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April 4, 2000 - Palikir, Pohnpei


Meeting of April 2000
Pohnpei State

  1. The Board elected the following as officers of the Board:

    Regent Podis Pedrus from Pohnpei State as Chairman
    Regent Henry Robert from Kosrae State as Vice Chairman
    Regent Gardenia Walter from Chuuk State as Secretary/Treasurer
  2. Section VIII 5.f. Faculty Member's Work Calendar of the COM-FSM Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual was amended to read as follows:

    Instructional Faculty Member's Work Calendar
    Instructional faculty members and teaching assistants are required to be on duty two weeks prior to the first day of instruction for the fall semester and one week prior to the first day of instruction for the spring semester. Faculty instructional responsibility ends immediately after graduation in the fall and spring semesters. Faculty duty for summer classes begins one working day before classes begin and ends on the day grades are due.
  3. The proposed Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement between University of Guam and College of Micronesia-Federated States of Micronesia regarding the Fourth-Year Program was approved for implementation.

  4. The proposed Certificate of Achievement in Agriculture and Food Technology program was approved as amended. The administration was directed to increase the number of credits for AG 096 Field Internship.

  5. The proposed Certificate of Achievement in Hotel and Restaurant Operations was approved.

  6. The Board adopted the following change to the "Incomplete" grade policy:

    If a student fails to make up an "Incomplete" grade by midterm of the following semester, the "I" will be changed to an appropriate grade on the transcript.
    This policy is to take effect fall 2000 semester, which means that students receiving an "I" grade during spring or summer semesters will be given until midterm of the fall 2000 semester to make up the grade or the "I" will be changed to an appropriate grade.
  7. An ad hoc committee comprised of the two members of the Board of Regents who are stationed in Pohnpei and the President was established to review the Board Bylaws and recommend modifications. A report is to be submitted at the next Board meeting.

  8. The Board adopted three resolutions recognizing the services and expressing appreciation to the Regents Kangichy Welle, Podis Pedrus and John Sohl, whose terms on the Board have expired.

  9. The Chairperson of the Board and the President were directed to visit the Senior Accrediting Commission to learn what would be involved if the College were to become a four-year institution.

  10. The minutes of the December 13 and 15, 1999, Board of Regents meeting held in Pohnpei were adopted as corrected.

  11. The next meeting is a regular meeting and will be held the third week in May in Pohnpei.


      ____________________________  ____________________________
      Podis Pedrus, Chairman        Henry Robert, Vice Chairman

      Gardenia Walter, Secretary/Treasurer

      ____________________________  ____________________________
      Andrew R. Yatilman, Member    Bryan Isaac, M.D., Member
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