members; letters of recommendation for scholarships and employment; and press releases announcing students' induction into this society. These benefits, accessible exclusively to Phi Theta Kappa members, give students the academic, scholarship and employment tools that will help members attain their goals for the future.

Members pay one time membership fee of $75. The initial eligibility requirements include a cumulative GPA of 3.5. After induction, members must simply maintain a GPA of 3.0. To learn more about the opportunities that accompany Phi Theta Kappa membership, call VPSSA. The induction of the College into this society enables its students to be eligible for these benefits.

College Community Mourns for Bastora's Passing

Bastora Raymond , a dear friend and colleague to many passed away on May 20, 2006. Bastora worked for the College for 25 years and came to know thousands of students, faculty, and staff from the FSM, and other parts of the world. She always had a smile ready for everyone she talked to and easily established friendship with her colleagues and students. We will all miss her smiles and I know that she would want us to be friends with each other.

A memorial service for Bastora Raymond has been scheduled to take place in the afternoon of May 31, 2006, at 3:00 p.m. in the practice gym for the College community, family members, and friends.

43 rd Commencement Exercise

Over three hundred people from the College community, families, friends, leaders and guests attended the 43 rd Commencement Exercise at the FSM-China Friendship Sports Center on May 24, 2006. About 69 graduates completed the requirements of their programs and received their certificates of achievements, Associate of Arts Degrees, Associate of Science Degrees, and Associate of Applied Science Degrees from the National and Pohnpei Campuses.

The fifth Annual Japanese Language Speech Contest

The fifth annual Japanese language speech contest was held at COM-FSM, Pohnpei campus on May 27, 2006. The contest was organized by COM-FSM and PICS and sponsored by South Pacific Asia Friendship Association (SAFA). Thirteen judges and about sixty audiences came to the contest. All the speakers did wonderful accomplishments. The first place prize was awarded to two recipients: one from PICS and the other one from COM-FSM Pohnpei campus. The winners will fly to Japan for one week stay in Kyoto, which is the home of SAFA and other regions in July with the winners from last year. The winners for this year are Yorida Tudela from PICS and Sushilla Clark from COM-FSM. The topic of Yorida's speech was "About Nanmadol" and the topic of Sushilla's speech was "Culture and US." 

Updates from Division of Human Resources

The College extends warm welcome and congratulations to the following new hires: Robert Jonas, Educational Specialist for Student Support Services Program, National Campus; Achena Finik, Social Science instructor, National Campus; Judie Yadfinay, Account Clerk, Yap Campus bookstore; and Eva Buthung, Student Services Specialist for Upward Bound Program at Yap Campus.

The College also bids farewell and good fortune to Anwar Jahan who has completed his contract with COM-FSM on May 31, 2006. May he be successful in his future endeavors.

Thank you.

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