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September 21 , 2005


To:           All Concerned 

From:       President, COM-FSM 

Subject:     President’s Update #259

Talent Search Grant Writing Workshop

On Monday, September 12, 2005 a dedicated group of COM-FSM employees spent their Holiday attending a grant writing workshop at the National Campus. Attendees included the Sponsored Program Facilitator Dayle Dannis, Upward Bound Directors Teresa Filepin, Morgan Jonas and Churchill Edward, Talent Search Director Heinrich Palik, SSSP Director Morehna Santos, Kosrae Instructional Coordinator Nena Mike, Pohnpei Instructional Coordinator Maria Dison, Vocational Director Anwar Jahan, Residential Director Dr. James Yaingeluo, COELD representatives Sarah Krosch and Eugenia Pedrus, and the entire research and planning staff.

Together the workshop participants produced an outline, and then broke into groups to produce the seven parts of a grant application. Each group shared their work so that everyone benefited from the opportunity to work together. There were discussions of program objectives, plans, community involvement, evaluation, personnel and budget issues.

The two and a half day workshop utilized the upcoming US Department of Education Educational Talent Search Program competition as the example. The workshop participants reviewed guidelines for good grant applications and implemented what they learned immediately by producing a draft or template Talent Search grant. Three applications from COM-FSM will be submitted when the competition opens which may happen during October 2005. When the competition is announced, the applicants will have 45 days to submit their applications and COM-FSM will be well prepared thanks to the work of these volunteer participants.

Board of Regents

The Board of Regents met in the State of Chuuk during the week of September 12-15, 2005, and adopted thirteen action items, the minutes of its May 24-25, 2005 meeting in Pohnpei, and a resolution. The Board of Regents also conducted an evaluation on the President and set the dates of their next regular meeting during the week of December 5-9, 2005 in Pohnpei. The approved actions and directives are attached for your information.

The most important discussion at the meeting in Chuuk focused on the permanent site for the COM-FSM Chuuk Campus. The Board of Regents will be considering three sites for a permanent campus at a teleconference after issues relating to the sites are clarified. The Board also approved $500,000 from the COM-FSM Chuuk Campus fund balance for upgrading/renovation of the facilities at the current site.

The administration has also been asked by the Board of Regents to find out if there is a possibility of modifying the “Teach Out” currently being used at the COM-FSM Chuuk Campus. The administration cautioned the BOR members that it will be difficult as we have not addressed the renovation of facilities yet, however, it will contact the Executive Director of WASC to find out if it would be possible to modify the “Teach Out” currently taking place at the COM-FSM Chuuk Campus. The “Teach Out” is for currently enrolled students and the modification will request that the “Teach Out” allow students who discontinued their enrollment one year before the implementation of the “Teach Out”. These are students that do not need to file applications for readmission.

Since we do not know the number of students in this category, the first priority will be given to the Associate Degrees and the second priority will be given to students who are in good academic standing.

Mission , Vision, Values, and Goals

The Board of Regents’ approved mission, vision, values, and goals are given below for your information. The Standing Committees have been assigned each goal by expanding it to include a tactical plan that will include the objectives, activities, resources, assessment, timeline and who is responsible for accomplishing the objectives and activities.

The revisions of the mission statement and goals are needed as the current Strategic Plan for the College will expire during fiscal year 2006. The members of the accreditation team that visited the College in April 2005 also expressed their concerns about the fact that they would have to assess the COM-FSM mission statement in upcoming accreditations by WASC. The expectation of the statement that the college would “provide educational opportunity – academic, vocational and technical – for all people” may not be achievable with the funding that will be available to the College.

At the May 2005 Board of Regents meeting, the President was directed to consider the issue of the revising the mission statement and bring the matter to the September 2005 BOR meeting. The President immediately began a college wide discussion on the current mission statement. He held a meeting of the Planning Council and solicited opinions from all campuses. By the end of July a dozen draft versions of the revised mission statements had been collected from all campuses.

On August 1 st and 2 nd a Presidential Retreat was held at the National Campus which included over 40 representatives and leaders of the college. All members of Planning Council as well as representatives from the campuses were included. The meeting was facilitated by a faculty member from the University of Hawaii who has exstensive strategic planning experiences.

During the Presidential Retreat new Vision, Mission, and Values Statements were drafted and seven goals were identified. These documents were circulated widely and many comments collected and reviewed by members of the administration. Most of the comments were supportive of the new documents, but there were some concerns about the brevity of the mission statement and the language regarding student learning. The comments were reviewed and all expressed opinions were heard. A great many comments were incorporated. On August 26, 2005, the Cabinet recommended the Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals to the BOR for approval. The Board of Regents approved these documents at its September 12-15, 2005, in the State of Chuuk. The documents are given below for your information:

Vision Statement

The College of Micronesia-FSM will assist the citizens of the Federated States of Micronesia to be well-educated, prosperous, globally-connected, accountable, healthy and live in harmony with the environment and the world community.

Mission Statement

Historically diverse, uniquely Micronesian and globally connected, the College of Micronesia-FSM is a continuously improving and student centered institute of higher education. The college is committed to assisting in the developing of the nation by providing academic, career and technical educational opportunity for learners in the Federated States of Micronesia.

Values Statement

In order for us to achieve our Vision, Mission, and Goals we agree to uphold the following core values and behaviors. We value:

  1. Learner-centeredness - Learners are our primary focus and we provide quality instruction and services in a nurturing and safe environment.
  2. Professional behavior - We are competent, service-oriented professionals with a commitment to life-long learning and a commitment to provide excellent and exemplary service to students, colleagues and the community.
  3. Innovation - We provide a dynamic, creative, up-to-date, and innovative environment to allow the college community to function effectively in a global economy.
  4. Honesty and Ethical Behavior- We are honest and abide by the COM-FSM Code of Ethics in all our personal and professional interactions to create and maintain trust and unity among ourselves and with our community.
  5. Commitment and Hard Work - We commit and invest our time, energy and resources to create a rigorous, high quality learning environment.
  6. Teamwork - We live in a community where collaboration, open-mindedness, respect and support for each other help us achieve our mission.
  7. Accountability - We are responsible for and accountable in our daily activities to our partners and the community we serve. We comply with all applicable regulations and use our resources efficiently and effectively to maintain a high level of trust and confidence.


The College of Micronesia-FSM, through a continuous assessment and review process, will continuously improve to meet or exceed current accreditation standards and will:

    1. Have sufficient and well-managed fiscal resources that allows for financial independence.
    2. Foster effective communication.
    3. Invest in sufficient, qualified, and effective human resources.
    4. Create an adequate, healthy and functional learning and working environment.
    5. Promote learning and teaching for student success and satisfaction.
    6. Build a partnering and service network for student success, and workforce and economic development.
    7. Promote the uniqueness of our community, cultivate respect for individual differences, and champion diversity.

Hearing on FY 2006 Budget at the FSM Congress

The following key staff and Board of Regents attended the FY 2006 Budget hearing with the FSM Congress Ways and Means Committee on Friday, September 16, 2005, at 3:00 p.m. at the Congress Hearing Building: Mr. Podis Pedrus, Chairman of the COM-FSM Board of Regents, Mr. Andrew Yatilman, BOR member representing the National Government, Mrs. Jean Thoulag, VPIA, Mrs. Penny Weilbacher, Director of Pohnpei Campus, Mrs. Jessica Stam, Director of Research and Planning Office, Mr. Ringlen Ringlen, VPSSA, Mr. Danny Dumantay, Comptroller, Mr. Francisco Mendiola, Director of Maintenance and Facilities, Mr. Eddie Haleyalig, Director of Financial Aid Office, Mr. Benson Moses, Chair, Education Division, and the President.

The Board members and the key staff learned that the Infrastructure Funds in the FY 2006 budget had been reduced by $250,000. The reduction in the College’s Infrastructure Funds is needed to build two airstrips that are needed for the outer islands. The College’s Infrastructure Funds in FY 2006 were given to the COM-FSM Chuuk and Kosrae Campuses. It was also reported that President Urusemal has recommended that $150,000 and $100,000 have been taken from Kosrae and Chuuk Campuses respectively.

The Secretary of Finance also reported that Supplemental Education Grant for the Work Study and Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant had been reduced by about $4,215. The Supplemental Education Grant for the Teacher Corp Program has also been reduced by about $2,074.

The College representatives were asked to make modifications on its affected budget and submit the modifications on Monday, September 19, 2005, to the Chairman of Ways and Means Committee. The modifications on the FY 2006 IDP and FY2005 SEG budgets are given below:

Modifications on Infrastructure Development Program Funds

Allocation in FY 2006 Budget Recommended cuts Balance
$1,500,000.00 $250,000 $1,250,000



The College is recommending that the cuts in the IDP funds will be taken from the Kosrae Campus shares of the original $1,500,000. So the allocation for Kosrae Campus after the cut is $635,000. The Chuuk Campus share remains at $612,000.

Justification: As planned the $888,000 for Kosrae Campus will be used for constructing three vocational classrooms along with shops and the student center. We believe that the Student Center can be phased into two parts if the funding is reduced, therefore, being more legitimate for the cut. As for Chuuk Campus, the whole amount would be needed for classrooms which are more difficult to split into phases as it may cause major interferences during the phase II of the project.

Modifications on the Supplemental Education Grant Programs

Programs Original Allocations Cuts Balance
Work Study $174,000 $4,215 $167,046
SEOG 97,216 0 97,216
Teacher Corp (Staff Dev.) 174,000 2,074 171,926

Total SEG for the College after the cuts---------------$438,972

Staff Certified as Notary Public:

Ms. Quly Alex, Executive Secretary for Vice President for Instructional Affairs and Ms. Hadleen Hadley, Executive Secretary to the President, have been certified as Notary Public in the FSM. These two ladies are available at the College to assist faculty, staff, and students who need documents to be notarized.

Staff Senate Executive Committee Members

The members of the Staff Senate Executive Committee for the School Year 2005-2006 are listed below:

President-------------------Dr. Richard Womack

Vice President-------------Ms. Morehna Rettin Santos

Sec./Treasurer-------------Ms. Mariana Ben

Faculty Rep.---------------Mr. Jonathan Gourlay

Staff Rep.------------------Mr. Faustino Yarofaisug

At Large Member---------Mr. Alfred Olter


Updates from HR Office

Reminder: Deadline for submission of applications for the COM-FSM Retirement Plan is on September 30, 2005. Regular employee of the college who has fulfilled the one year enrollment requirement may enroll at this time. Forms may be accessed online at or at HR Office at the National Campus.

Foreign credential evaluations need to be submitted to HRO by October 2005.

New Hires:

Evelyn Damayon – Math/Science Instructor @ Kosrae Campus

Amon Inek – Information System Specialist @ Chuuk Campus

Virendara Mohan Verma – CRE Researcher @ Kosrae Campus

Clotilda Dugwen – Accountant I @ FSM-FMI

Bertoldo Esteban – Vocational Instructor @ Pohnpei Campus


Jon Berger – Director of Academic Programs @ National Campus


Official Enrollment for Fall Semester 2005 at Campuses

The official enrollment at COM-FSM Campuses are listed below for your information:

Chuuk Campus 310 students
Kosrae Campus 241 “
National Campus 899 “
Pohnpei Campus 597 “
Yap Campus 182 “

Thank you.