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April- Palikir, Pohnpei


April 06, 2004

To: All Regents, Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni,Community Patrons, and our Valued College Friends & Supporters

From: Acting President

Subject: Update from the President's Office - No. 229


Board of Regents:

The Board of Regents (BOR) concluded its special meeting in Kosrae during the week of April 22-24, 2004. The Board of Regents directed the administration to recommend to the Board at its next meeting in May 2004 the role of state campuses. Other directives from the BOR meeting in Kosrae are attached for your information.

The BOR is working with the key staff at the College on essential characteristics for a president. The Board is working with the Cabinet on finalizing the search committee for the president and then advertising for the position.

The Chairman of the Board of Regents and the Acting President are concentrating on lobbying the FSM Congressmen and President for the Chuuk Campus permanent site funds. It is hopeful that a permanent site for the COM-FSM Campus/Chuuk Site will be secured soon.

National Campus:

Dr. Michael Tatum, former President of the College, has returned to his home in the USA and is no longer employed by the College. Mr. Spensin James is now the Acting President.

The College of Micronesia-FSM Campus/Palikir Site conducted its 2004 Coronation on Tuesday, March 30, 2004. The teams (White, Green, Blue, Purple, and Red) competed on fundraising activities and the team that raised the largest amount of money will have its Queen and King crowned as the 2004 Founding Day Queen and King. Green Team, consisting of students from Kosrae State, raised the largest amount of money so the queen and king from Kosrae Team were crowned as the Miss and Mr. Founding Day 2004. The following shows the amount of money raised by each team:

1. Green Team (Kosraen Students)-------------------------------$16,510.56
2. Blue Team (Pohnpeian Students at Ntional Campus)----------- $11,344.58
3. Purple Team (Pohnpei Campus Students)------------------------$6,700.00
4. White Team (Chuukese Students)--------------------------------$5,339.71
5. Red Team (Yapese Students)------------------------------------$3,861.58


Total amount of money collected from the fundraising activities for this year's coronation is about $43,000.

Part of the Founding Day activities included the events in basketball, volleyball, slow pitch, and track and field. The track and field events concluded the 2004 Founding Day activities on April 1, 2004. The winners for each of the events or games are given below:

Men Basketball
Green Team
Women Basketball
Green Team
Men Volleyball
Purple Team
Women Volleyball
Purple Team
Men Slow Pitch
Purple Team
Women Slow Pitch
Purple Team
Track and Field
Purple Team
White Team

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all teams for their efforts and hard work in making the 2004 Founding Day a success.

The FSM China Friendship Gym was the venue for the opening and plenary sessions for the 3rd FSM Economic Summit during the week of March 29 to April 2, 2004. The breakout sessions for some of the sectors at the summit were also conducted at the AV viewing rooms and agriculture classroom. About twenty-five (25) administrators, faculty, and staff represented the College at the summit. Some of the students also sat in some of the breakout sessions and observed how leaders of the FSM acted on matters that will be affecting their future. Thanks to all administrators, faculty, staff, and students who represented the College at the FSM 3rd Economic Summit.

The Bilingual Education Project staff collaborated with the FSM Division of Education in conducting a nation wide Bilingual Conference during the week of March 22-25, 2004 at the Sea Breeze Hotel in Kolonia, Pohnpei. The workshop was a success.

The course selection for the continuing students for Summer Session and Fall Semester 2004, commenced on March 22, 2004 and has been extended to April 16, 2004.


The following personnel have resigned from the National Campus: Anatasia Lynch (Librarian III) effective 3/3/04; and Englebert Dannis (Student Services Aide) effective 4/01/04. We thank both Anatasia and Englebert for their services to the College and wish them the very best in the future.

A warm welcome is extended to the following new hires: Merly Samuel, Cook I (National Campus) effective 2/23/04; Mardina Padahk, Cook I (National Campus) effective 2/23/04; Ruthy Lebehn, Account Technician (National Campus) effective 2/23/04; Jessica Stam, Director of Research and Planning (National Campus) effective 2/23/04; Julia Martin, Library Assistant III (National Campus) effective 3/22/04; Evelyn Neth, Accountant I (National Campus) effective 4/5/04; and Eileen Sabino, Secretary III (Kosrae Campus) effective 2/23/04. We are glad to have you all with us!

Chuuk Campus:

Two computer labs with over 40 new computers and Learning Resource Center server were installed last week at Chuuk campus. The installations of computers will improve students and staff Internet access there.


During the recent exit interview by the ACCJC accreditation visiting team, COM-FSM was described as out of compliance with several 1998 recommendations. While awaiting the written report, the following actions have been undertaken in response to her statements to the College.

  • A Board of Regents Policy manual must be put into writing and disseminated to every member of the six-site system. This is a significant issue that must be addressed immediately. The visiting team has suggested a format for a BOR Policy manual. A draft revision of the BOR by-laws into the manual format will be available for BOR consideration at the May meeting.
  • The research program must be formalized. A review of research and planning activities is currently underway. Under the direction of the acting President, a plan for comprehensive data gathering including retention rates, program completion rates, student goal achievement, graduation rates, success rates for transfer students and other information critical to planning will be presented at the May BOR meeting.
  • The technology plan must be expanded and updated. The Technology Advisory Committee will begin this activity as soon as possible. An expanded and updated technology plan will be ready for BOR action at the May meeting.
  • The faculty evaluation instrument in current use is not in compliance with the new standards. The new faculty evaluation instrument is nearly completed and will be presented to the BOR at the May meeting.

A review of the 1998 and 2001 reports revealed that the following additional tasks to be undertaken:

  • A complete Administrative Policy Manual needs to be created and made accessible to all the staff at every campus. Plans are being developed to complete and distribute the nearly complete overall policy manual.
  • The annual report should be completed and made available to the College and the community. Data is being gathered for an annual report to cover the period FY 2001 and FY 2002.

Other issues raised during the visit will await the written recommendations with the exceptions of the Chuuk Campus facility, which requires more immediate action. Acting President will address this issue with the appropriate FSM government officials and with the BOR.

Mr. Dana Lee Ling, Accreditation Liaison Officer, is in the process of completing and submitting the College's annual report to the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). The report is one of those reports that the College is required to submit to WASC in order to maintain its accreditation.

The College is also working on submitting a substantive change report for converting the FSM FMI modules into credits to WASC for approval. This report will also be requesting the WASC to approve the offering of the Associate of Applied Science Degree Programs at the FSM FMI.

Thank you.