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June 21, 2000 - Palikir, Pohnpei

Update from the President's Office - No. 161

FSM Congress - According to the Standing Committee Report No. 11-132 dated June 12, 2000, the Committee on Health, Education and Social Affairs (HESA) recommends a reduction in the COM-FSM operations budget from the requested $3,300,000 to $3,000,000. The report states that the reduction reflects the economic reality that all public institutions have had to practice fiscal discipline and live within our nation's limited financial resources. The report says that the reduction also reflects the fact that there has been an increase in the amount of Pell Grant assistance that students can receive.

Also in this report, the HESA Committee recommends a reduction in the proposed appropriation for the FSM-FMI from $821,700 to $450,000. It states that it was apparent at the budget hearing that the FMI's initial operation has been delayed and substantial funds remain from last year's appropriation.

The committee recommends approval of the requested amount of $300,000 in student assistance but also recommends that $5,000 be set aside for students who are enrolled in the course on Micronesian Government and Politics. The committee wishes to encourage more students to learn about our system of government to enable them to be better citizens and more involved in government.

The HESA Committee recommends the requested amount of $236,600 for Architecture and Engineering (A&E) of the COM-FSM National Campus Faculty Office. The Committee recommends deletion of the construction costs of the faculty office building. It says at the budget hearing, the College representatives acknowledged that the construction costs of the faculty office building cannot be accurately estimated until after the A&E has been completed.

The committee recommends the requested amount of $78,960 for the COM-FSM Board of Regents.

Summer 2000. Governor Johnny David stated in his letter to Speaker Feliciano Perman that one of the proposed changes in Emergency Order is "that the College of Micronesia-FSM be open if it meets the standards to contain the cholera epidemic issued in writing by the Governor."

A letter received from EPA to President Susan Moses states that "overall we found the campus facilities in very good condition, and commend you and your staff for all your efforts in maintaining the site in a safe and sanitary condition, for the safety and health of your staff and students."

An announcement was put on the air that the College of Micronesia-FSM is now registering students for Summer 2000 pending amendment of the Emergency Order by the Legislature, classes and all programs at the National and Pohnpei Campuses are scheduled to begin Wednesday, June 21, 2000. If Summer Session is canceled, all fees will be fully refunded.

Student Leadership Award: Congratulations to L. J. Rayphand for receiving the Student of the Year Award. This award honors a student for his/her outstanding service and leadership through involvement in COM-FSM student government and recognized groups or activities. Rayphand was selected from a list of candidates taken from the survey held in May 2000. LJ will receive $100 cash and a certificate of recognition. Here are some of the reasons students, faculty, and staff voted for LJ:

  • He was selected to receive the "Alula" scholarship from UOG and San Jose State University. He is currently in Guam for the summer as part of this scholarship.
  • He was a Resident Assistant in the dormitory.
  • He was an active participant in the Peer Counseling Center.
  • One faculty wrote: "He is true to his word. When he makes a commitment he follows through with it."
  • One student wrote that he was a "student leader".
  • A staff member wrote that he has been "a good student...from when he came until now."
  • He was a member of the Student Conduct Board.

Any one who knows LJ as a student, peer, or friend will doubtless have his or her own reasons as to why he deserves this award. He is truly a leader and a student that COM-FSM is very proud to have.

Resident Assistants: Congratulations to Killy Silem of Chuuk and Augusttine Yarofalyaro of Yap for their selection as the new Resident Assistants for the Male Dormitory. Also congratulations to Monica Rogon of Yap and Anita Salik of Kosrae for being picked as the new Resident Assistants for the Female Dormitory.

Personnel: Congratulations to Magdalena Hallers for receiving her Masters of Arts in Special Education from UOG on May 26, 2000.

Also congratulations is extended to Wilson Kalio for having been nominated to membership in the Chi Omicron Gamma Society. Chi Omicron Gamma is the only university-wide organization at the University of Guam whose membership includes juniors, seniors, and graduate students, as well as administrators, and faculty members in teaching and research. Founded in 1967, the primary function of the Chi Omicron Gamma is to honor students who excel in school and to recognize administrators, faculty, and staff for achieving excellence in their respective departments and their contributions to the University of Guam.

Ms. Viola Gray, Board Chair of the Council for Opportunity in Education, notified Mr. Heinrich Palik, Director of Talent Search Program in a letter dated Jun 14, 2000 that he has been named as a recipient of the Board Chair's Award. Ms. Gray announced that the award will be presented at the Council for Opportunity in Education 2000 Annual Conference awards banquet, which will take place on Tuesday, September 19, 2000 at the Washington Hilton and Towers Hotel. The Board Chair's Award recognizes individuals who have been particularly significant in the tenure of the Council for Opportunity in Education. Ms. Gray stated in her letter to Heinrich that "I am very grateful for your support and encouragement during my past year as Board Chair, and I am honored to be able to present you with this award in acknowledgement. In addition, I know that the entire TRIO community wants to thank you for your tireless support and efforts on behalf of low-income, first generation students. I am very grateful to work with you, and I look forward to honoring you at the awards banquet." Congratulations Heinrich!

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