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August 11, 2004

To: All Concerned

From: Interim President

Subject: Update from the President's Office - No. 238


Welcome Message from Interim President:

I would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone - especially the new students, new instructors and staff at six campuses within the College of Micronesia-FSM System. I would also like to thank all our faculty and staff for choosing to work at the College and all our students for choosing to study at COM-FSM. Let us all work together to make this school year a successful one.


The faculty and staff at all campuses are busy reviewing the organizational chart models for the purpose of developing ones their campus, department, or group think will address the concerns of the Accrediting Commission.

The whole College community is working hard on the Progress Report on recommendation #2 that will be submitted to the BOR for its review on the week of September 6. The same report will be refined and submitted to the Accrediting Commission on October 15, 2004. Part of the Progress Report is going to be organizational charts that will clearly show the line of authority between the six campuses in the system. Attached is the Gold Model developed by the student services management staff. We are hoping to get more models from other campuses, departments, and groups soon.

Enrollment cap:

The enrollment cap was established by the Curriculum Committee with the consent and approval of the Campuses at the Campus Directors meeting on May 13-14, 2004. The following are the enrollment cap for campuses during Fall Semester 2004:

1. Chuuk Campus 720 students
2. Kosrae Campus 300 "
3. National Campus 970 "
4. Pohnpei Campus 450 "
5. Yap Campus 250 "

The Curriculum Committee will be recommending new enrollment caps for Spring Semester 2005 to the Campus Directors and Cabinet for action sometimes in September 2004.


The College welcomes the following new faculty and staff to the College community: Tom Bentley, English instructor at Kosrae Campus, David Walsh, Hotel and Restaurant Management instructor at Pohnpei Campus, Dan Meyer, music instructor at National Campus, Eric Buswell, English instructor at National Campus, Rachel Hollingsworth, physical education instructor at National Campus, Resihda Keller, English instructor at National Campus, and Jon Berger, Director of Academic Affairs at National Campus. Mr. Robert Andreas, former Bilingual Education Project staff has transferred to the Education Division at National Campus.

General Information:

Jean Thoulag, Acting Vice President for Instructional Affairs, Arlene Dumantay, OAR Coordinator, and Arinda Swingly, Financial Aid Counselor will be traveling to Chuuk Campus on Thursday, 8/12/04, for about a week where Jean will be conducting workshops for faculty members and Arlene and Arinda will assist with registration process at Chuuk Campus.

The System Wide Calendar has the week of August 9-13, 2004, as orientation week at all campuses. The orientation week is still in full swing this week at the National Campus with a General Assembly at the FSM China Friendship Sports Center. Over three hundred (300+) freshmen, faculty, staff, and Peer Guides were in attendance. The General Assembly's guest speakers were the former SBA President Gina Tobin and SBA Vice President Klafa Welly. Peer Guides assisted in facilitating the assembly and took the freshmen in groups of 30 students on tours of the National Campus. The orientation activities will continue throughout this week and part of next week. Interim President's Office has not received any word on how the orientation activities are taking place at the other campuses.

Several Workshops were held at the National Campus computer labs and MITC rooms. These include: SPC and WHO sponsored Communicable Disease Workshop attended by participants from South Pacific Commission's entities, NOAA and National Weather Service Disaster Preparedness Workshops for participants from FSM, PREL and Pohnpei Department of Education Sponsored Workshop for 21st Century Project Staff.

A training workshop primarily for vocational teaching assistant and facilitators for the NIDA computer based training program in electronics was held at Pohnpei Campus on August 2-3, 2004. Dr. Richard Womack conducted a session on classroom management, Sherry Rose Sandoval covered various components of the NIDA training program and Anwar Jahan presented teaching techniques for vocational training. Participants of the training included: Renton Isaac from Kosrae Campus and Grilly Jack from Pohnpei Campus. Pohnpei Campus vocational course teaching assistants Joycelynn Roby, Romino Victor, Salba Silbanuz, and computer technicians Dakuma Lucios and Betson Ifamilik also attended the training.

Three staff members from the National Campus Learning Resource Center traveled to Kosrae on August 09, 2004, and will spend one week assisting the Rose Mackwelung Memorial Library staff. They will provide technical assistance and training in classifying and cataloging their library materials and preparing electronic cataloging records. They will also complete an inventory of unique print materials at the Kosrae Library about Micronesia that can be electronically scanned and added to our electronic library collection.

The Registration week for all students will take place during the week of August 16-20, 2004. Students who have already course selected will register based on the attached Fall Semester 2004 Registration Schedule.

Summer Session, 2004 Graduates

The following list of graduates were not included in the last President's Update. We apologize for the omission and the Interim President's Office would also like to recognize and extend congratulations to the following:

Graduates Major
Ryohei Aoki 3rd Year Business Administration
Leilani Ardos Liberal Arts
Laylanny Cheida Accounting
Bryan Dabugsiy Business Administration
Lane Ohli Liberal Arts/Education
Nolynn Oliver Liberal Arts


Thank you.