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January 31, 2000 - Palikir, Pohnpei

Update from the President's Office - No. 177

Performance Based Budget.    As of this writing Director of Research and Planning Greg Myers is putting the finishing touches on the College's budgets to be submitted to the FSM President. The FY 2002 operations budgets being submitted this week are modified versions of the budgets submitted last year. The budget package includes FY 2002 operations budget, a budget for each sponsored program (a new requirement this year), the FY 2002 budget for the Board of Regents, FY 2002 Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) requests, and the FY 2002 budget for the FSM Fisheries and Maritime Institute (FMI). The more detailed budgets based on the "outputs" that have been identified and costed out by divisions, offices, departments, campuses and programs over the past several weeks will be developed and submitted once the software has been received from the FSM Department of Finance. This process has been delayed due to a delay in the finalization of the software. However, when the software is received, we will be in a position to complete the process in a timely manner.

Sincere gratitude is expressed to Greg and all activity and program heads for the many hours of effort and deliberations that have gone into the development of the "outputs" for the new format. Your dedication and cooperation in the completion of the budget in this new format is very much appreciated.

The College's hearing with the FSM Executive Budget Review Committee has been tentatively scheduled for the week of February 19. A specific date and time have yet to be determined.

Trial Counselors Certificate Ceremony.    A certificate ceremony to honor the seven (7) graduates of the Trial Counselors Certification of Achievement program was held at the FSM Supreme Court on January 19, 2001, at 3: 00 p.m. Speakers included; Benjamin Rodriguez, who represented the graduates; Tammy Davis, one of the instructors for the program; Chief Justice Andon Amaraich; and myself. Michael Sipos, also an instructor for the program, served as MC and Reverend Edgar Isaac gave both the invocation and the benediction. Graduates from the program include: Mason Albert, Walberg Hadley, Kohsak Keller, Michael Nakasone, Gonzaga Puas, Benjamin Rodriguez, and John William. According to Chief Justice Amaraich, all of these graduates will be eligible to challenge the FSM bar exam. A reception followed the ceremony. Special appreciation is expressed to Pohnpei Campus administration and staff for their role in organizing this ceremony. Congratulations to all of the graduates!

COM Board of Regents Meeting.    As reported in Update no. 176, I traveled to Guam to attend a meeting of the College of Micronesia (Land Grant) Board of Regents which was held at the University of Guam from January 15-16, 2001. Present at this meeting were the COM Regents, the Executive Director, the Presidents of Palau Community College, the College of the Marshall Islands, and COM-FSM, the Vice Presidents for Cooperative Research and Extension from the respective colleges, and other Land Grant staff. A copy of the directives from this meeting is attached. FSM Regent Lt. Governor Andrew Yatilman is now the Chairperson of the COM Board. If any of you have questions regarding the directives, please see VPCRE Yasuo Yamada or myself for further information.

Fourth-Year Teacher Education Program.    A "working group" has been established to develop and implement a four-year competency based teacher education program at the College. Members include Dr. Richard Womack (chair), Spensin James, Joe Habuchmai, Harvey Segal, Jean Thoulag, Lore Nena, Dr. Greg Myers, Robert Churney, Jonathan Gourlay, Damian Sohl, and Dana Lee Ling. Assistant Secretary Weldis Welley from the FSM Department of Health, Education, and Social Affairs (HESA)has also been invited to serve on this group. Spensin is currently in Saipan attending a conference on teacher education/distance education sponsored by PREL. While there, he plans to visit Northern Marianas College to meet with staff there on their experiences in the development of a four-year program. He, along with Rich and Joe, will also present the College's plan at the meeting of the FSM Chief State School Officers (FACSSO) to be held in Guam immediately following the Saipan meeting. (Rich and Joe will be in Guam attending a joint meeting of the FSM State Directors of Education and Special Education Coordinators sponsored by FSM HESA. I will also discuss our plans with Accrediting Commission officials during my upcoming meetings with them in Los Angeles. A report on the progress of this group will be made to the Board of Regents at its March 2001 meeting in Kosrae.

President's List.    According to p. 34 of the catalog, "each semester the College publishes a President's List in which full-time degree and certificate students who earn a semester GPA of 3.4 or better without a grade below a "C" are recognized." The National Campus President's List for the fall 2000 semester is as follows (* designates 4.00 GPA):

Kekolanny Abraham Isaac Albert Marleen Allen
Rosalinda Allen McEnroe Ardos* Rachel Bardelas*
Robert Churney, Jr.* Glen Danis Terry Dawe
Rodigo Domsin Duane Donre Maymelynn Edward
Leonard Ekiek Charles Edwin Christina Elias
Terry Elias Trinitina Elidok Ailina Ezekias
Catherine Fattineg* Achena Finik Rentia Francis
Franny Fritz Anchelina Fupul Roque Gilmete*
Josephina Hainrick Merleen Henry Bencely Ioanis
Mike Ioanis Loveleen James* Moses Jano
Joelynn Joe Sophia Joel Renbeth Johnson
Rosetina Jonathan Jennifer Killion Quincy Lawrence
Kalio Lebehn Quincy Linus* Sistine Lokopwe
Dakuma Lucios Gloreen Malakai Al-lien Mori
Kenneth Mwailir Meriam Nena Donald Nithan
Pedro Pedrus Aaron Peter Linda Phillip
Ricardo Poll Silverina Petrick Boone Rain
Tanya Rangemee Abraham Rayphand* Lori Reuney*
Monica Rogon Laurette Rosario* Mary Route
Carmen Sablan Kenmore Salvador Jansen Santos*
Senoleen Santos Shrue Skilling Davidson Syne
Senoleen Syne Jessica Timothy Joseph Tun
Silvester Waltu Linser Weber Iona Weilbacher
Zenica Yiftheg Joseph Yowtamag

Congratulations to all of you! Keep up the good work!!

Fundraising.   A meeting of the Fundraising Steering Committee was held on January 23, 2001. As reported earlier, the COM-FSM Endowment Fund Raffle drawing has been postponed to May 5, 2001, to provide additional time to sell tickets. To provide an avenue for more staff and students to participate in the raffle, it was decided to allow individual and groups from the College community to do fundraising, primarily the selling of food items, to purchase raffle tickets. This decision was made in light of the request from the Student Body Association to hold the Mr. and Ms. Founding Day contest every other year rather than on an annual basis. No fundraising competition will be held this year. Raffle tickets cost $200 each. The prizes include: (1) $10,000; (2) $5,000; (3) $3,000; (4) $2,000; (5) $1,000; (6) $1,000; (7) $1,000; (8) 2 roundtrip tickets to the Philippines (Air Nauru); (9) 2 roundtrip tickets to Guam (Air Nauru); (10) $500 worth of gasoline (Mobil Oil), and (11) $500 worth of gasoline (Mobil Oil). Fundraising is to be held in the lobby of the Administration Building for the National Campus. Please see Lore or Norma if you are interested in reserving a time slot. State Campuses are also encouraged to participate.

A walk-a-thon has been scheduled for May 5, 2001, to coincide with the raffle drawing. Ambros, Inc. (Guam) has agreed to provide 325 t-shirts for finishers. More details on this event will be forthcoming.

As of this writing it is still not clear whether the San Francisco Opera will be appearing on behalf of the Endowment Fund as in years past. Apparently, organizers are still awaiting word from Continental Airlines as to whether they will sponsor the tickets for the performers. Perhaps we will know something by the next Update.

A donation in the amount of $100 was received from Drs. Janet and Milton Bennett. This is the third time they have donated to the Endowment Fund. Drs. Bennett are former Peace Corps Micronesia volunteers.

President's Travel Schedule.    I will be attending a meeting of the Community College Leadership Development Initiative (CCLDI) Board of Directors in Los Angeles on January 26, 2001 and a meeting of a Task Force being established by the Accrediting Commission to review the accreditation standards, also in Los Angeles, on February 6, 2001. I have signed annual leave to visit my family during the period between the two meetings. All expenses for my attendance at the two meetings are covered by CCLDI and the Commission. On my return trip I will stop in Kosrae to deliver the keynote address to the Student Leadership Conference on February 9th. I am scheduled to return to Pohnpei on February 10th. Vice President for Support and Student Affairs Ringlen Ringlen will act in my stead.

Personnel.    Word has been received that Jennifer Hainrick delivered a daughter Trenay on January 21, 2001. Trenay weighed 8 lbs. and 5 oz., and both mother and baby are doing fine.

Lucy Donre is also the proud parent of a new baby girl. Britney-Lee Sam, born on January 11, 2001, weighed 7 lbs. And 12 oz.

Our warmest congratulations to you both!

More Next Time!
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