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July 3, 2002- Palikir, Pohnpei

Update from the President's Office - No.213

July 3, 2002 M E M O R A N D U M

To: All Regents, Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni, Community Patrons, and
Our Valued College Friends

From: Dr. Michael Tatum, President

Subject: Update from the President's Office - No. 213*

I find it hard to believe that it is time for another Update! The first thought that comes to my mind is "I wonder where the time goes?" However, I am reminded of an aphorism that advises, "People go, but time stays. People may move, pass away, or go somewhere, but time remains constant." And so, it is once again my time to bring you another Update.

In organizations the size of the College of Micronesia-FSM, change is a given. The Summer Semester has brought a flurry of activity to each of our campus sites, and with this activity we have seen some changes:

Dr. Karl Brookins has left us, finishing his contract and work with the
Land Grant and returning with his family to the U.S.A. We wish both
Karl and his family well! Thanks Karl for working and sharing with us!

The Chuuk Campus Peer Counseling Program has hired Celestino Emwalu for the Student Services Specialist I position. We extend to
Celestino a hardy and warm welcome!

Word from the Fisheries and Maritime Institute tells us that Joe Defngen has resigned so that he can further his education. We wish Joe well!

We also want to welcome Alvin Ong to the National Campus, where he begins working as the Foods Service Manager. If you notice that Alvin seems unusually happy as he goes about his work, it may be due to the fact that he was married just prior to coming to Pohnpei. Welcome and a most hearty congratulations to Alvin!

Along with the Summer Semester being in full swing each at of our campuses, a number of other activities have kept our dedicated faculty and staff busy. In particular, I would like to recognize Dr. Richard Womack of the COM-FSM Education Department, Glen Snider - contracted educational consultant, and Greg Myers - college Planning and Research, for their hundreds of long hours of hard work, dedication, and vision, that they have put into the development of a Teacher Quality Enhancement Grant that they helped to develop in cooperation with the FSM National Department of Education and the State Departments of Education. Special Note: If Dr. Womack looks tired, he is. Rich used most of his personal vacation time to work on this project and get it completed. As president, I pride myself in arriving early every morning to work, but Rich almost always
is on campus before 6:00 AM. It is people like Dr. Richard Womack that make our college such a special place! Thanks to Rich, Glen, and Greg for caring enough to get the job done and for doing it right! And I thank each of you who carryout your work responsibilities so conscientiously. Thank You All.

In related news, our B.Ed. degree program continues to move forward. This degree program will shape the future of education here in the FSM. As you know, the focus of the B.Ed. degree will be on development of competent teachers for teaching throughout the Federated States of Micronesia.

"Teaching is the noblest profession in the world. Upon the
proper education of youth depend the permanency and purity
of home and the safety and perpetuity of the nation. The parent
gives the child an opportunity to live; the teacher enables the
child to live well." - David O. McKay, lifelong educator

Other noteworthy activities:

Heinrich Palik, Director of the Pohnpei Campus Talent Search Program, recently visited Kosrae with Casiano Shoniber, Director of the Pohnpei State Department of Education, where Heinrich coordinated the Pohnpei-Kosrae Student Goodwill Games. Word has it that a goodtime was had by all participants. Besides making new friends, the participating youth learned positive lessons in leadership through teamwork and sportsmanship.

Our Comptroller, Danny Dumantay, has announced the implementation of a new Petty Cash account. This account will help streamline minor business transactions on campus, making it easier to conduct day-to-day business. We too often take for granted our Pay Days and all of the time that goes into the financial workings of our college. I encourage each of you to take the time to Thank Danny and his dedicated staff for getting payrolls out on time and for all that they do on a daily basis to ensure that our campuses run smoothly.

Pohnpei Campus Director Penny Weilbacher, Assistant Pohnpei Campus Director Jeff Arnold, and myself, attended a Special Session of the FSM Congress to show interest and support for the college budget for 2003.

Upcoming events:

Francisco "Ankie" Mendiola announced today that the groundbreaking for the new Faculty Office Building will take place on Friday, July 5th, at
3:00 PM. This is your chance to be a witness to yet another step forward in the development of the National Campus. Thanks to Ankie and to all of those who have done so much in preparation for this day. I hope to see you there!

Vice-President Ringlen P. Ringlen contacted my office with an important advisory message. He said that from August 7th to the 11th, we should not become overly disturbed about reports of "persons bouncing off of walls, jumping over obstacles, and generally defying gravity," because these persons will be part of a visiting troupe of acrobats from China who will be staying in our dormitories during that time. Yes, the Chinese Acrobats are coming! Stay tuned for more information regarding this college and community event!

In closing, I reflect on the words of Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt who said:

"Far and away, the best prize that life offers
is the chance to work at a job worth doing."

My dear friends, I am convinced that each of us here at the College of Micronesia-FSM are contributing in a major way to the betterment of society and life here in the FSM. I ensure to you that each of your jobs are worth doing and each of your jobs contribute to the greater whole. So much of life is about outcomes and accountability. Let us all strive to do our best. Remember all of us here at the College of Micronesia-FSM are Teachers.

Keep up your Excellent Work.

Thank You for All that You Do.


Dr. Michael Tatum, President

*A humorous note: In my previous Update, I erroneously numbered it Update #222. No one noticed this mistake, except for the Chair of our Business Department, Charles Musana who wrote to me the following: "Just as I was filing away the last update, I noticed the numbers were out of sync. Instead of #212, the last update was #222. Unless I have Ripvanwinkled for the last 20 weeks…!! But then, it might have caught your eye already." No Charles, you didn't Ripvanwinkle. Come by one of these days around noon and I'll treat you to lunch, on the president. Thanks for being so observant!


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