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February 08 , 2006

To:           All Concerned 

From:       President, COM-FSM 


The matrix regarding how the College of Micronesia-FSM has to address the remaining tasks on the six recommendations from the Accreditation Commission for the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) has been updated up to June 2007. The updated matrix has been given to the principle writer of the Progress Report to be due on March 15, 2006. An outline for the Progress Report has been developed by the principle writer and also reviewed by the Accreditation Working group. The working group has also adopted the outline with minor modifications.

The following Accreditation Working Group has been assigned to write part responses to each of the remaining tasks on the six recommendations for the Progress Report:

Joe Saimon Recommendation 1, 2, & 3
Jimmy Hicks, Willy Edwin, and William Mailpiy Recommendation 4
Jean Thoulag, Karen Simion, and Ringlen Ringlen Recommendation 5
Rencelly Nelson and Spensin James Recommendation 6

Recommendations # 1, 2, & 3 are on communication, recommendation # 4 is on integrated planning (this involves integrating assessment, planning, and budgeting), recommendation #5 is on assessment of student learning outcomes for instructional and student services programs, recommendation #6 is on consistency of delivering student services at all COM-FSM Campuses and immediate improvement of facilities at Chuuk Campus. Recommendation #6 is also on adequacy of facilities for student learning at all campuses. Norma Edwin and Jonathan Gourlay will be proof-reading the draft Progress Report.

Write ups on the recommendations from the writers will be circulated to all faculty and staff for their review, comments, and input before the draft reports are put together.

The members of the Accreditation Working Group that is working on the writing of the report expects to complete the first draft by February 24, 2006. The final draft needs to be submitted to the BOR members for their review and blessings on March 2, 2006.

Status of Construction/Renovations of Facilities at Chuuk Campus

The construction contracts to construct and renovate three buildings at the current site of the Chuuk Campus had been awarded to three lowest bidders. The total amount for the contracts is at $401,000. The date for completing the construction/renovation of the three buildings will be during the early part of summer 2006. It was reported that construction companies have started the site preparation for construction of the buildings on February 1, 2006. The scale of operation at Chuuk Campus will take place after the approval of a substantial change proposal that will be submitted to the Accrediting Commission after the constructions of the facilities are all completed.

Nursing Program

The College has been working with Ms. Anna Boliy, a consultant that has been hired to develop the nursing program. Ms. Boliy has visited all FSM States and consulted the health services people to get their comments and inputs on the development of the nursing program. She has met the members of the FSM Health Council and discussed the nursing program with them. The College is planning to submit the nursing program proposal to the BOR members in March for their review and action.

The implementation of the nursing program at the College will not take place until the College submits a substantial change proposal to the Accrediting Commission for review and approval sometimes in June 2006.

FY 2007 Budget Hearing with FSM President Budget Review Committee

A budget hearing on the College's and the Board of Regent's FY 2007 budgets with the FSM President’s Budget Review Committee has been scheduled to take place on February 23, 2006, at 2:00 p.m. at the FSM President’s Conference Room. The members of the cabinet, chairman of the BOR, and some key staff will be representing the College at the hearing.

Audit for FY 2005

The College's Comptroller submitted the final trial balance statement for fiscal year 2005 to Delloite and Touche Auditing Firm that will be conducting the audit for the College during the early part of February 2006. The auditing received the trial balance statements for FY 2005 and requested the College to submit 52 items before the firm can commence the audit. The audit for FY 2005 is supposed to commence in February and be completed in June 2006, in order for the College to meet the timeline for the Title IV Federal Programs requirements.

Spring Semester 2006 Enrollment

The College wide enrollment during Spring Semester 2006 fell short of projections. One of the contributing factors to low College wide enrollment during Spring Semester 2006 is the ongoing "teach out" at Chuuk Campus. The current enrollment at Chuuk campus is at 272 students as compared to 620 students during Spring Semester 2005. The following are the Spring Semester 2006 enrollment at the campuses:


Campus   Spring Semester 2006 Enrollment
Chuuk Campus   272 students
Kosrae Campus   304 students
National Campus   786 students
Pohnpei Campus   575 students
Yap Campus   155 students
FSM-FMI   28 students
  Total---------------- 2,120 students

College Wide Workshop on Assessment and Program Review

Over seventy five (75) staff, faculty, and key administrators attended the College wide workshop on assessment and program review during the week of January 30, 2006, to February 1, 2006. The focus of the workshop were on establishing an assessment and program review plan for the College and linking it to strategic planning and budgeting. There has been a draft assessment plan model developed and this draft will be discussed during the staff development day.

Founding Day Fundraising Activities for the COM-FSM Endowment Fund

The teams for the King/Queen contests and sport events for the Founding Day activities have been organized. Thanks to the Student Services Committee and Student Body Association (SBA) for organizing the groups.

Bulk of the fundraising activities for the Founding Day will focused on the King/Queen Contests. The team that will raise the highest funds on the King/Queen Contest will have their King/Queen crowned as the Mr./Ms. Founding Day 2006. The administration of the College wishes all the teams good luck on their efforts for this year’s Founding Day activities. The crowning of the King/Queen for this year’s Founding Day will take place on March 30, 2006.

Local Fundraising Subcommittee Raised Money for the COM-FSM Endowment

The Local Fundraising Subcommittee raised $1,366 for the COM-FSM Endowment from the Valentine Day’s fundraising activities. Most of the cookies, candies, t-shirts, and banana breads used in the fundraising efforts were donated by local stores, supporters from the community, and staff at the College. The administration would like to express its appreciation, gratitude, and thanks to members of the Local Fundraising Subcommittee and all our supporters for their donations and efforts on the Valentines Day Fundraising activities.

Interesting Information Sharing Regarding PPEC Institutions

Institution Enrollment Site(s) Budget
American Samoa Community College
$5 Million
College of Marshall Islands


The College of Micronesia-FSM has the highest enrollment among the community colleges in American Samoa and Micronesia. It has the highest number of campuses to operate and yet the annual operational budget is much lower than our peers. We have to remember that we have to provide the same quality services that Guam Community College (GCC) and Northern Marianas College have to provide to their clients. The enrollments at College of Marshall Islands and PCC are about 4 times lower than that of COM-FSM enrollment, however, their annual operational budget are much similar to ours.

The sources of information on the above table are from recently concluded PPEC meetings during the week of February 6-7, 2006, in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Staff Development Day

The annual staff development day for the National and Pohnpei Campuses has been scheduled on February 24, 2006. The Staff Development Committee has organized the concurrent session for the day and they are inviting back Dr. Mary Allen, a Professor Emeritus of Psychology at California State University, Bakersfield, to conduct 5 hours of concurrent sessions Demystifying Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes and Rubrics and Assessment Strategies for faculty and student services staff.

Pohnpei Campus will be hosting the Staff Development Day activities this year. Classes are cancelled and offices at the National and Pohnpei Campuses will be closed on February 24, 2006. All Faculty, staff, and administrators must attend the Staff Development Day activities. Remember that Staff Development Day is a working day for faculty, staff, and administrators at both campuses. Unexcused absences will equate to leave without pay.

The Staff Development Day activities program is attached for your information and perusal.

Staff Development Day activities

Thank you.