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October 5, 2005


To:           All Concerned 

From:       President, COM-FSM 

Subject:     President’s Update #260


One of the requirements of the Junior Commission for Community and Junior Colleges of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges is for the College to submit a substantive change report on major developments that will impact the operation of the College to WASC for review and approval before implementation.  The major developments can include implementation of a new instructional program, relocation of a campus to a new site, or closing and opening of a new campus or site. 

The College is working on two substantive change reports on the Certificate of Achievement Program in Small Engine, Equipment, and Out-Board Motor Repair and the Conversion of FSM Fisheries and Maritime Institute’s courses/programs from modules to credit format.  The College is targeting October 18, 2005, to submit these reports to WASC.

The College is also in the process of preparing the third Progress Report on the status of the six recommendations from the Accrediting Commission during the March 2004 visits that will be submitted to the commission on March 15, 2006.  The report will be followed by a visit by the commission representatives.


A draft copy of the audit report for the fiscal year 2004 has been received by the Comptroller.  The Comptroller will be discussing the draft report with the auditors to finalize it.  The fiscal year 2005 audit will commence during the month of January 2005.  The annual final audit report should be submitted to Title IV Programs Office by June 30 of each year or 9 months from the closing date of the College’s fiscal year or October 1.

Apprenticeship Programs at the College

On September 30, 2005, thirteen Apprentices from Pohnpei Utilities Corporation graduated as journeymen, three (3) as construction equipment mechanics, five (5) as diesel mechanics, and the other five (5) as line repairmen.

About 50 people attended the certificate award ceremony. The 50 people represented the public and private sectors, Pohnpei Utilities Corporation employees, the leadership from the College, Apprenticeship Committee members, and the family members of the graduating journeymen.  Even the Editor of the Kaselehlia Press was present.

The Registered Apprenticeship is a training system that produces highly skilled workers to meet the demands of the employers in the FSM and globally.  A proven strategy, it ensures quality training by combining on-the-job training with theoretical and practical classroom instruction to prepare exceptional workers for industry.  The College of Micronesia-FSM is one of the institutions of higher learning that have been certified by the U.S. Department of Labor to offer Apprenticeship Programs.  

The President of the College, Mr. Spensin James welcomed the participants and commended the partnership and collaboration between the College and PUC.

Grilly Jack the Apprenticeship Coordinator explained the merits of the program.  Mr. Podis Pedrus, Chairman of the BOR and a member of the Apprenticeship Committee, Mr. Ringlen Ringlen, Representing the PUC Board and currently the Vice President for the Student and Support Services, and Elbert Elias one of the graduating journeymen spoke on the occasion.  Certificates were handed out by the College’s Vice President for Instructional Affairs, Mrs.  Jean Thoulag and Human Resource Director of PUC, Ms. Eliory Alexander. 

Anwar Jahan, Director of Vocational Programs and Grilly Jack, the Apprenticeship Coordinator will travel to Kosrae, Yap and Chuuk to conduct Apprenticeship Program awareness meetings.

Budgets for FY 2007

Instructions on how to prepare their FY 2007 budgets were given to the departments and activity heads of the College of Micronesia-FSM at a meeting on October 3, 2005.  They were also told that budgets for FY 2007 should be completed by mid November for the Board of Regents’  approval.  The Comptroller will e-mail the timeline for the budget preparations and hearings to all concerned this week.  Historical trends on fiscal years 2003-2005 budgets will also be distributed to departments and activity heads for their use in preparing the FY 2007 budgets.

Chuuk Campus Incentive Awards

The Chuuk Staff Development Committee recently completed its review and selections of the incentive awards for its faculty and staff for the school year 2004-2005.  The following are the recipients of the various awards there: 

            Student’s Choice Award                                   Marcellus Akapito

            Instructor of the Year Award                            Alton Higashi

            Award of Recognition Award                           Kersweet Eria

            Staff of the Year Award                                    Marylene Bisalen

            Community Service Award                               Alvios William

            Professional Recognition Award                        Alton Higashi

The administration of the College would like to congratulate these faculty and staff for their dedications and hard work which was recognized by their peers and students to receive these awards.

Updates from Yap Campus

The students at Yap Campus recently elected their Student Body Association officers and the following are the officers for the school year 2005-2006: 

            President                                  Ramon Saletalir

            Vice President                          Leo Pugram, Jr.

            Secretary                                  Michelle Gapith

            Treasurer                                  Janice Wuthwan

The advisor to the SBA for school year 2005-2006 is Julie Waathan, Peer Counseling Center Manager.

A career day was organized by the Peer Counseling Center at Yap Campus on September 14th  with guest speakers Keith Sieg, Yap State Scholarship Coordinator, Attorney General Cyprian Manmaw, Leona Leetun, Health Services AHEC Continuing Education Coordinator, and Frank Lifang, Health Services Non-Communicable Disease Coordinator.  Topics of presentations were on different careers in law and health services.

The computer lab at Yap Campus has 30 new Dell computers installed to replace the old ones.  The NIDA and Vocational Education Lab now has 14 computers for vocational students.  Two new information technicians have been contracted to assist Mr. Pius Mirey, Information System Specialist to run the labs.

Mr. Gilmoon has assumed the title of Instructional Coordinator, effective September 1, 2005.  He is now the overall supervisor of the division chairs in academic and vocational programs.

The Yap Upward Bound Program Coordinator attended the grant writing workshop in Pohnpei and COE meeting in Washington, D.C during the month of September.  She has written the draft proposal for the TSP for Yap Campus.

The Upward Bound Program is also in the process of recruiting freshmen at the high schools in the State of Yap into its school year 2005-2006 activities program.  The program plans to recruit 17 students from Yap High Schools and 2 each from the Outer Island and Woleai High Schools.

Updates from Pohnpei Campus

Work on the substantive change report is in progress.  The substantive change report is for the newly approve Certificate Program in Small Engine, Equipment and outboard motor program.  The report is going to be submitted to WASC by October 18, 2005, for their review and action.  Implementation of the newly approved program cannot be implemented until the substantive change report has been approved by WASC.

Pohnpei Campus is using 16 full-time instructors, 2 full-time assistant instructors, 21 part-time instructors, and four volunteers during the Fall Semester 2005.

Instructional Coordinator Maria Dison, Upward Bound Director Churchill Edward, TSP Director Heinrich Palik, Sara Krosch and Eugenia Pedrus (special contract) attended the grant writing workshop at the National Campus during the week of September 12-14, 2005.

Pohnpei Campus reported that about 253 students, about 42%, of the student population there during Fall Semester 2005 were placed on mid-term deficiency list.

Update from Kosrae Campus

The construction of the campus bookstore is underway.  A twenty by twenty feet tin roof building is being built behind the AES and Faculty building.  The construction of the building is expected to be completed in mid October 2005. 

Upward Bound Program Coordinator attended the grant writing workshop in Pohnpei and COE meeting in Washington, D.C., during the month of September.  The coordinator also has written a draft proposal for Kosrae Campus during the writing workshop.  The proposal will be finalized and submitted to Washington, D. C. for possible funding sometimes in January 2006.  The program has started its Saturdays and evenings tutoring program.

Updates from Academic Divisions at National Campus

Math/Science Division was visited by Ltjg. Nicole D. Colasscco, the Pacific El Nino Southern Oscillation Application Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Discussions on Enso Effects took place during the visit to the division.

Special thanks to all who helped produce and perform the musical “Welcome to Micronesia” written by COM-FSM music instructor, Dan Meyer.  COM-FSM faculty Relinda Abellera, Edwin Barnuevo, Jazmin Gonzales, Patty Kelly, and Rohaizad Sauaidi were joined by SDA teachers Hope Botehlo, Joey Giampa, and Mandy Rogers in the choir.  Jonathan Gourlay wrote the text between the songs.  A very special thanks to the children who joined the production, Jessa Leah Abellera, Jonathan Abellera, Marlin Lee Ling, and Sharisey Lee Ling.

The Exercise and Sport Science Division has been running a series of sixteen (16) different educational spots on the college radio, under the title of “Wellness Minutes.”  The spots covered topics like: how to decrease your risk of cancer and hear disease, the benefits of exercise and physical activity, determining a healthy weight, how to keep the weight off once you have lost it, improving your wellness on a budget, and how alcohol impacts health and many others.  Joe Saimon and one of his work study students helped edit and get these spots out to our listeners.

The following is the result of the election for student body association officers for the school year 2005 - 2006 at the National Campus: 

            President                      Dalina Nero from Chuuk

            Vice President              Kennedy Nedlic from Pohnpei

            Secretary                      Jessica Hainrick from Pohnpei

            Treasurer                      Menoleen Jacob from Pohnpei 

Update from Human Resource

Group Life Insurance with Individual Assurance Company (IAC) will have an increase in the premium rate from 36 cents to 41 cents per thousand dollars. The new rate will take effect in January 2006. Employee’s share will increase by about 2 cents (from 13 cents to 15 cents) per thousand while employer’s share will increase from 23 cents to 26 cents per thousand.

Thank you.