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February 16, 2000 - Palikir, Pohnpei

Update from the President's Office - No. 152

FSM Congress. During the last day of the session, FSM Congress confirmed the FSM President's nominations of Dr. Bryan Isaac and Mr. Podis Pedrus to the College's Board of Regents. Dr. Isaac will represent the FSM National Government, while Mr. Pedrus will represent the State of Pohnpei. Although Regent Pedrus has already served two consecutive terms on the Board, the limit according to the College's enabling legislation, technically his service on the Board was interrupted when former Regent Damian Sohl served for a period of time. The nomination of Yap State Education Director Henry Falan was deferred to the May session of Congress.

Also during the past session, Congress passes legislation that re-appropriated funds for the Yap and Kosrae State Campuses for the completion of their new facilities. These funds had lapsed on September 30, 1999, for various reasons. Unfortunately, other College issues before Congress, including our supplemental requests, were not acted upon.

Board of Regents Meeting. The next meeting of the Board of Regents has been moved to the week of April 3, 2000, to accommodate the busy schedule of Dr. John Petersen who will conduct an orientation workshop for the Board. If you recall, Dr. Petersen is the past Executive Director of the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges. The meeting will be held in Pohnpei as Dr. Petersen has encouraged all senior level management personnel to also attend the workshop.

Hearing with FSM Executive Budget Review Committee. The College is scheduled to appear before the FSM Executive Budget Review Committee Wednesday, February 16, 2000 at 10:30 a.m. During this hearing the College will present four FY 2001 budgets including the operations budget which includes an FSM appropriation request of $3.3 million, a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget in the amount of $4,738,634 which includes construction programs at all of the campuses, the operations budget for the FSM FMI in the amount of $821,700, and the Board of Regents budget in the amount of $78,966. A special request for $300,000 in student assistance funds will also be included.

Yap Campus Update. According to the December 1999 and January 2000 update from Yap Campus Director Lourdes Roboman, fall semester students, faculty, and staff from Yap Campus enjoyed an end-of-the-semester holiday get-together at Sunset Park.

Lourdes reported that the Yap Campus spring semester began on January 24, 2000, with 58 students, 17 of whom are enrolled in the IEP program, 20 of whom are non-IEP students enrolled full-time, and 21 of whom are part-time students.

Plans for the coming weeks include conducting a Tour Guide Training program, implementing a Hotel and Restaurant Operations Training program (non-credit) upon approval by the Curriculum Committee, continuing the student recruitment campaign throughout the villages and outer islands, implementing the Upward Bound Program, and planning for summer 2000 training.

Kosrae Campus Update. Like Yap Campus, according to Kosrae Campus Director Kalwin Kephas Kosrae Campus also celebrated the last day of the fall 1999 semester and the Christmas holiday with a get-together that attracted 90% of the students who enjoyed rock music throughout the evening.

Kalwin has reported a spring semester enrollment of 162 including 144 continuing students, 15 new students, 3 returning students, and 11 third-year students. Eight (8) students who attended fall semester did not return for spring. Of these, 27 students are in the IEP program and 11 are enrolled in the Certificate of Carpentry program.

In the Kosrae Land Grant program, home visits were conducted to16 young mothers in four municipalities to teach nutrition and breastfeeding. An Extension Assistant also assisted ninth-grade teachers in Utwe Elementary School where she presented a lesson on "iron" in the diet which was reinforced with a cooking demonstration using the banana flower, which is high in iron.

Another Land Grant Extension Agent continued to present assistance in sewing to 18 clients. Included in the lessons are ways to generate and manage income from their sewing projects. She reported that in Malem and Tafunsak Municipalities, two groups of four homemakers have become proficient in making Hawaiian muumuus and shirts after spending only one month in the program.

Through the sustainable agriculture component of the Land Grant program, weekly visits continue to be made to Tafunsak farmers to provide assistance with their pig farms. Other visits focused on banana and cucumber production with one farmer reporting that he is able to make over $100 per week from his cucumber plot.

In the Upward Bound Program, a general assembly was called for all Upward Bound students to discuss their fall quarter academic performance and ways to improve. Presentations were given by Upward Bound administrators, tutors, and teachers. The Upward Bound students hosted visiting Talent Search student from Pohnpei and Kosrae UB alumni attending schools abroad during the winter basketball match and Christmas vacation.

Upward Bound Director Morgan Jonas further reported that two Kosrae Upward Bound students have been accepted to the UH-Hilo Upward Bound Math/Science Summer Program. Congratulations on this achievement!

Parents of the Upward Bound students visited the campus on January 20, 2000, to join their children for classes. After classes, they joined their children in volleyball, softball, and basketball games. The day culminated in a meeting with both the parents and their children in attendance.

President's List. The College's Honor Roll policy states: "Each semester the College publishes a President's List in which full-time degree and certificate students who earn a semester GPA of 3.4 or better without a grade below a 'C' are recognized." The following students have been named to the President's List for the fall 1999 semester:
(students with *'s achieved a perfect 4.0)
National Campus
Meileen Albert
Maynerlynn Aldis
Sandro Alexander
Renseen Alpet
McEnroe Ardos*
Patricia Bamoon
Martha Benjamin
Enselihna Capelle
Velida Celestine
Peterson Chutin
Aruwo David
Keropin David*
Earl Edgar
Joyceann Edgar
Maymeleen Edward
Laura Jean Edwin
Leonard Ekiek
Arleen Falurag
Catherine Fattineg
Quintina Felemog
Berney Fertinand
Remikio Frank
Juesleen Fredrick
T.J. Fritz
John Gelag
Molens Gilmete
Roque Gilmete*
Joe Hainrick
Patty-Ann Hallens*
Merleen Henry
Rogalski Henry*
Christiano Houmarek
Ainstain M. Ioanis
Dolorihna Ioanis
Jimmy Ittu
Lee-Roy Ittu*
Loveleen S. James*
Magdalena Johnson*
Andrea M. Killingsworth
Jayleen Kokis
Suprina Ladore
Sidney Lebehn

Terlina Ludwig
Emma Mori
Rosalynda O. Nakasone
Cerissa Nanpei*
Anechan Narruhn
Chestwood Nelbert
Stacia P. Norman*
Julina Olter
John Paul Ori
Irrish Phillip
Silverina R. Pretrick*
LJ Rayphand
Jeannette Rettin
Abraham Rayphand
Miranda Rospel
Hellan Saimon
Mayleen Saimon
Johnny Salvador
Kenmore Salvador
Joab Santos
Saped Santos
Ricardo Sepin
Katchuo Shed
Rebecca Sigrah
Shrew Sigrah
Elizabeth Silwer
Evelyn Soumwei
Canida Sultan
Davidson Syne*
Senoleen Syne*
Gloria Talley*
Marlyn Tokyo
Tommy D. Tom
Ason Tulensru*
Penina Tulensru*
Joseph Tun*
Vanessa Uehara*
Emiso Weilbacher*
Billie-Jean Welley
Clatrina Wilson
Paul Womack*
Maybel Yamaguchi
Emilina Yens*

Chuuk Campus
Sermy Albert
Naw Phyu Aye*
Dirik Daniel*
Marvin Dungawin
Mitae Elias
Hattie Ifa
Thelma Johnny
Kerly Kanto
Rino Ketinas
Lorina Likiche
Rust Manuel*
Niwine Marew
Tia Micky*
Randel Miochy
Annet Nakayama
Norina Nakayama*
Norman Niro
Bradley Otto
Keilyn Phylon
Merleen Rudolph
Marusa Sanichy
Siorina Simion

Yap Campus
Eileena Mangar
Arcella Marlefeg

Kosrae Campus
Shirley Ann A.Aliksa*
Srue J. George
Shrue L. Isaac
Serah K. Joe
Bethlyna L. Josey
Elsa B. Langu
Tulpe H. Mongeya
Sasaki W. Palik*
Garsilla Tulensa

Pohnpei Campus
Ioanis Barnabas, Jr.*
Andolin Bartolome*
Don Dannis
Tricia Halverson Chesner Hebel*
Gary Jimina
Wilfred Salle
Agnes Susumu*
Ioana Valasko*
Sonya Weilbacher
Melina Saul
Sruelyn Waguk

Congratulations to all of you on your achievement!!!

Peer Tutoring Center. According to a February 14, 2000, memorandum to all faculty and staff from Mary Snaden of the Division of Languages and Literature, the Peer Tutoring Center, located in the Group Study Room in the LRC, is now open according to the following hours:

MWF: 1:00 to 4:00
Tuesday: 9:00 to 11:00 and 1:00 to 3:00
Thursday: 9:00 to 11:00

The tutors currently serving in the center are offering assistance in the area of writing.

If any student is interested in being a tutor, or if any staff member knows of a student who might be a good tutor, please notify Mary. And a special thanks to Mary for coordinating this effort on behalf of our students!

Personnel. The College extends a warm welcome to the following new employees:

Jovita Masiwemai, Director, Yap Upward Bound Program
Dedosia Mangarfir, Administrative Assistant with the Yap UBP
Jerry Fagolimul, Student Services Specialist, also with the Yap UBP
Edgar Pozzan, Maritime Instructor, FSM Fisheries and Maritime Institute
Dannis Lorrin, Journeyworker-Electrician, National Campus
Joseph Saimon, Media and Instructional Technology Services, National Campus
Dayle Dannis, Secretary III, Office of Research and Planning

Welcome to all of you!!

I wish to also announce the resignation of Mr. Wihden Manuel, Vocational Teaching Assistant with Pohnpei Campus. We wish you well in your future endeavors.


More Next Time!
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